Daily Cosplay – Alice in Wonderland Alice Cosplay

Alice in Wonderland Alice Cosplay

It isn’t a new theme. But seldom will you find another cosplay girl doing better than her. Yeh, this is Mielchen – the cosplay talent from Germany. I decided to share her Alice in Wonderland Alice cosplay with you here since the first glimpse. I do feel in deep love with how she looks like in this picture. The somber light creates dreamlike atmosphere. Blond hair, blue dress and bright fingernails all enhance her appeal. Like many other outstanding cosplayers introduced here, Mielchen is also interested in anime, manga and cosplay. Visit her site to know more about her.

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Daily Cosplay – Vocaloid Yowane Haku Cosplay

Yowane Haku Cosplay

Russian cosplay girl SouShou did this Vocaloid Yowane Haku cosplay. Loving movies such as Fullmetal alchemist, Playful Kiss, Heartstrings, etc, she is believed to be gifted in costume play. I fall in deep love with her Yowane Haku cosplay since the first glimpse. But except this one, her Nia Teppelin cosplay, Kagamine Rin cosplay, Kuroshitsuji cosplay etc all look great. If possible, we will let you know more about this cosplay talent. Just expect.

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Daily Cosplay – Guilty Crown Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay

Guilty Crown Inori Yuzuriha Cosplay

You must have not been strange about this cosplay girl. She is known as Korixxkairi at deviantart.com. Her Vocaloid 2 Hatsune Miku cosplay has gained much attention while being introduced months ago. Today, another breathtaking work from her is found by us – the vivid Guilty Crown Inori Yuzuriha cosplay!

This Thai cosplay talent shows us her Panty cosplay, Anya cosplay, Itsuka Tenma No Kuro Usagi cosplay, Mawaru Penguindrum cosplay, Kaname Madoka cosplay, Azusa Nakano cosplay etc. Except this one, I most like her Kaname Madoka cosplay look. Cartoon characters Lelouch Lamperouge and Emiya Kiritsugu are loved by Korixxkairi. To know more about her, visit her homepage please.

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Daily Cosplay – Scarlet Witch Cosplay

Scarlet Witch Cosplay
Scarlet Witch, who is also known as Wanda Maximoff, is a fictional comic book character. Actually speaking, I have never seen many cosplayers, doing well in Scarlet Witch cosplay. So, don’t be hesitant to applaud for Vanitynotdead! She comes from Spain, who is interested in videogames, cosplay, sports, comics, films, music etc. Games like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Project Zero, BloodRayne, Mortal Kombat etc are loved by her. Her favorite cartoon character is Lara Croft. Pay a visit to her gallery, you must also be surprised by stunning works shown there. I fall in deep love with her vivid Scarlet Witch cosplay! The totally red costume does make her seem so gorgeous and mysterious! Rather than a princess, she is definitely the queen :P!

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Daily Cosplay – Final Fantasy XIII Paddra Nsu Yeul Cosplay

Days ago, Oruntia’s Final Fantasy XIII Lebreau cosplay is reviewed here. Luckily, we found another great work from this Indonesian girl. This is her Final Fantasy XIII Paddra Nsu Yeul cosplay. Will you also applaud for it? I do, at least :D!

Making all cosplay costumes by herself, including choosing the fabric, making clothes patterns, sewing, making armor, shoes and styling wig, Oruntia’s absolutely gifted. To see other cosplay works done by her, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to her gallery now (I most like her Shana cosplay there too).

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