Daily Cosplay – Shaman King Iron Maiden Jeanne Cosplay

Shaman King Iron Maiden Jeanne Cosplay

Enjoy MishiroMirage’s Shaman King Iron Maiden Jeanne cosplay here. This cosplay talent comes from Brazil. Popular cosplay themes like Soul Calibur cosplay, Kotone Lyra cosplay, Kokkuri Angel Cupid Tamao cosplay, Pokemon cosplay, Death Note cosplay etc have all been done by MishiroMirage. They do look great. Don’t be hesitant to pay that gallery a visit.

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Daily Cosplay – Rosario + Vampire Moka Akashiya Cosplay

Rosario + Vampire Moka Akashiya Cosplay

You have heard of XmiharuX, right? Her Reiko the Zombie Shop Midori Sayurigawa cosplay draws most attention, which is also introduced by us here in August. Today’s theme is her Rosario + Vampire Moka Akashiya cosplay. The black-and-white dress accents her female appeal, right? Pink hair (or wig?) ideally flatters her white complexion. To know more about her, visit her deviantart site directly.

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Daily Cosplay – Ivysaur Gijinka Cosplay

Ivysaur Gijinka Cosplay

It’s a big pleasure to us to share you these stunning cosplay works here. So far, many cosplay fans have found inspirations for their own performance. How about you :D?

This is Singaporean cosplay girl PrincessVio’s Ivysaur Gijinka cosplay. She seems rather cute, right? Photographer Zeediot took this photo. Huge thanks, for letting us see this great work. This pretty girl is most interested in the movie of Death Note. Characters such as Rokudo Mukuro, Sebastian and Hewajima Shizuo are loved by her. She also does well in KHR cosplay. You may be interested in taking a look.

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