COSPLAY: The Series Ep. 10 – Evil’s Awakening

Although having just lost two members, the Q-Cosushinkai Cosplay Club must continue with their original cosplay project as promised to Headmistress Kartini. Mysteriously, a ghost of a moe schoolgirl appears before Bando and gives her all the materials needed to start their project. Meanwhile, threat is looming over Nina and the Organization…

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COSPLAY: The Series Ep. 09 – Dawn of a New Age

The ninth episode from COSPLAY: The Series, enjoy it.

Vincent and Sukma meeting to discuss old broken promises and the arrival of Nina… Headmistress Kartini claiming to protect the two of them from Nina’s intentions, and Nina calling her back to “The Organization,” because the secret chamber’s location has been compromised… Nina meeting a crew of mysterious folks whose leader controls fire in a strange altar… More questions arise in the series’s season finale, as Q-Cosushinkai begins their recently-approved OC cosplay project…

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COSPLAY: The Series Ep.08 – We All Support You

Once again Sukma underestimated Q-Cosushinkai. The Twins’ cover were blown, and it turns out that they were blackmailed by Sukma to cause mischief at the club. As an apology, they have contacted Indonesian mangaka Is Yuniarto to give a speech about how cosplay is in fact “a dream come true” for manga artists, clearing their name once and for all.

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Haruhi Suzumiya Naga Cosplay Dance

Our friend Jenny has uploaded a wonderful Haruhi Suzumiya Naga Dance video and also did a nice video reviews about our Haruhi Suzumiya Naga costume . This is our first cosplay video sponsor , but we are really really enjoy it , I think we will find more cosplay video sponsor programs in the future, so if you get good cosplay ideas and wanna make some  quality videos as well, try to contact us for sponsor :o)

And thank you Jenny again, if you guys like this video, please check more videos from Jenny in her youtube channel :)

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