Black Butler Cosplay Contest – #1 Elisa Notari

Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Elisa Notari

Social Networks:  gallery deviant art youtube worldcosplay

Character: ciel phantomhive

Comments from the cosplayer:

for start, sorry for my wrong english.

I do the cosplay of Ciel with pink dress in  2010, and the cosplay of Ciel in wonderland in 2011 with a gruop (photos  here ).

Kuroshitsuji in 2009/2010 was not very famous, but as soon as I saw the anime (in 2009)I fell in love and I watched the 2 series.

Ciel is a very unique, strange and peculiar.
the outline of history in which the story takes place is very beautiful, refined.
I tried to make the Ciel cosplay trying to make the most of the details, such as the height of the rows of stockings, the black lines of the pink dress, etc.
Photos from the set of Ciel in Wonderland I like very much and make the story, and you can see them on my gallery, i love to do photos  with my friend Grell (photos here ).
Good luck to all for the contest!
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