Toujyou aya

Shy, reserved, and rather clumsy, but also kind, trusting, and intelligent, Aya is the middle-school mystery girl with strawberry-print panties that Junpei seeks at the beginning of the story. Tō (東), the first character of her family name, means "east". Aya starts as a nerdy top student wearing large glasses and unattractive hairstyle. The boys look her down and she closes herself in. She is secretly writing a fantasy novel on her math notebook but lacks confidence of showing it. Junpei discovers the novel and encourages her to become a writer by sharing his dream of becoming a film maker, which he is also afraid to tell anyone. Aya falls in love with Junpei at the moment. She wonders about the ending of her novel, whether the hero will choose the beautiful princess or the ordinary girl who shares his dream, which coincide with their love triangle. Aya and Junpei share the same dreams, to write and film respectively. Soon Aya starts wearing contact lenses and lets her hair down.

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