Song gekokujou

Gekokujou/Gekokujō is a Japanese term variously translated as the lower rules the higher or the low overcomes the high. In this song, the Kagamine's sing about supplanting Miku as #1. A fun, upbeat rap song, this is a must for all the hardcore Kagamine fans. The main idea involved is the Kagamines attempt to prove that they can surpass Miku. As the song progresses, Len expresses his anger about the false rumors that he is shota.Towards the end of the first verse he starts to compliment on how his voice was his greatest attribute and talent, and says he needs songs to cross swords with Miku as equals. Rin, during the second verse, bluntly states that she is sweeter, kinder than her "sister" Miku. The course of the song is packed with the confidence of the Kagamine duo, many compliments of their skills and traits, and a considerable amount of thanks to the audiences.

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