Shuuei ran

The fourth oldest of the five sons of the Ran family, Shūei Ran is the General of the Shaorin army. He has legendary fighting skills thanks to his training by the Shiba clan, retainers of the Ran clan who excel in swordsmanship; the only opponents who can beat him at full strength are Koku-Daishogun and Haku-Daishogun. He recognizes Seiran's past identity from his swordfighting techniques, and the novels call him and Seiran the greatest military officials of Ryūki's reign as Emperor. Near the beginning of Ryūki's reign, Shūei briefly worked as a civil official until being disappointed that the new Emperor wasn't interested in politics and kept disappearing. Switching from the civil service to the military, Shūei joined the Left Uringun army and rose to the position of Shogun.

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