Rukawa-kaede rukawa

Kaede Rukawa (流川 楓, Rukawa Kaede?) is Sakuragi's rival as well as his opposite; he is attractive to girls, skilled at basketball, and very cold and aloof, mostly unfeeling. The only traits they share are that they are not academically inclined and good fighters. Although he regards Sakuragi as an idiot and the two frequently get into conflict, he knows Sakuragi can put his talents to a better use. Rukawa's hobby is sleeping, and he is usually seen asleep whenever he's not on the court, even falling asleep while riding his bicycle. Waking Rukawa from a nap is considered unforgivable, since he will almost automatically beat up the culprit. He has also been in his fair share of off-court fights, but can hold his own. Rukawa's goal is to be the best high school player in Japan, and he considers Sendoh of Ryonan to be his greatest rival. He is often referred to as the "super-rookie" and the "ace of Shohoku".

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