A smart, stylish boy. He actually acts his age, and is a friend you can freely chat about anything with, but actually he is extremely capable and reliable when it counts. In the past he worked as a scientist and a professor, being an important member of the Foundation with his older brother Yorgo. He also has feelings for Angelique. Raine is referred to as "that guy" by Erenfried as Erenfried had a particular dislike for Raine since Erenfried has always been jealous of all the attention that lein got, which he has never gotten before, in the past. He gets annoyed whenever referred to as "Professor" Raine, which Erenfried does on purpose, and usually responds by calling him simply "Eren". Raine later reveals his Purifying Ability is not natural and is a result of a self-experimentation. He fights Thanatos with a gun.

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