Puyo Pop Fever Sig

Sig is a spacey boy. His left eye is red, and his left hand is a large red claw. He is derived from the non-evil parts of a demon. He is the third main character, having been newly introduced in this game. His WakuWaku course story involves getting to Amitie so he could give her the notes she forgot at school. His magic derives from Blue Magic, and has a connection with insects, his attacks including Cyan, Paraiba, Robin's Egg, Celestial and Hydrangea. He is a well balanced character who is slightly weaker than Raffine outside of Fever. Sig is the joint strongest character in Fever along with Oshare Bones. As a notable trait, a part of his hair will twitch, and is noticed by the majority of the characters he runs into. His birthday is June 16th.[3]

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