Nohime-lady no-kicho

The wife of Oda Nobunaga. She is torn between the love of her husband and her promise to her father, Dosan Saito, to assassinate Nobunaga. Originally sent to kill Nobunaga, she keeps procrastinating, adopting a wait-and-see tactic, constantly saying that she will be the one to kill him. To the contradiction of history, she and Nobunaga are close. In Samurai Warriors 2, they appear to be more distant and she is completely loyal to Nobunaga. In the first game, Noh is serious and almost sadistic in her fighting style. She is shown laughing hysterically before throwing a knife in Yoshimoto Imagawa's back, for instance. She and Nobunaga are both very much in love in this game, though she consistently threatens his life in an almost teasing way. In Samurai Warriors 2, Noh acts more as a vassal and retainer than lover for Nobunaga, having little to no romantic dialogue with him and appearing in almost every battle. She also appears slightly younger and less mature, with a higher-pitched voice and more energetic nature.

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