Misuzu Kamio

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Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese), Monica Rial (English) Misuzu is the first of the three girls featured in Air that meets Yukito Kunisaki. She becomes friends with Yukito and invites him to stay over at her house. Her foster mother is Haruko Kamio who is actually her aunt as her biological mother died while she was still young and her father gave her to Haruko. She is a cheerful, slightly clumsy girl, and often mentions the pseudo-dinosauric phrase "Gao" whenever she feels troubled or is about to cry. Since a young age, Misuzu has had a great love of dinosaurs, going so far as to believe baby chicks were young dinosaurs for a time. After several weeks of staying in Misuzu's hometown, Yukito discovers that Misuzu suffers from a mysterious illness that makes her cry whenever she thinks she has made a friend, thus explaining why she is shunned in school. Later (when she is already in love with Yukito) her condition worsens and it is revealed that she is actually the reincarnation of the last winged being, Kannabi no Mikoto, who was cursed by Buddhist monks before her death. As the soul of a winged being is too much for a normal human body to contain, Misuzu is fated to die young. Misuzu dies at the beach soon after beginning to accept and love her aunt Haruko like a true mother. Misuzu's good ending in the game is as she dies, she is successful in breaking free from Kannabi no Mikoto's curse, due to the literally life-taking efforts of Yukito and herself. It is implied that both souls are now free from their chains to the Earth. In the finale of the manga, however, Misuzu recovers after the last dream thanks to Yukito's efforts.

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