Luppi temporarily replacing the sixth espada and later killed by Grimmjow. Luppi is rather arrogant, insulting Grimmjow for his lowered rank and boasting constantly when in battle. Many people like to cosplay Luppi. They normally get cosplay Luppi costume and cosplay Luppi wig to have a pleasing look just like Bleach cosplay character.

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The Sexta Espada Luppi Antenor cosplay can be easily done with this Bleach costume, which also helps you steal the show in the busy crowd! It brings you really desirable comfort and also similarities. Being strictly made, it’s extremely similar to the anime style. If you are seeking for a crucial toner for your Bleach cosplay performance, don’t neglect this costume.

1.Jacket: it’s made from luxurious uniform cloth and about 66cm long. It’s elaborately made to be 100% faithful to the anime. Black ribbons are exquisitely sewn onto the jacket body and also its edges. Jacket is broken up on the back. 35cm under the collar, it separates and has another piece of 20cm long below.

2.Zipper: it’s 59cm long and has double slider pulls. So you can pull it from up to down or in the contrary direction as you like. Black zipper head seem delicate, being durable.

3.Sleeves: they are 55cm long and 13cm wide at the cuff.

4.Hakama: because of the luxurious cloth, ruffles on the hakama can seem well-shaped. The hakama is 88cm long. Different with previous hakamas, this one has only one string that’s 150cm long. It’s tied on one side and go across the waistline of trousers. Waistline is about 32cm wide and 11cm high.

5.Split: it ends 23cm under the waistline.

It’s 39cm from the crotch to the hem of trousers.

Price: $45.59