Katakura kagetsuna

Kagetsuna was one of Date Masamune's chief retainers and was known at first as Kojûrô. At first a retainer of Date Terumune, he served as the gun bugyô (army commissioner) for Masamune's army and played an important role in the latter's battles to destroy the Ashina (which culminated in the capture of the Ashina capital in 1589). He was active in the campaign to contain Uesugi Kagekatsu in 1600 and there also distinguished himself. He was given Shiroishi castle and an income of 16,000 koku in 1602 and accompanied Masamune to the Seiges of Osaka Castle. He died soon afterwards, to be joined by a number of members of his household who committed junshi - following one's lord in death.

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