Karin (香燐?), a former assistant to Orochimaru during his experimentations, is the second character to be recruited for Taka. She tends to fluctuate between two dynamic personalities, appearing tough and in control when Suigetsu or Jugo are present and highly flirtatious when she is alone with Sasuke.ch. 348 Karin has an obsession with Sasuke. The origins of her crush go back to the Chunin exams when she was a Genin from Kusagakure and Sasuke saved her from a giant bear. However, after being betrayed by him, Karin claims to no longer care about Sasuke.ch. 481 Karin can find and track specific individuals through chakra over long distances and can even notice subtle changes in an individual's chakra.ch. 365 Additionally, she can heal others by letting them bite into her skin and suck on her chakra, repairing even the most fatal wounds.ch. 412 Kanako Tojo voices her in the Japanese version and Ali Hillis voices her in the English version.

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