Jellyfish pirate

Johnny's all-female pirate crew, who travel with him on the May Ship. The members include eleven girls, one older woman, and a cat. There are several playable characters from the Jellyfish Pirates in the games; namely May, Dizzy and Johnny himself. Most of the members of the Jellyfish crew are orphaned girls adopted by Johnny, but there are exceptions; he took in Dizzy for her protection (and seclusion) from the larger world, and in one ending of Guilty Gear XX allows Bridget to live on the ship (although he is not officially a Jellyfish Pirate) when he has nowhere else to go. This character is popular among cosplayers. It can be portrayed by wearing cosplay Jellyfish Pirate costume and cosplay Jellyfish Pirate wig. This character is always present in a Guilty Gear cosplay.

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