In the anime and various manga adaptations, Jessie (ムサシ, Musashi?), James (コジロウ, Kojirō?), and Meowth (ニャース, Nyāsu?, Nyarth) are the main characters of Team Rocket. While they set out to steal Ash Ketchum's Pikachu and various other Pokémon in almost every episode, they always fail in the end. In more recent episodes, however, they still follow Ash, yet their focus has drifted towards other objectives such as Jessie's Pokémon Contest streak. They use various disguises, traps, and schemes to trick Ash's group into a false sense of security, and after being revealed, they give a poetic speech, known as their motto, that often changes slightly throughout each season. In the Best Wishes! series, Jessie, James, and Meowth are pursuing their own story arc, and show up far less regularly, and are far more serious. Two or three episodes at a time can pass without them appearing, and they generally only get one brief scene per episode furthering their own independent storyline.

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