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The "Fantastic Technique" (「ファンタスティック・テクニック」, Fantasutikku Tekunikku?), a practitioner of Geki Jū Jaguar-Ken (激獣ジャガー拳, Geki Jū Jagāken?) who had a career as an artist but now puts beauty into his fighting. He impressed Master Bat Li and was taught the war-fan techniques of Geki Jū Bat-Ken (激獣バット拳, Geki Jū Battoken?). His strong point is his "Technique" (技, Gi?, also pronounced as Waza), but does not train as much physically making his "Body" poor. Training with Master Bion Biao of the Geki Jū Gazelle-Ken (激獣ガゼル拳, Geki Jū Gazeruken?) will improve Retu's "Body."

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