Chrodechild is the leader of the Blades of Night's Veil, a brigade of skilled swordsman enlisted as a high force for the Magedom of Janam, and is an expert swordfighter. Though she is a princess of Astrasia and heir to the throne, she was forced to flee her country when the Order of the One True Way attacked and the King of Astrasia perishes. She and the Blades of the Night's Veil ally themselves with the Magedom of Janam in hopes of using their army to reclaim Astrasia, but must constantly rebuff the advances of the Mage Emperor, who desires to make her his fourth Empress Consort. Upon joining the Hero's forces, she serves as a high-ranking commander. Chrodechild is eventually able to reclaim Astrasia after defeating her sister when her sword reveals itself as a fragment of the Divine Edge, the sword to be wielded by the true monarch of Astrasia and a Chronicle.

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