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Ginji Amano (天野銀次, Amano Ginji?) is the "G" in the GetBackers. He is 17 years old in the manga. Ginji is currently the Number 1 Getbacker after defeating Ban Midou in the "Ogre Battle", which determined the new King of Creation, and was formerly the leader of a gang called "The VOLTS" in the Limitless Fortress, the fearsome Lightning Emperor (雷帝, Raitei?). He received the title Lightning Emperor because of his ability to control electricity. This control grants him several unique abilities such as amazing regenerative power and the ability to become a human magnet and battery. Despite Ginji's dark past, his demeanor is one of an unassuming, energetic, and friendly boy with a strong sense of justice. He makes friends easily, often without trying and is trusting and open to an almost naive extent. However, when exposed to remnants of his past, he has a tendency to revert to his darker "Lightning Emperor" persona. For comical purposes, he also turns droopy and super deformed, most likely designed after a Tarepanda. He's frequently beaten up by Ban for doing stupid things. As a child, his guardian was Takeru Teshimine, then ruler of the Limitless Fortress. Before his departure, Ginji founded the "VOLTS", a gang led by The Lightning Emperor, and "The Four Kings of the VOLTS" to protect the Infinity Fortress from the monsters of the Beltline. During the era of the VOLTS, only one man (Midou Ban) is known to have handed the Lightning Lord defeat though not in a fight of physical strength. All Ban did was show Raitei that he was causing pain to many. When they both were fighting, Raitei summoned a lightning which resulted in a huge blast. Though Ban escaped from the blast, he was able to see the infinite energy flowing in Lightning Lord, which made it impossible to beat him. Then, Ban remembered that Lightning Lord only appeared after he (Ban) attacked one of his (Raitei's) friends. He then showed him that though Raitei said that he had to protect everyone, he himself killed many (many were caught up in the blast). After seeing the devastation he caused, Raitei shrieks and expels all the power within him, turning back into Ginji (just like he did when he turned into the young Raitei during the fight with Juubei Kakei). Ban notices that he has changed and doesn't give the killing blow as Ginji sits in front of him his head bowed, crying. Little is known of his past until the last volume of the manga where it is revealed that his mother, who Teshimine told Ginji, was waiting for him in Babylon City, had created the world in which the GetBackers live. Her reason for doing this was that in the real world (Babylon City), Ginji had died as a child. Unbearably sad, she considered cloning him, but realized that it would not be the same child, she created a back-up of the world where he could live and grow. When transformed into Raitei, Ginji glows with a brilliant light and has bolts of electricity (even orbs of plasma at times) flowing around him. Although sharing the same body as that of Ginji, Raitei is the polar opposite of the happy-go-lucky Ginji; his features will harden and he will be merciless towards almost anyone. He first came into being when Ginji was a young boy, as the Beltline Monsters invaded the lower levels of the Limitless Fortress. Ginji and a friend were attempting to escape from the hunters when Ginji's friend was struck by an arrow. The whole invasion force was annihilated in an instant. From that point on, whenever Ginji is confronted with a difficult situation, emotionally or physically, Raitei appears to make everything that troubles Ginji disappear. However, this ultimately causes more pain for the peaceful Ginji, as death is the last thing he wants. In the "Get Back the Lost Time" arc, after Raitei was successfully able to defeat the Voodoo King, it is revealed that the Raitei would never appear again as his reason for existing was over. The Raitei, who was born from the synchronization of Ginji's rage and Mugenjou's power, existed in order to defeat the person whose purpose was disrupt the plans of the "Archive" (the Voodoo King). His purpose was to protect the world without judgment from Good or Evil. The source of Raitei's power is the limitless energy currents flowing through the Limitless Fortress, and as such, he draws as much power from them as he needs. Sometimes, though, this can put the Infinity Fortress in a bad situation if Raitei calls for more power in a single instant than the tower is capable of producing. For this reason, he is dangerous to the "Brain Trust" in Babylon City who possess the "Archive" (the sum total of human knowledge past, present and future) as he could potentially erase the "Archive" if he blacked out the Limitless Fortress (this fact was later used by der Kaiser in the "Voodoo Child" arc). Another reason why Ginji/Raitei is so dangerous inside the Limitless Fortress is because his existence is "random" in the Babylon City Archives. This means his existence was not foretold and therefore his existence inside the Limitless Fortress changes all the prophecies made by the Brain Trust. The reason for this most likely has to do with his mother. Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo (as an Adult), Ryōko Shiraishi (as a child) (Japanese), J. Shanon Weaver (English), Marcelo Campos (Brazilian Portuguese)

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