Albert silverberg

Albert Silverberg (アルベルト・シルバーバーグ, Aruberuto Shirubābāgu?) is the main strategist for the Destroyer forces, and Caesar's older brother (24 years old compared to Caesar's 16). Additionally, he manages the political aspects for the Destroyers. Albert is seeking power in the Harmonian bureaucracy, and believes that aiding Luc's plan will help him in this. How, exactly, is never made clear; presumably the destruction of the True Wind Rune and the Grasslands would wipe out various other contenders for power such as Sasarai and Dios, or perhaps Albert intended to spin the situation such that he was the hero. This plan is also a chancy one at best, as no one is sure of the true effect of destroying a Rune; Harmonia itself may well have been destroyed as well, or perhaps even the entire world.

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