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Posted: 2018-01-14 20:18:28

I loved my Medusa Cosplay, The only issue was it was a little tight on the shoulders and the hood was waaay too small. The hood didn't even reach half way over my head (that is with the wig on) But I loved it anyways

Posted: 2018-01-13 07:58:11

Guys I´m totaly amazed about this Cosplay. I heard a lot of negativ things about this shop. But as I get this cosplay I was totaly amazed about the quality. It was a complete set of bodysuit, skirt, stockings, gloves, headpiece, eyepatch and bootcovers.I ordered the wig too and I have paid around 95€ (with shipping) and it arrived in about 2 weeks. The Support was very friendly to me and even give me the international tracking number as I asked for. Wahts about the quality. So guys I can tell you I´m amazed about that. The fabrik of the Bodysuit and Skirt are really thick and the stiches are clearly sewed. They used soft fabric which is nicely to wear. The Bodysuit and Skirt are closed by a zipper. There are very soft feathers at the sleeves. The Eyepatch isn´t thick so you can see everything with it. Only the Bootcover are a little to thin I think. The wig is ok for that price. It´s soft and covers all hair. Would I buy a second time at this shop? Definitely yes. This cosplay has the perfect quality for what I need and it was the biggest all in one package I have found while searching. Even the price is cheaper than anywhere else.

Posted: 2018-01-12 14:51:04

Everything came in perfect. I had to order a small in mens, even though I am a woman, because I was too tall for anything in the womens sizes that would not be too big on me. The white shirt was a bit too short, but it was a perfect fit to my body, and the buttons might need a little bit of sewing to make them stay on better. The tie is a real tie, not a zipper one, and the costume comes with the Head Butler pin on the side, made of metal and good quality. I am very pleased with what I got and would order something again if I needed to.

Posted: 2018-01-10 08:09:32

Got this item however missing the other items from my order (possibly out of there control as I did order this wig for this cosplay and another). This cosplay fits well, and is well made. I do however have to wear shorts under this as the slits are really high up and would flash people my butt. Other then that great cosplay! =)

Posted: 2018-01-08 18:03:15

I am a smaller woman, so I expected the men's small to still be rather large on me. I ordered this expecting it to be exactly like the picture, which it was. Unfortunately, the area where the chain is suppose to go is sewn shut, and the chain itself has no possible way of attaching, it's just a solid piece with no openings. Belt's are okay, material is..interesting to say the least. Hopefully i can iron it to smooth it out so it doesn't look so crushed. Hat is just a hat, sorta sad about that, but I can live with. Probably replacing the shirt and the pants. Overall 4 stars.

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