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What Did Our Customers Say?
"I like how the bias are sewed on neatly. There is something special about the design of the skirt, it has an elastic band at one side of it. I guess this is a feature to help the skirt fit different users as much as it can. It\'s a pretty cool design if you are afraid the skirt won\'t fit you. Though for me, the elastic just kept slipping up, making the short skirt even scandalously shorter.",more details at http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.com
Sweet Angel
Cosplayer:Sweet Angel
"The sellers are so good, they reply quickly and with kindness. The costume is very good: the seams are well made. The pack contains: Jacket, coat, skirt, tie, stocking, headwear Unfortunately the skirt was very long and large for me (i made it shorter); the socks was very short (i asked to MicCostumes to make them knee-high..) so i had to cut them and put into a pair of boots; the shirt is too tight at the chest",more details at cosplay.com
Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay
Devianrart: http://eva-no-jutsu.deviantart.com/
"I am giving this cosplay, my very first to be sponsored by a company!, a grade of A-. It would have been an A+ if the shirt wasn\'t a strange fit on me. Usually a costume would get a B from me for that, but the fit was easily fixed by wearing a better bra and a few safety pins, and now that I have time just a little bit of stitching will so fix it up! I mean, when everything else fit so great, a little thing like that is no big deal at all! Im so pleased with the outfit, the service, and everything else that I would recomend them and order from them again",more details at cosplay.com
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Tomoe Mami Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2014-06-03 04:45:52 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Great product and the sizing was perfect.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Tomoe Mami Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2014-05-31 23:29:45 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Received today, came within two weeks of ordering, impressed! The outfit itself is good quality. Only con on it as far as quality is that there are a lot of loose threads on it, which can be cut off. I do wish the belt buckles on the front could actually function. As far as sizing, I ordered a Medium and everything except the shirt fit really well. The sleeves on it were soooo incredibly tight with no stretch at all. I had to cut the cinched part off and hem it with fabric glue. Muuuuch better afterwards. I would suggest custom ordering it and giving them your bicep size for sure! I am overall pleased, though. Other than the sleeves and loose threads, the costume hugs my body and fits snuggly, which works perfectly for Mami's hourglass figure.
Ace Attorney Maya Fey Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2014-05-29 21:37:43 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I suggest adding a few extra cm to your actual measurements if you decide to get the costume custom made! The costume does fit but is rather tight. However, the follow up with the customer service was very good and I am overall happy with the purchase. The quality seems good and the shipping was also quick. :)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mami Tomoe Hair Clip
Posted: 2014-05-26 12:54:24 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
The soul gem was good, but white poof on the hat was all matted together and overall gross.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mami Tomoe Cosplay Boots
Posted: 2014-05-26 12:53:36 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
These boots are nice- but the color is NOT a light brown as pictured. Its a pale yellow, so it clashes with the skirt in the costume. I'll have to make modifications to get them how I want them.
Puella Magi Madoka Magi Mami Tomoe Cosplay Wig
Posted: 2014-05-26 12:44:48 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
This is a great wig. I've had bitter experiences with miccostumes, but the wigs I've ordered have always been great. The curls are clips, but the clips are cheaply made and hard to put back on.
Attack on Titan Levi Rivaille Cosplay Costume Jacket
Posted: 2014-05-24 16:58:25 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Really good! Just had a few problems with it. The belts were super confusing to try and put on. One part of the leg belt was really just confusing. Some of the shirt buttons popped off also. And, it's REALLY hot when you finish putting on the costume! But it came around 12 days earlier, and its really well made. I will definitely buy from here again!
Fairy Tail Lucy Star Spirit Key Set of 22
Posted: 2014-05-24 06:42:08 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
The box is damaged but the keys are in good condition
One Piece Monkey D Luffy Cosplay Hat
Posted: 2014-05-24 06:39:48 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Hat arrived all distorted and damaged !
Haikyuu!! Shyouyou Hinata Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2014-05-22 00:00:00 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Great quality + fast shipping
League of Legends Sheriff of Piltover Caitlyn Blue Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2014-05-22 00:00:00 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
The cosplay I ordered was amazing and shipped fast! Highly reccommended!!!
RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2014-05-22 00:00:00 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Really good quality and fits perfectly! Very satisfied! ^-^
Super Sonico Nurse Costume
Posted: 2014-05-22 00:00:00 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Thank you!!! My sister love it but i wish the costume had the stockings XD
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