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Update 2015-04-08

Right now Miccostumes.com need some articles topics below:

  • How to Style Dragonball Goku Wig : Make a step by step tutorial
  • How to make Assassination Classroom Korosensei Cosplay Mask.
  • Cosplay Mistakes You Will Inevitably Make : Make a list with photos!
  • How to Prove Anyone Can Be A Cosplay Superstar?
  • Things you need to give up if you want to cosplay! :Make a list
  • Cosplay Photo Copy right and how to use it
  • Any quality cosplay tutorials:People like tutorial, so submit your own ones.
  • Ways To Become Cosplay Famous/ How to Become Cosplay Famous:Make a list with photos!
  • Real story about kids or pets cosplay: for example Chewbacca friends.

If you can write quality article related the topics above, please contact us ( miccostumes @ gmail . com) and there will be bonus from our shop.

Update 2015-01-31

If you bought any cosplay from miccotumes.com before and could write reviews about it in your blog or upload a video reviews in youtube.com, just contact us and we can provide special coupon for you.


Miccostumes.com/blog is currently seeking for fresh content. Do you have something to offer? Would you like to be a contributor? In this case, you can prompt your website, business or interpersonal relationship.

What We Want:

The content should be related to cosplay,anime, manga,otaku,comic,video games, costumes, Halloween, Japanese pop culture etc. Don’t know what to write about? Here are some hints below:

  1. A tutorial of costume making, props making, wig styling, cosplay makeup, photography, photoshopping etc
  2. A report of an event like a comic con, anime convention, cosplay party, etc
  3. A beautiful photoset of cosplay
  4. Interesting things about Anime/Manage and otaku etc.
  5. Fanart
  6. Japanese pop culture related articles

But there are no limits! Just explore your mind!

Send your article via a Word Document to miccostumes@gmail.com, with the title of “guest post”. We will check your article and publish it on our blog. Before writing, you are suggested to contact us and tell us your idea or theme for the article. We will know whether the subject is desired by us or not. So you won’t waste your time :P .

Your Post Must Fulfill the Following Rules:

1. We only accept original articles which have never and won’t be published anywhere else.

2. While citing an image, video etc from somebody else, the resources should be credited!

3. Anything related to nudity, sexual references, violence, profanity etc. will not be accepted.

What You Get:

1. An author biography is permitted at the ending of the article. So you can link to your site to prompt it.

2. You can become a regular contributor at our blog. We will build an exclusive account for you. So you can publish your article anytime.

3. You will be sponsored by us, with  free costumes ang wigs for reviews.

If you’re interested, please contact us via email (miccostumes@gmail.com) or Facebook, or Twitter.