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July 2014 New Arrivals Wave 2 Annoucement

So many new animations have been released this month~ happy and busy~ Our peak season for sales of cosplay will be coming soon, so we are updating less as usual. Now check our new arrivals this time! (For sale next week)   Kagerou Project (Mekakucity Actors)  Konoha / Haruka Kokonose     Shintaro Kisaragi (already [...]
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Tutorial: Vocaloid – Senbonzakura Haraegushi

 Haraegushi or Onusa is a wooden wand used in Shinto  rituals. It is decorated with many zig-zagging paper streamers it is waved left and right during purification rituals. In Senbonzakura, The Haraegushi uses the shape of cherry blossoms to replace the zigzag streamers.This tutorial will show you how to make Hatsune Miku’s Cherry blossom Haraegushi. For my tutorial I used [...]
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Easy Cosplay Tutorial – Vocaloid: Poker face Horns

Here is another simple tutorial to help you create clip on horns for any cosplay, however this tutorial will focus on the Vocaloid Poker Face art. Photography by LMKusanagi Miku Cosplay by Springroll Luka Cosplay by Mixiao Haku Cosplau by DanniTee Kaito Cosplay by Kei-U  What you need:  1x 25mm diameter foam ball Air dry clay. [...]
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Vocaloid the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon KAITO Cosplay by Mixiao

This photo is submitted by one of our customer Mixiao. The costume is purchased at Miccostumes.com. Mixiao will be rewarded with a $10 cash coupon by Miccostumes for the photo. Author About zhuqiyunMore Posts (310)
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Hatsune Miku – Singer in a Box

From Ninja, to Pirates to Sailor Moon, where is our adventure of to next. What the heck does he mean by the title? Miku is not a Singer in a box, what craziness is this. Well, I decided to find the roots of one of the most famous non-living Singers in the world. Little did [...]
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