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Cosplayer Interview with PaXingCai

Showing us the breathtaking Team Fortress 2 cosplay, PaXingCai accepts our interview today. She loves Cosplay and Vidya. To know more about this American cosplay talent, focus on what’s shared below. Q1. Please tell us something about yourself. I’m a 24 year old graduate of the University at Buffalo. I have 2 ferrets named Sly [...]
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Daily Cosplay – Team Fortress 2 Cosplay

If you also thumb up for this cosplay work, you must be interested in paying a visit to PaXingCai’s gallery to see more. I almost feel crazily fascinated about this Team Fortress 2 cosplay. The cosplay girl seems irresistibly appealing with the red coat and black stockings. Blond hair also makes her seem even more [...]
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