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Cosplayer Interview with Pennelophy Soriano

Thanks very much for support from all of you! So far, 3 cosplay contests have been successfully held here. And the new contest in January has been noticed in advance yesterday. Here, we will make an interview with one of the winners in the November cosplay contest – Pennelophy Soriano. Thanks for accepting our interview, [...]
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Cosplayer Interview with Andrew Voraboud

Andrew Voraboud – winner of the November cosplay contest, accepted our interview here. He has been sponsored with the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Cosplay Costume Costume. While coming back from the holiday, he will share us some cosplay photos with this costume. Thanks, Andrew ! Q1. Please tell us something about yourself. Well I am [...]
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Winners Announced!!! (November)

Cosplay talents, huge thanks for all of you! Two winners in Nov. have been born just now. Congratulations, Andrew Voraboud and Pennelophy Soriano! To make the contest impartial, everybody is the judge. Votes, gotten by “like” on Facebook and helping prompting this contest, have been added up. So, Andrew got 613 votes on Facebook. Pennelophy [...]
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