Don’t Blink! Or You’ll Miss The Biggest Flash Sale Of 2016

Bored with all those invariable New Year’s sales? This spring, let Miccostumes give you a fresh start——

Solely Common discounts?—- No, too monotonous

Merely new arrivals pre-sale— No, too boring

Only free shipping event?— No, too simple

TRIPLE Experience At One Time By Miccostumes!



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Cosplay Contests Sponsored by Mic Costumes – Spirit up in March!

Except our own cosplay tutorial contest, we also take charge of the sponsor for many other cosplay conventions. Winners for those contests will receive gift cards that are worthy of at least $60.00. Some of them have already ended and some are proceeding vigorously. Cosplay devotees, keep your spirit up in March and win a gift card from us now!

Below are some conventions sponsored by us in March:

1st, Cosplay Contest on Animesaltlake.com: winners have been announced. A gift card of $100.00 was sponsored by us.

2nd, Cosplay Contest on Knightrokon.com: all contest forms are due by February 21, 2012. But you can still enter the contest during the convention. Winners will be sponsored with two gift cards. Each of them is worthy of $60.00.

3rd, Nipponcon Anime Convention on Wix.com: it’s held on March 3rd, 2012. Winners have been sponsored with two gift cards. Likewise, each of them is worthy of $60.00.

4th, Cosplay Contest on All-con.org: the cosplay competition will take place on March 16th, 2012. The winner will be sponsored with a gift card worthy of $100.00.

5th, Masquerade on Animeconji.org: the event is scheduled on March 17, 2012. The winner will be sponsored with a gift card worthy of $100.00.

We gladly cooperate with more of you. Contact us for details anytime :P!

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Miccostumes.com Clarification – Help You Better Understand us

This is Miccostumes.com. The administrator and all staff make this clarification here.

Miccostumes.com refers to a costume dealer. In our store, cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs and many other cosplay-related products are provided. We have our own costume factory, where professional marketers, designers and manufacturers work. Deluxe quality is embraced by us all the time. So far, great reputation has been gained in the cosplay industry. We do feel deeply grateful for support from all of you.

However, we are informed of absurd news recently. Some cosplay friends confuse Miccostumes.com with Milanoo.com. Some of them posted articles before, misconceiving we are an affiliated shop to Milanoo.com. In view of this, we have made a serious self-examination and feel so sorry for the misunderstanding caused to them before. Soon, we will renew our website design, helping you better understand our products and service.

Now, to clear this misunderstanding, we finally planned to issue this statement:

There is no relationship between Miccostumes.com and Milanoo.com.

Any problem, you can contact us via email (sales@miccostumes.com), phone (2137840966) or live support. A fast and sincere reply is promised anytime.

Best Regards,

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