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Lunar Angel

Videogame Cosplay: Jillian Husted as Larxene from Kingdom Hearts (Pt 1)

I am here to provide you with a look into the life of Florida’s cosplayers and their costumes. This time I would like to feature one of the cosplayers associated with Orange Anime.  Orange Anime is an online forum that bands togheter all of Florida’s videogame and anime fans and arranges local events in Miami and [...]
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Cosplay Tutorial Contest – Kingdom Hearts Riku’s Keyblade Way to Dawn Tutorial by Axel Iroppoi

Way to Dawn Tutorial [The cheap way] My tutorial will show you how to make beautiful props at affordable prices. First we start off with a big block of foam from your local home depot/Lowes! One sheet will do, you can get the thinner one that costs around $10 because the sheet is big enough [...]
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New Arrival on Oct. 19 – Kingdom Hearts Kairi Red Dress Cosplay Costume

Since Kingdom Hearts cosplay is noticed by many cosplay fans, we offer you a rich collection of Kingdom Hearts costume in our store. This is the Kingdom Hearts Kairi red dress cosplay costume. It’s sold on $47.03 with fast shipping. Carrying wonderful accuracy level in each small detail and really desirable comfort, it will be [...]
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Cosplayer Interview – Katy-Angel

Katy-Angel’s Kingdom Hearts Aqua cosplay was found by us five days ago. This Russian girl also accepts our interview here. Except a graceful Aqua cosplay, she also shares us charming Megurine Luka cosplay, cute Alice cosplay, fearful Hysteria cosplay, etc in her gallery. With succinct words, this cosplay talent may inspire you. Now, let’s start [...]
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Daily Cosplay – Kingdom Hearts Aqua Cosplay

Most people make stunningly appealing transformations on their appearance while cosplay. Katy-Angel is absolutely one of them. I feel fascinated about her Kingdom Hearts Aqua cosplay once finding it. Sea wave behind her is absolutely a wonderful toner for this picture. But what’s more important is still her alluring look! Blue costume and blue hair [...]
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Kingdom Hearts Sora Shirt Tutorial

Couple days ago we shared a Sora Shoes Tutorial. Today we are going to share another one about Sora’s shirt. This tutorial is also made by Ravenhedgehog from Deviantart.com. Author About zhuqiyunMore Posts (310)
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Kingdom Hearts Sora Shoes Tutorial

This tutorial is made by Ravenhedgehog from Deviantart.com.  She is an amazing cosplayer from U.S. You should check her out. This is definitely the best cosplay shoes tutorial I’ve ever seen. With Ravenhedgehog’s approval, I’d like to share this tutorial with our friends here. Author About zhuqiyunMore Posts (310)
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