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Couple Cosplay Contest – Who Take Over the Lead Now?

Couple cosplay contest themed on the Valentine’s Day was launched on Feb. 1. It will end on Feb. 28. Winners will be announced on Feb. 29. Everybody is welcomed to join in. So, how to join? See details here. So far, 24 couples have already joined in. This article focuses on the current situation of [...]
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Couple Cosplay Contest – How is the Current Situation?

Couple cosplay contest had been launched at this Wednesday and will end at February 28. There will be one couple winning out finally. And each of them will be sponsored with a free cosplay costume. It doesn’t matter whether you have a heterosexual partner or not. We also accept couple cosplayer of the same sex. [...]
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Bleach & Axis Powers Hetalia Contests – You Can Still Join In Now!

Huge thanks for your support for our Bleach and Axis Powers Hetalia contest. Since we will have a vacation from Jan. 22 to 28, we finally decide to postpone these two contests. Both contests will last to Jan. 30. We will announce the winners on Jan. 31. So, don’t be hesitant to join in or [...]
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Japanese School Uniforms(part2)-Current Situation of Japanese School Uniforms

In our last post, we have talked about History of Japanese School Uniforms ,today we will check the Current Situation of Japanese School Uniforms. Japanese school uniforms do not only stand for the image of a school and aesthetic standard for the society, but also become symbols for the popular culture of a country. It’s [...]
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