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Cosplay Wigs- How to Properly Buy

Okay, we all know a wig is a HUGE part of becoming the character. It can completely change how the over all feel of your cosplay. I have made many mistakes on buying wigs, so here are my tips to you! First off, you want to find a TRUSTED wig dealer. Websites that have wigs [...]
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How to care for your cosplay wig

Thanks Erin to Submit this tutorial to us You’ve just received your wig! How exciting, you pull it out of it’s package and its… limp, kinked, all together not very appealing. Although anime’ hairstyles are hard to pull off in real life with a little wig care you’re sure to get winning results. You should [...]
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New Arrival Cosplay Wigs – To Complete Your Look Vividly and Instantly

To bring your favourite anime character into life, you definitely need an awesome cosplay costume. Of course, accurate wig is also a must as it helps to bring your costume up to the ultimate. Buying costumes and wigs from online store has become increasingly popular. Miccostumes.com is a reliable seller providing a wide range of [...]
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How to Wash a Fiber Wig?

Wig is always a must-have item for an excellent cosplay performance. So, does the large collection of comfortable & faithful wigs stocked at Miccostumes.com meet your need? Anyway, this is a tutorial shared by Lajvio, guiding us on how to wash a fiber cosplay wig. Thanks, Lajvio . Author About caoxiaopingI’m also a devotee for [...]
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How to Restore a Messy Cosplay Wig?

Most people discard a cosplay wig when it has become rather messy. Hey, this is really wasteful, especially if a kanekalon wig is abandoned. So, let’s focus on methods of rescuing a messy cosplay wig made from high temperature fiber and kanekalon below. First, let’s look at a messy cosplay wig. Just as the photo [...]
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