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Interview with a Cosplayer: Tips and Tricks for a successful Interview

Photo fromĀ Airlim If you have ever interviewed a person before you know it’s nerve racking. You have to be constantly on your toes and respond to what the person you are interviewing says. You don’t want to offend them in anyway. Interviewing Cosplayers can be even more difficult. The interview can go so many ways [...]
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Cosplay Tutorial Collection – Free Costume Given to Author Contributing the Most Practical Handwork Tips

Contests at Miccostumes.com proceed orderly. Theme for March is to gather some tutorials about cosplay. Once you are gifted in making a cosplay costume, prop, accessory, makeup etc, write down steps and share them with us. Your tutorial can be a Word document, picture, video and so on. Like before, there will be one contributor [...]
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How to Make Adventure Time Fionna Cosplay Hat?

This cosplay tutorial is created by MichikoKojima – the American cosplay talent. She is a member from the cosplay group TFBB, who is interested in anime, manga, comedy, mystery, action, adventure, romance, fantasy novels, movie and TV shows. To see her favorite cosplay works such as Vocaloid Rin Kagamine cosplay, Princess Sakura cosplay and Glaceon [...]
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How to Tie an Obi Bow?

Cosplay fans often think about how to make their costumes or deal with their hair. But except these, some small decorations also require your attention. For example, have you gotten an idea on how to tie a good-looking bowtie under the neck or around the waist? This is a cosplay tutorial, created by Sorachan89. If [...]
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How to Make World of Warcraft Crystal Spire of Karabor?

Crystal Spire of Karabor is an epic one-handed mace for healers. It is a long-awaited weapon for lots of World of Warcraft cosplay lovers. Some people buy it. But some people are interested in making it by themselves. So, if planning to make it personally, how should you do? Step 1: Analyze. Take a detailed [...]
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