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Are you interested and gifted in cosplay? Do you manage a popular cosplay or anime-related forum or website? Do you keep informed of the newest information in the cosplay industry? If so, why not join in our sponsorship & partnership event now? By helping us prompt our site, you will be sponsored with free costumes/wigs or other accessories. Sincere and long cooperation with you is expected by us. New partners are recruited now. So, who are you in the below list?

1. Cosplay Fans.

You can join in our cosplay contest. Winners will be offered with free costumes and then wished to popularize our site via your article, pictures, video, etc.

2. Pro.Cosplayers & Models (No more sponsors before Jan.2012)

As long as you do well in this performance art and have lots of social resources to prompt our website, you can contact us directly.

3. Administrator for website or Forum Related to Cosplay/Anime.

We will be glad to cooperate with you by offering prizes for activities at your site, exchanging links with you and any other possible approach to cooperation. Don’t be hesitant to contact us.

4. Invited Reporters by Miccostumes.com. ( Crazy looking for Now )

If you frequently go in for anime conventions, comic cons, cosplay parties etc, you can apply for becoming a reporter of us. You can keep our readers informed of the latest information on a certain cosplay event by words, live pictures,videos and so on.

5. Local Cosplay group/Anime Cons. ( Crazy looking for Now )

If you are local cosplay group or admins of anime cons, and interesting sponsorship with us, please contact us directly, we can sponsor costumes/wigs for prizes for contest or other anime/cosplay related campaigns.

6.Anime/Game Video Makers ( Crazy looking for Now )

If you get a wonderful youtube channel ,update cosplay/cons/anime/game related videos frequently and got tons of visitors for your videos, We can sponsor for you!!

7. Commonweal and Charitable Organizations.

If you are invited to join in a charity party, just contact us. We will be glad to sponsor costumes for part of attendees there.

Contact us via miccostumes@gmail.com or facebook 


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