Some incoming new cosplay costumes in May


In May,we will update 70 around new cosplay costumes,wigs and accessories in our shop, cosplayer models will wearing all of these products in our shop, we hope customer who are interested in our products, will check more often in our blog,facebook and twitter account to get the news in time.

Some new cosplay will be updated in May:

  • Sword Art Online : New style Kirito costumes.
  • Hetalia:Spain,France,Russia
  • Black Butler:Madam Red,Hannah,Sebastian,Undertaker and Ciel
  • Puella Magi:Akemi Homura,Kyoko Sakura,Sayaka Miki,Tomoe Mami
  • Kingdom Hearts:Dark Sora
  • Bleach:Kenpachi Zaraki,Yoruichi,Ulquiorra,Soi Fon
  • Vocaloid:Miku love is War ,Miku Snow,Miku Thousand Sakura
  • Other:Zelda Link


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