Winners of Maid Lolita Photo Contest Announced!

Dear contestants, thanks for joining our Maid Lolita Photo Contest. The Contest ended yesterday and the voting time ended at 12:00 April 30th.

We’ve received a lot of complaints saying that some of the participants gained votes by an improper way. We looked in it, and found that many votes of some paticipants were from brand new members that joined in the last few days and the only action they did was immediately comment on the contest deviation and add it to their favorites. It is totally fine and normal if there are a few new deviants voting for you. But if there’s a high proportion of new deviants, we’ll take those as abnormal and trustless votes. It is against our original intention and is contrary to the principle of fairness. That’s why we have to make the following ajustment to the rules.

  • If the proportion of votes from new deviants (joined in the last few days when voting and the only action they did was immediately comment on the contest deviation and add it to their favorites) is more than 10%, every vote from a new devaint over that won’t count. For example, if someone gets 50 votes and 10 of them are from new deviants, only 5 of the 10 votes will count. He/she will get 45 votes at last.

According to the ajustment, we recalculated the votes and here are the top two paticipants:

No. 1: #6 Azurimi

Valid Comments: 113

Favourites: 146

Total Votes: 259

No. 2: #9 MaaYa

Valid Comments: 92

Favourites: 156

Total Votes: 248

Congratulations, Azurimi and MaaYa!
Download this Excel to see the whole scoreboard of the contest!

Prizes for the Winners:

As promised, two Lolita dresses will be rewarded to these two winners.

First prize: a White Moon Lolita Dress

Second prize: a Dear Celine Lolita Dress

We’ll contact Azurimi and MaaYa to offer the dresses. In addition, every participant will get a 5% off coupon code from us. We’ll send the code by email later.

Note: The organiser reserves the final right of interpretation of this contest.

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Winners of Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest Announced!

By now, the Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest has ended. We have calculated the votes of total 146 participants. Here below are the top 3.

No. 1: #44 Demoiselle

Total Comments: 481

Valid Comments: 267

Favourites: 372

Total Votes: 639

No.2: #7 Damian Nada

Total Comments: 42

Valid Comments: 22

Favourites: 501

Total Votes: 523

N0. 3: #140 AlDii

Total Comments: 7

Valid Comments: 7

Favourites: 500

Total Votes: 507

Download this Excel to see the detailed scoreboard of 146 cosplayers.

Note: This contest is supposed to end at 30th, April, and the voting should be stopped at the very point of 12:00, 30th, April. But the statistics is a lot of work. So we may not be able to do a very precise work. Luckly the votes of the top 5 are very decentralized. We supposed that one cannot gain more than one hundred votes in one our. If they do, we’ll take those votes as abnormal and trustless votes. The organiser reserves the final right of interpretation of this contest.

As promised, the top 3 cosplayers will be rewarded with free costumes and wigs.

First prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume & one Vocaloid cosplay wig
Second prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume
Third prize: one Vocaloid cosplay wig

We’ll contact the top 3 cosplayers to offer the costumes and wigs. In addition, every participant will get a 5% of coupon code from us. We’ll send the coupon code by email later.

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Latest CTS Press Release:From Cosplay to Idol Group and Content Franchise – One of  our Partners in Indonesia share their latest PR today, Bonni email me about the PR, so I think we should repost it in our blog to support. And have worked with CTS to release the co-brand lolita line – Delicious! , the first two lolita dresses will be ready in May,if you are interested,dont forget to check our lolita line in our shop.

Our dear partners,

First of all, I on behalf of our growing membership, cast, and crews would like to thank you for your continuing support for our work. It has been a wonderful year for us, and we couldn’t have done this much without you.
In our latest press release we are proud to officially announce several exciting developments of COSPLAY: The Series, as well as a brief write-up of our Anniversary Event held on April 22nd. Among them are the integration of our team into artist/idol management company Nagaraja, an upcoming production of CTS Singapore Special, adaptation into light novel series, a production of our very own lolita fashion line, and spin-offs in the form of a one-shot manga, a visual novel, and an iPad game. Both as a cosplay and filmmaker community and a web series entity, we believe it is quite an achievement, and we feel honored to have such supportive fans and of course partners like yourself.
Along with this press release we would also like to share with you our two latest videos: — this is a teaser of what’s to come, to go along with the press release — this is a short documentary of our journey, commemorating our first anniversary
It is our hope that we can foster a stronger and more productive cooperation in the years ahead, expanding the realms of creative possibilities in both the cosplay and web series worlds and in pop culture in general. If you would like to propose ideas for collaboration or ask a question or two, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Thank you very much!
All the best,
Bonni Rambatan

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Cosplayer Sponsor-Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay From Haru

In early Feb.2012, Haru ,a cosplayer from Singapore,Contacted us to ask to join in our costume sponsor program, cuz we don’t have any customers from Singapore before ,and we also did not sponsor any plus size cosplayer, so we were glad to offer Haru the opportunity to cosplay her dream character and also review our costume as well.

Today she just sent back us her Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay photos which is really wonderful and we think we must share them at our blog, hope more and more people can join in cosplay and follow the simple guide ” Everyone can Cosplay!

Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay

Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay

Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay

photo by :Xeno-Photography

Costume : Cardcaptor Sakura Kinomoto Sakura Fuchsia Cosplay Dress

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Pariahcon 2012: A Florida Convention

Bringing to you the latest news in convention news from sunny Florida.  The convention season is about to start in full swing around these coming summer months.  So I would like to bring to your attention a small up and coming convention in its 2nd year of bringing fun to us Florida anime/videogame fans.

Pariahcon is coming soon!  What is Pariah-con you may ask yourself?  Well that is what I am here for!  This is the second annual convention in Lakeland where all your videogame, anime, and other special interests are met.  The convention will be help on April 27-29.  Here you can meet fellow enthusiasts from all around Florida and make friends that share similar interests.  Not to mention see a lot of beautiful cosplays.  It would be great to have you all come to the convention.

There will be a combination costume contest and cosplay contest where you can see all of the great costumes people have made and the skits they have prepared.

Orange Anime, Florida’s best anime/videogame social site,  will also be in attendance putting on different panels for a lot of fun for all ages. Including Videogames Easter Eggs, Who Would Win Anime, Destiny Islands Game Show (a Kingdom Hearts Game Show), Pokemon Center, Dating Games, Supernatural Theatre, and many many more.

There will be a dance/rave on Saturday night, and a lounge where you can relax if things get a little too crazy.  Don’t forget your swimsuit because there will also be a pool party!  There will be cult movies, anime screenings to keep you entertained.  And an achievement system which has you searching the convention grounds looking for challenges to win prizes.

There will be a fully stocked game room with many gaming competitions.  A special Pokemon tournament will be taking place, among other fighting and shooting game competitions.  Some come show me your moves!

There are more and more and more events to be seen but you will just have to visit their site HERE to find more.  Or you can just attend to get the full experience.  Let us toast to the beginning of another fun convention season!

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