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New Arrival on Mar. 14 – Bleach Shinigami Kids Cosplay Costume


Apart from offering adult cosplay costumes, Miccostumes.com also sells quality kids cosplay costumes. Today the Bleach Shinigami Kids Cosplay Costume is reviewed. It is available at $45.59. You can enjoy affordable price and fast shipping. Besides, quick customer services are promised. Why not check out your favorite cosplay costume here?


Our Bleach Shinigami Kids Cosplay Costume comes with nice cotton to bring incomparable excellent comfort to the little kids. Of cource, it is also easy to be washed and has long durability. Like the Shinigami Costume for adults, this one includes kimono, hakama, and belt. We have a proffesional team making the costumes. So you can count on us. The costume is definitely faithful to the initial anime style to make the cosplay show of kids wonderful!

You can choose this costume from Children size S, M, and L. We also provide custom made services. If you want to delight your little one, kids cosplay costumes from us are great choices!

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Banzaicon 2012

Title: Banzaicon 2012
Location: Sliperiet Larvik, Norway

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Description: Banzaicon is back! The theme of Banzaicon 3 in 2012 is matsuri! Important keywords for the Banzaicon weekend are lights and lanterns, panels, games and entertainment, as well as food stalls and bazaars. This is the mood will we attempt to create as we celebrate and honor Japanese and east Asian culture in true Banzaicon style!

Official Site: http://banzaicon.net/
Start Date: 2012-04-13
End Date: 2012-04-15

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COSPLAY: The Series Ep.15 – The Initiation

To save their friends, the Q-Cosushinkai kids have no choice but to follow orders of The Organization. With Vincent disappearing again, Sukma guides them to their secret lair, the group trains intensively day and night and finally becomes initiated into the ranks of super cosplayers, cosplayers worthy of wielding the Legendary Treasure — just in time for the enemy’s ambush at the base!

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New Arrival on Mar. 13 – Tales of Symphonia Emil Castagnier Cosplay Costume


Quality yet affordable Tales of Symphonia Emil Castagnier Cosplay Costume is offered here! It is available at $79.59. You can make your coming cosplay show stunning with this costume without spending too much. Men size S, M, L, and XL are provided. Besides, custom made services are also available to make your costume fit perfectly.


The Emil Castagnier costume comes with quality fabrics which are easy to be cleaned. What’s more, it is made vividly strickly according to what the original character wears. The costume includes overcoat, scarf, oversleeves, trousers, and belt.

You can enjoy fast shipping and quick customer services at Miccostumes. Feel free to contact us via phone, email or live chat if you have any questions.

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- Cardboard
- Cutter
- Paper or Newspaper
- Gold Acrylic Paint
- Paintbrush
- Black Acrylic Paint
- Hot Glue Gun
- Ceramic
- White Spray

Let’s start now!

First draw the guitar base on a piece of newspaper or any big paper then cut it out. Paste the paper on the cardboard and draw out the shape on the board following the lines. After that, use a cutter to cut the shape of the board out. Since the thickness of board is only 1cm, I cut out 4 boards.


Cut the two boards like the right side and two boards like the left side. After that I sprayed using white spray at the boards.


After the boards are dry, using a hot glue gun, stick the board together as you can see the 3d effects on the guitar. Don’t forget to use the leftover board to cut out the guitar stick. You can use papers to stick on the board if it’s hard for to spray.


Then start painting your guitar with gold acrylic paint. But if you can’t see the golden colour yet, you can use yellow acrylic paint first. After it’s dry, paint with gold acrylic.


Paint the stick with black acrylic paint. You’re allowed to use spray instead of paint. As for the end of the stick, paint gold acrylic on it. After all the boards are dry, using the hot glue gun again, stick the guitar stick together with the main board.


Paint gold acrylic again on a piece of paper and cut it into small rectangle. Then stick it on the guitar stick. FINALLY YOU’RE DONE!



This is a guest post from Jing, entered in the Cosplay Tutorial Contest. Click here to check out all the participants and their scores, and more details about the contest, like the rules, how to join, the prize, etc.

Author Bio:

Name: Jing
Gender: Female
Nationality: Bruneian
Personal Blogs & Social Networks: blogger
Comments about the tutorial: An easy and cheap way of making Rin Meltdown Guitar. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

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