New Arrival on Mar. 29 – Kingdom Hearts Mulan Cosplay Costume

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Kingdom Hearts Mulan Cosplay Costume

Here, Kingdom Hearts Mulan Cosplay Costume is introduced to you. It comes with a shirt, vest, pants, tie, and belt. Every details are carefully made according to the fictional style to ensure high similarity. You will be a real Mulan who will attract the most attention on the show! This awesome outfit is sold at $65.59. It is made from classy cotton to offer you eluxe comfort all the day. You can choose it from Women szie S, M, L, and XL. Custom made services are also available. Check it out!

Kingdom Hearts Mulan Cosplay Costume1

If you are looking for costumes for other caracters from Kingdom Hearts, you can take a look at our Kingdom Hearts cosplay costumes collection. We provide fast shipping all over the world :) . Just feel free to contact us via emails, phone, or live chat if you get any questions.

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Daily Cosplay – Shakugan no Shana Cosplay

Shakugan no Shana Cosplay

Here comes the Shakugan no Shana Cosplay. This is an amazing cosplay work done by AOMExxxIWAKAMI, who is from Argentina. Taking a look at her DA gallery, you will find numerous stunning cosplay photos :) . This girl is really a cosplay talent, isn’t she? If you wanna get some great costume ideas, why not pay a visit to her DA site now?

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Cosplayer Interview with StrawberyNeko

We are grateful that StrawberyNeko shares her cosplay ideas via our interview :). To know more about this talented cosplayer, please read below. You may get inspirations from her.

StrawberyNeko cosplay1

1. Since cosplay becomes more and more popular, how do you think about the good things and also bad things on this performance art?

I am really excited that cosplay has gotten a great amount of attention recently, and I know this will shine a lot of light on cosplay as a hobby and as art. We are constantly using our imagination, our body, and our skills to portray the characters and the series that we admire. Cosplay is a form of fandom, and like every fandom, it brings people together. I’ve met so many wonderful people through cosplay, and they are all extremely talented in their craftsmanship and photography. There is a great amount of satisfaction in making something that I am proud enough to wear. Although there are so many great things about cosplay, there is a negative stereotype on cosplayers that many people believe. Cosplayers sometimes have an image of “ruining” series and characters because they are not “accurate” enough. The negative critiques come from a variety of sources, but mostly from other fellow fans.

StrawberyNeko cosplay2

2. Do you consider yourself a “cosplayer” year round, or only when participating in certain activities?

So far I have only worn my cosplays at gatherings and conventions. Since events occur all the time and all year round, it is arguable that I cosplay all the time. I am in constant contact with my friends who are also cosplayers and cosplay photographers, so I am a cosplayer year round.

3. Going to a venue with many people to watch you in costume and simply taking a photograph, which one is more meaningful?

To gain the full experience, I like to wear my costumes. I feel more involved when I dress up. I always bring a camera with me, so I take pictures of other cosplayers while I get my pictures taken as well!

StrawberyNeko cosplay3

4. Is the creation of the costume or characters more valuable than the actual acting or vice versa, or is it a mix? As well, how much of the do-it-yourself mentality is admired? If someone just bought their whole costume, are they still a true cosplayer?

There are many ways to answer this. There has always been an invisible checklist of what a good cosplay is. That list continues to grow as more people get involved with cosplay: accuracy of the character, portrayal of the character, and simple looking like the character. I always remembered the term “cosplay” as a combination of the two words, “costume” and “play.” Both words are so light-hearted and playful. It makes me wonder: when did cosplay become so serious? If you take it from the literal term of “cosplay”, by wearing a costume and pretending to be that character even for just a second, you are cosplaying. I do value cosplays more when they are hand made by the person who wears them; because I understand the appreciation and hard work it takes to achieve the look. I feel that there is a lot more personalization you can do to the costume to truly make it yours. It doesn’t mean that they are more superior to those who buy cosplay. Some cosplayers cannot sew or make their own costume and I respect that.

StrawberyNeko cosplay4

5. Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

Be brave! Don’t be afraid to mess up or look foolish! I know I have done enough of both and I have accomplished much success because of my failures. No one really gains overnight success, so it’s completely fine to take your time to get where you want to be.

6. Which contest theme do you mostly want to see at

I would like to see a contest theme is “apocalyptic.” Cosplayers in pictures at the end of the world. It could be any kind of apocalypse!

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COSPLAY: The Series Ep.17 – The Backup

It was not only the Alliance who has the capability for tactical backups. A quartet of secret revolutionary soldiers came to The Organization’s aid and battles The Prototype, the Alliance’s secret weapon. However, they may very well be underestimating their enemy, as the time-manipulating cyborg easily defeats them with moves The Syndicate is very familiar with…

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Weekly Fan Art Feature #23 – Black Butler and Basilisk

This week we have Arriel Cooley from the United states, her works below are of the anime Kuroshitsuji and OC’s as a demon butler and young master. The works were created using Photo tool sai. Visit her deviantart here.
Human are pathetic
Next is KionaKina, also from the USA and below featuring another fanart of Kuroshitsuji as well as from the anime Basilisk. The works were also digitally created using photo tool sai and photoshop. Visit her devianatart page here.
Ciel and Sebastian
The wind whispers

Last up this week is  fullmoonnightonigiri from Canada featuring a work of Alois Trancy from the anime Kuroshitsuji 2. She also used photo tool sai to create this work. Like her work? Visit her deviantart page here.


To have the chance for your works to be featured here please email us at miccostumesfanart [@] with the following:
Your Name
Website [if desired]
Medium of work i.e. Pencil, Paint, Photoshop etc.
A maximum of 2 works attached in the email
The name of the anime/manga/video game it is from

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