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Winners Announcement – Dragon Ball Cosplay Photo Contest

The contest ended on 15th, June. There were 22 contestants in total. According to our rules, there are two winners. They are #10 Laura Nebulaluben as Seripa (111 favourites + 50 comments + 19 from Miccostumes = 180 votes in total)

and #11 Rina Inverse Mx as Android 18 (122 favourites + 49 comments + 15 from Miccostumes = 186 votes in total).

As promised earlier, each winner will be rewarded with any costume in our cosplay store. In addition, each contestant will get a $5 cash card from us.
We’ll offer the cash coupon by email later.

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Introduce our Referer Bouns Points Program

Hello Everyone, today Miccostumes.com release Referer Bouns Points Program online- You’ll receive Costume Bonus Reward Points (Be equal to 7% of the sale not including shipping fees) which can be transfer to cash to spent at Miccostumes.com to order anything you like !

If you like our costume and want to share with your friends or other people online, please join in this Referer Bouns Points Program . It’s easy to join in , just login your account at our shop and click the “Referer Bouns” button link at left, then accept our guideline, that’s it!

After you join in this program, you will get your personal referer code, for example your referer code is eDmbss4U , then Just add the referral code at the end of any page of miccostumes, for example you like the costume Dragon ball Goku Costume , the webpage address url is http://www.miccostumes.com/Dragon_Ball_Goku_Cosplay_Costume_1740p.html , then add your referral code at the end of this webpage  :

http://www.miccostumes.com/Dragon_Ball_Goku_Cosplay_Costume_1740p.html?user=edmbss4u (do not forget the “?user= )

Then, simply share your personal referral link via email, Twitter, Facebook, personal blog or any other way you choose with your friends.

If someone who clicks your personal referral link makes a purchase online at Miccostumes.com, your *Bonus Reward Points * account will be credited for that referral within 20 days.Bonus Reward Points can be transfer to cash ,then can be spent online at Miccostumes.com.

Refer as many people as you’d like, and get earn online, you can save much at our shop !

That’s it!

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Euro 2012: Show Your Love for Your Favorite Team and Win Big Prize

Are you a football enthusiast? Since Euro 2012 is in full swing right now, Miccostumes would like to show some support. Share your blessing for your favorite team in Euro 2012, you’ll get a $5 cash coupon from us. In addition, one lucky contestant will be draw out from the champion team’s fans to get $20 cash coupon in the end. Winning the prize is not the most important, the point is to express our passion for our team.

How to Join?

Everyone can join in this event by send us an email to miccostume[@]gmail.com. The following points should be included in the email:

  1. Your name and your nationality.
  2. A photo of yourself with certain element of Euro 2012, i.e. you holding a Euro 2012 poster or a flag of your favorite team, etc.
  3. Your blessing for the team you support.
  4. Optional: just for fun, you can also make some interesting predictions like which two teams will be in the final and which one will win out finally, which player will win the golden boot award, etc.

We’ll update the messages you offer to us in this post. The submissions are valid among June 12 – June 25 (before the semi-finals).

GreeceGreece     Czech RepublicCzech Republic RussiaRussia      PolandPoland

PortugalPortugal   NetherlandsNetherlands     GermanyGermany DenmarkDenmark

ItalyItaly          SpainSpain                 CroatiaCroatia     Republic of IrelandIreland

EnglandEngland    UkraineUkraine             SwedenSweden   FranceFrance
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Guest Post – Dressing Up Your Toddler in a Costume for a Party

Jamie Highland writes articles for My Baby Shower Favors, a site that sells supplies for various events including everything from baby shower favors to Halloween cookies. In this article, Jamie gives some tips on how to choose a costume for your toddler.

Photo Credit: Toddler Totoro

Dressing up your toddler in a costume for Halloween or for a party may sound like a great idea but you will have a lot of thinking to do in advance. Remember that the costume selection and dressing up should be enjoyable both for you and for your child.

Toddlers can be very stubborn, especially when you really want them to do something. Chances are that your little one will resist all of your attempts, kicking and screaming. Knowing how to approach the costume dress up and how to make it fun for your little one is essential for success.

Choose the Right Costume
A costume should be both original and comfortable for your little one. The right idea is essential for the success of your creative attempts. Many parents are even attempting to make their own costumes for parties because this is the best way to achieve originality and to stay away from the mainstream.

Anything that you can imagine can either be purchased or made. Choose soft fabrics and padded elements that increase both the safety and the comfort of your toddler. Some costumes will be very inappropriate for a young child. Take a close look at the instructions and the specifications before making a purchase.

It is also possible to dress up as a family. Find a matching costume for every family member. This decision will bring the cuteness factor up even more.

Try the Costume On!
You should certainly try the costume on before the big day. Waiting until the last minute may result in some unpleasant surprises. Be sure the costume fits properly and looks good.

Turn the costume dressing process into a game. Simply forcing your toddler in this unusual outfit will be inefficient and far from enjoyable. It should be an activity that satisfies both of you. Forcing your toddler to wear a costume simply because you want to be the parent of the cutest kid would be wrong. Instead, find a costume you both enjoy.

Trying the costume on in advance will help you decide whether you need to make some adjustments. It should be comfortable and it should be safe. Refrain from purchasing costumes that have tiny details and ornaments that can be easily detached from the fabric and swallowed.

Be Careful with Masks
A mask can be a cute final addition to your toddler costume but it may present some concerns in terms of safety.

If you want to feel confident and calm, you should probably refrain from purchasing a mask to go with the costume. This way, you can observe the face of your little one and you can make sure that your child is happy and feeling ok.

To make the transformation complete, you can utilize face paint and hair accessories that will contribute even more to the appearance and the cuteness of your toddler. Being creative is the most certain way to impress everyone.

Having fun with toddler costumes is an essential prerequisite for your party success. Come up with a nice idea and try the costume in advance. Make necessary adjustments to increase the safety and the comfort of the costume. Turn the dressing process in a game. A toddler that enjoys the process will be a happy and even cuter child.

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Live Convention – Share Your Convention Photo and Win $100 Cash Coupon

Hello cosplay devotees, are you planning to go to an anime/cosplay convention this summer? If you are, here’s a chance that you may get a $100 Cash Coupon for sending us your photo(s) on the convention.

Our new edition of contest is called “Live Convention”. To be a qualified contestant, you just need to print this contest placard, take a photo with it at the convention, and send it to us together with your infomation. But please make sure to read through the RULES below before you take action!

The contest entries will be held on our blog. Those who have the most facebook likes and Google pluses will win the contest. The prizes are $100 Cash Coupon, $60 Cash Coupon, Any Wig in Our Wig Store, $20 Cash Coupon, etc.

More details can be found in the Rules section below!



1. Time for the Contest: the contest starts on June 8 and will end on August 31 (New York Time).

2. Winners and Prizes

Winners: Those who have the most “Scores” will win the contest. The number of winners depends on the number of the contestants. If there are no more than 10 contestants, there will be only one winner. One additional winner will be added if 10 more contestants join in, i.e.

  1. 1-10 contestants—1 winner
  2. 11-20 contestants–2 winners
  3. 21-30 contestants–3 winners
  4. and so on.


  1. First Prize: $100 Cash Coupon
  2. Second Prize: $60 Cash Coupon
  3. Third Prize: Any Wig in Our Wig Store
  4. Fouth Prize: $20 Cash Coupon
  5. Winners after fouth will all get $20 Cash Coupons.

Note: Cash Coupon can use as equivalent cash when purchasing in our store.

In addition, each contestant will get a $5 cash coupon, which can be used for a $5 discount when purchasing in our costume store.

3. Submissions: submissions are valid among June 8 – August 31. Submissions can only be make by email to miccostume[@]gmail.com. Please send us your anime/cosplay convention photo(s) (see the rules about the photo at the ‘About the photo’ section below), together with your infomation including:

  1. Name/Gender/Nationality
  2. Personal or social sites:
  3. A little introduction about yourself and the convention, like which character were you, when and where was it, what interesting things happened, etc.
  4. More. Actually, you can write anything you want, as long as it’s related to the convention. You can even send us a link of video about the convention. We’ll put whatever you offered into your contest entry.

4. About the photo(s):

  1. At least one photo is required. This photo must feature both you holding our contest placard and the lively convention scene. Make sure we can see your face. ^_^
  2. More photos are appreciated. The contest placard is not required in every photo.
  3. The photo(s) should be at least 500px wide.

5. The voting process:

we’ll make a blog post for every participant at our blog. This blog post will be the contest entry where people can vote for you, via Facebook like and Google Plus. Below are the voting rules:

  1. Each Facebook like or Google Plus will be counted as one score.
  2. In addition, the organizer Miccostumes.com acts as another judge. We will govern some votes and vote for the top 10 contestants. I.e., the best entry (in our opinion) will get additional 20 scores, the second will get 19, third 18, and so on.


If any problem, send us an email at Miccostume[@]gmail.com, or comment in the post!

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Dear Customers, Post a Review of Miccostumes and Win Reward Points

Dear customers,

We will give away 200 reward points, which can be used as cash for your future orders, once you post your reviews on the following website:

We want to draw your attention that some reviews about us at the above sites are fake. Some “customers” post negative reviews at the sites. But they do not purchase costumes from us. We cannot find either their name or their email in our system. Their email addresses are invalid. In addition, the phone number they offer does not exist either. We advise you not to believe the reviews easily.
We try to see the real reviews from our own customers, no matter the reviews are positive or negative.
After you post your review, please tell us the link of the review and also the email address you used when you placed the order at our site by sending us an email to miccostumes[@]gmail.com. We’ll add the reward points for you after we receive the email.
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Weekly Fanart Feature #24 – Vocaloid, Hetalia, Final Fantasy and Card Captors

The fanart feature is back!

This week we have works from Sweden, India and Italy!

First up is Maya Nagano Holm and they are from Sweden. Maya’s tools used for the works are ink, pen nibs, screen tones and occasionally comic markers.The first image is a fan art of the Vocaloid song Matryoshka, featuring the Nico Nico Douga singers Zebra and Hashiyan. The second image is of Russia from Hetalia: World Series (or Hetalia: Axis Powers). Visit Maya’s Devianart page here for more works.


Next up is Jackroono from India with a a work of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII done in pencil and photoshop. Visit their page here!

Lastly we have Giulia Valentini from Italy with works from Card Captor Sakura. Both were made using Paint Tool SAI. Like her works? Visit her deviantart page here

Breathe into me


To have the chance for your works to be featured here please email us at miccostumesfanart [@] gmail.com with the following:
Your Name
Website [if desired]
Medium of work i.e. Pencil, Paint, Photoshop etc.
A maximum of 2 works attached in the email
The name of the anime/manga/video game it is from

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Lunar Angel

Videogame Cosplay: Jillian Husted as Larxene from Kingdom Hearts (Pt 1)

I am here to provide you with a look into the life of Florida’s cosplayers and their costumes. This time I would like to feature one of the cosplayers associated with Orange Anime.  Orange Anime is an online forum that bands togheter all of Florida’s videogame and anime fans and arranges local events in Miami and the surrounding areas.  One of Orange Anime’s own staff member. Jillian Husted, also known as “Ixka1kai” on the forums will be the subject of this interview. She will be sharing here experiences as she talks about her cosplay of Larxene from Kingdom Hearts.

1. As a female cosplayer, why did you take an interest in this character and how close does the character resemble your personality?
I would say that Larxene is pretty much the exact opposite of me (except for maybe the b****y part). I wanted a character where I can be what I am not and attempt to have some more confidence. What initially drew me to Larxene in particular was the fact that she wanted to overthrow the ultimate evil to get a greater position of power.

2. What initially drew you to play the game she is from?
Larxene came from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (or Re:Chain of Memories) which was apart of, in my opinion, the greatest game series ever. Not a lot of people have played/completed that particular game and Larxene was the greatest challenge I had in the game; it made me want to be her.

3. Did the character’s outfit influence your choice in cosplaying her?
The outfit was given. I mean there is basically 15 cosplays in one Organization XIII coat. I guess my main gripe is that it’s one coat (and gets very hot at cons) so I can’t change it up unless I go by fanart. When it comes to doing other outfits I plan to do a slumber party Larxene for Metro Con if it’s accepted

4. Why do you feel this character is special to the game she is from?
I believe that the character is special from the Kingdom Hearts series because she and Marluxia basically set-up the character line up in the second game of the series and creates a rift in an Organization meant to take down the good guys. It sorta makes her the ultimate evil I guess.

5. Is she your favorite videogame character? If not who is?
I would say she was my third favorite character in the games. I favorites are Riku & Sora. I cosplay Sora, but Larxene is special because she was my first cosplay ever.
6. What drove you to put in the work to make this character’s outfit and how did you go about making it?
I bought my outfit because I’m just getting into cosplay, but I would really like to learn how to sew in order to make the outfits as accurate as possible. I have made improvements in the chain and did get some advice and help on the wig from a fellow cosplayer.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview later this week!

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Winners of My First Cosplay Announced!

We have 17 participants in this contest.

Facebook: (You may not be able to see the entries because of the privacy policy of FB’s.)
#1 Tana Reklaw
#2 Jackie Hager
#3 Hannah Ichigo Bittle
#4 Hiragana
#5 Arlenn Barba
#6 Ataito Total Votes: 500+, Winner!
#7 Katy

#1 Achetarin
#2 Jasmine
#3 Kittypetro
#4 Alice
#5 Mixiao
#6 Azurimi 115 Favourites + 73 Comments=188 Votes Winner!
#7 T0ra-Chan
#8 Blake337
#9 FrillsieLacey

#1 Anna

Winners Announced!
The Contest ended on 31st May. And now we have two winners on Deviantart.com and Facebook.com. The Deviantart.com winner is Azurimi with 115 Favourites + 73 Comments=188 Votes! The Facebook.com winner is Ataito with 500+ votes in total.

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Join CosplayCrossing – Apply for free cosplay costume and wig

What is CosplayCrossing?

Like Bookcrossing, we define CosplayCrossing as “We offer free costume & wig to a cosplayer in a certain area for his/her photo shooting, anime convention, or something like that. And then, the cosplayer passes on the costume/wig to another cosplayer, and so on.”
First Edition of CosplayCrossing in US
Miccostumes.com will provide free cosplay costumes and wigs for cosplayers ( Right now We are planning to begin at US. first) who are planning to join in anime conventions,local cosplay meetup or anything related to cosplay. The “first Cosplayer” will get the free cosplay items from us, then the items will be shipped to “second cosplayer” from the “first cosplayer”, then to next and next…. The last cosplayer will ship back the items to us and we will make the items as the mementos.
The basic instructions is below:

1. We will release each new cosplay items in every quarter.

2. Join in the cosplaycrossing queue.Because the costumes will be made as standard size (s,m,l,xl,plus size).Make sure the costumes fit for your size before you join in the queue. Email us your contacts details to Miccostumes [@] gmail.com, The title of your email should be “ CosplayCrossing.com – Your name”.your contact details should included:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Your Address:
  3. Your email:
  4. Your phone:
  5. Your Facebook/Twitter:
  6. Introduce about youself:

3. When you get the items from us or other cosplayers, you can keep the items as long as one week, then you should ship them to the next cosplayer. We will list every cosplayers contact details in this site (including facebook,twitter,email) except phone number , so please be honest and ship out the items in time. :)

4. If you are in the cosplaycrossing queue, you should cover the shipping cost. We will make sure all items will be shipped from the same country, no international shipping,this will save much shipping cost.

5. Share us your cosplay photos and also maybe the reviews for the cosplay costumes or wigs online.

6. Every cosplayer can have a signature on the blank area of the costume.

7. Keep all the cosplay items good and clean, This is the most important. If there are cosplayer tell us they get the costumes/wigs broken or mess,someone will not get the opportunities to join in CosplayCrossing again.

Our first cosplaycrossing will be launch in the May/June of 2012, will release more details later. So make sure check our site regularly. Feel free to contact us, even if you are not interested in the costume/wig, even if you are not in US. Our following editions of CosplayCrossing will cover more costumes and areas.
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