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Best Cosplay Ideas for your Family

Author Bio:This is the guest post from HiDef. She’s been has been cosplaying since 2007 and a huge crazy fan of anime, manga, video games, idols and Japanese culture in general.

With more nerdy couples meeting, greeting, falling in love and getting married, there’s an increase in exceptionally nerdy families. It’s hard not to pass your fandoms onto your kids. Even when I used to babysit I would watch anime with the kids I was with. But if you think that your hobbies may be over after having your little bundle of joy, think again! There are plenty of cosplay ideas for couples, expecting couples, and even parents!

1)    Maes Hughes – Full Metal Alchemist


Photo credit:LostRain13 and theEmperorofShadows

Major Hughes from the series Full Metal Alchemist is a major family man and is well known for shoving pictures of his “adorable daughter” in the face of anyone that will pass by. It’s funny, slightly annoying, but definitely cute to see a guy being so passionate about his love for his daughter. Don’t have a daughter yet? That’s fine! Bring your wife to be your Mrs. Hughes. It’s not only perfect for couples with a baby, but also for expecting couples too!  No one can stop the love this guy has. Wouldn’t you want to show off your precious bundle of joy too?

2)    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon


Photo credit:Kamerascheu


Photo credit :Shintai-AB

No one can resist this classic. Sailor Moon may be one of the most well known anime series of all time. With the new remake of the anime coming out this summer, everyone is planning a cosplay to homage this magical series. Why not get the whole family to join in? A Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Mini Moon cosplay is perfect for the whole family. Have a little boy? Let him be Artemis, the cat and hold onto a Luna plush! Imagine how cute that would be. No one can resist this trio.

3)    Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi – Super Mario Bros.

13 photo credit : BriteWingz

It’s-a me! Mario and company! This other classic happens to also be a perfect cosplay group for you and the family. It’s very versatile. Have a little girl? Let her be Peach or Toad! Have a little boy? Mario, Luigi or Bowser could be perfect for him! Whether you like anime or just gaming, this family costume works at any convention and is even great for costume parties. Everyone recognizes Mario. Just don’t go overboard with the accent…

4)     Ash, Misty and Pikachu – Pokémon


Photo credit:TashCosplayArt14 and da-wakko

I personally LOVE Pokémon cosplays and I can’t find anyone else that disagrees with me! The best part about this cosplay is that your child can be any Pokémon. And not only that, but there are so many to choose from! An Ash, Misty and Pikachu cosplay group is perfect, but the number of Pokémon your son or daughter can cosplay is limitless.

5)     Ponyo, Sousuke, Fujimoto and Granmamare – Ponyo


Photo credit:Zelrondidi-Ji and tompkinsxx

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo~ Ghibli is loved worldwide for their wonderfully innocent and sometimes nostalgic movies. And Ponyo is no exception. While your family could probably cosplay from any Ghibli movie, I chose Ponyo because it works really well for couples that have a boy and a girl. And if your kids are old enough, they may enjoy dressing up as the characters from the movie because they loved the movie. Ghibli movies are perfect for children and the whole family.

In the end, everyone finds family cosplays to be precious. People say to do family activities together, so what’s wrong with every family doing their own thing? The cosplay community is so accepting and let’s be honest, cosplaying babies and kids are all too adorable. Though your life may have started with your kid(s), there’s nothing wrong with delving in the fantasy world every now and then. Happy cosplaying!



We will add more family cosplay ideas in this article, so why not submit the idea ?Just comment here!


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Daily Cosplay-Danbo Cosplay



Cosplay from IVRProductions, lol, really interesting~

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Daily Cosplay-Black Rock Shooter: The Game

the_fifth_apostle___black_rock_shooter__the_game_by_miss_mimiko-d5w4k75Cosplay from Miss-mimiko,  really cute!!


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Daily Cosplay-Kiba Inuzuka

kiba_inuzuka_naruto_shippuden_cosplay_by_shidofuyuki-d5vr6a1Cosplay from ShidoFuyuki , so is this a real “dog” :)

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Cosplayer Interviews-Budgielove Cosplay

Today Livvy and her husband Adam join in our cosplayer interviews to share their real cosplay story, hope you like it


1.Introduce you and your husband first, I know you always do couple cosplay 

We are Livvy and Adam. We have been cosplaying together since AWA 11.

2.How did you get started in with cosplay, what was the first cosplay?

AWA 10 was our first ever convention. We fell in love with the costumes and felt so left out in plain clothes. After that, we decided the next convention we were going to cosplay! Since Ranma 1/2 is one of our favorite animes that we watch together, we decided to go with Ranma’s outfit. It was the first outfit I (livvy) have ever sewn and with the help of my mother we got our first cosplays completed! It was fun being the same character in boy and girl form and we have been cosplaying ever since.

3.What has been your favourite cosplay?

Adam: My favorite was The Creep, it was mostly a closet cosplay, but it was more comfortable than our usual lot. Really enjoyed ‘creepin around Dragon*Con and rocking my pencil thin mustache.


Livvy: Cure Blossom is mine hands down. Ever since we started cosplaying, I dreamed of doing a magical girl cosplay. The main problem with that is the male characters are often not masculine enough so they always got vetoed. That was until Heartcatch Precure! Kumojacky was the perfect shonen character in a magical girl show.

So I got Adam to watch and we both loved (ok I loved, he was ok with it) the show and we started working on the cosplays. After a year and a half we finally got them completed and ended up even winning a Best in Show award for it!

4.Describe your creative process for starting a costume through completion!

Usually we are watching a show or looking around online and say ‘Oh Wow that character design is awesome’ or ‘I really love this character.’ We tend to pick characters that we both feel comfortable cosplaying. Not only does it need asthetic, comfort and decency, but we must like the character enough to embody them for a day at the convention. We keep a master list of characters we want to cosplay and look at how much work it will possibly take and with our jobs will it be possible to complete.

Many of our costumes are simple to just have fun, however, when we want to go all out, we research and innovate to reach how the character feels to us. 

5.Do you have any favorite Asian films?

We absolutely loved the live action Cromartie High School movie


6.What is the biggest learning curve you couple has learned about the hobby in the past years?

Adam: old style carpentry and staining techniques, hand stitching with a hammer.

Livvylove: sewing more difficult fabrics, cobbling with pleather.

7.Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins,especial couple cosplay?

Always make time for friends, family, life, etc. Don’t let a hobby get in the way of your relationships (or job/education).


8.Lastly, what is your con schedule looking like through 2013?

We will be in the Artist Alley for Momocon and AWA this year with KawaiiFix.com

We plan on also going to Dragon*Con and Seishuncon as of now.

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