Hello, I am Tina. I‘m one of the  convention reporters and would like to introduce you to some conventions I visited this year. This here is about the Imagicon 2015.


Some words about me. I am a KIG cosplayer also doing cosplaying since 8 years. I started as a normal cosplayer but now I do KIG cosplay because I love irt so much to become an authentic manga figure. I am a great fan of the manga  “D.Gray Man” and was cosplaying  the character Lina Lee there.


The Imagicon is a small convention at Ede in the Netherlands. It is a convention for all types of cosplay and mainly for dutch audiance because the actions were held in dutch. But even without knowing dutch you will have fun there. The visitors are up to 35% cosplayer, around 5% photographers and 60% of cosplay interested persons.



It isn‘t a seller convention but created for cosplayer to show up in their cosplays. So the merchand zone is small but wide layered: Animes, comics, books, props like swords, graphic artists, DVDs, posters, figurine selles and so on. In general everyone will find something useful there, I guess.





No, it wasn‘t me who did this to Lara Croft, really not. And it isn‘t necessary to beat the cosplays for getting a picture with them. All of them are really friendly, speaking english and when you ask for a picture, you can do some shots for sure without any problems.And there are professional photographers around, looking for cosplayers to shoot.



The convention is held in a hotel and not in naked fair halls. The rooms are nicely decorated and you will feel really comfortable in this warm ambiente. The highlight of the hotel are the floors and the decoration there. There you can have a look at cool photo shootings as well.



It was unbelievable luck to meet another KIG there. In Europe KIGs are extremely rare to find at conventions but I had the luck to meet another KIG in a partner cosplay to mine.In the background you see a little bit of the hallway I already mentioned. By the way, the little “Hatsune Miku” in the middle was my companion on this day.


If you have the necessary time for a trip to the Netherlands I recommend you to have a closer look at the Imagicon. The prices aren’t cheap with 20€ for an adult but if you like to visit a smooth, nice and familiar and not „overloaded“ convention in a great ambiente you should go to this place.
This was my second visit at the Imagicon and I will be back a third visit for sure.

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Winners of 2015 Conventions Reporters Program


In our last cosplay contest, there are more 12 cosplayers join in our 2015 Conventions Reporters Program , today this is our final winner list, congratulate all of the winners, every winner will be sponsored by for costumes/wigs, and also will be shown at more than 50 anime/game conventions worldwide, amazing!!

1. Alice : Our blog Author

Convention list:

2.Kitty: Our blog Author

Convention list:

3.Bianca : One of our sponsor cosplayers from Germany

Convention list:

4.Jiao Jiao:Cosplayers from Canada

5.Evel Fett : Life cosplayer from USA :)

Convention list:

6.Tina : KIG & Mom cosplayer from Germnay

7.Mable : Cosplayer and film student .

8.Sasha and Lisa : Close friends,cosplayers from Germany

Dani:Famous cosplayers from Italy

10.Rose : Lovely cosplayer from USA

  • Zenkaikon:March 27th-29th in PA
  • Tanoshiicon:April 25th in PA
  • Animazement:May 22nd-24th in NC
  • AnimeNext:June 12th-14th in NJ (Work with the Japanese and American guests)
  • Otakon:July 24th-26th in MD
  • Saikoucon:28th-30th in PA
  • TAKII:Date to be determined, usually mid to late November in PA
  • Derpycon: December 4th-6th in NJ

There will be more cosplay contest or program in our blog, so if you are interested in join in our program, please follow our twitter or facebook page.

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Interview with a Cosplayer: Tips and Tricks for a successful Interview


Photo from Airlim

If you have ever interviewed a person before you know it’s nerve racking. You have to be constantly on your toes and respond to what the person you are interviewing says. You don’t want to offend them in anyway. Interviewing Cosplayers can be even more difficult. The interview can go so many ways that questions get left unanswered and it can turn into a mess. So to help those in need, Here are a few tips on interviewing cosplayers for a successful interview and a happy cosplayer.
Before interviewing the Cosplayers always ask a few questions to get to know them. You want to get a feel for what they are going to say so you can be more prepared. This also helps you avoid asking questions on subjects they do not wish to discuss. For example, If the cosplayer did not make their costume you dont want to ask them how they made it and possibly embarrass them. Some Cosplayers get sensitive on the subject. Then again if they have a very intricate cosplay you don’t want them to go on for 10 minutes explaining every detail. So ask about a certain piece or just the materials made.

Always brief the cosplayer what you will be asking them. You don’t want to put someone on the spot and make them uncomfortable. If you will be asking the cosplayer to say a line in character or to do a pose; let them know that ahead of time so they can think over what to do. Always ask what they are comfortable with doing or discussing. Crossing the line can turn an interview down the drain fast.
Convention interviews can get hectic. Everyone is on the go and probably won’t notice you are in the middle of interviewing someone. Try to find a corner where there is little people around to bother you or to disrupt noise. If you can’t find that then have a friend around to guard around the interview. Having someone walk through the shot or a person asking for the cosplayers picture can be disastrous. A guard will make sure your interview goes as smooth as possible.

The point is to make the cosplayer happy and comfortable. If you make sure the cosplayer is happy then they will give you a lot more energy. Here are some example Questions for you to ask for a successful interview. (Sectioned by category)

Costume: With each of these questions add a good comment before asking to show you are interested in and like their costume.

  • How did you make/where did you buy your costume?
  • How much time was spent making your costume costume?
  • What Material did you use for your costume?
  • What part of your costume was hardest to make?
  • How comfortable are you in your costume?
  • What site did you get your costume from?
  • Do you recommend that site to others looking to buy cosplays?

Series/Character: It is a lot better to discuss this if you are familiar with the series as well. If not keep to the simple questions and move on with the interview.

  • What are you cosplaying and what is it from?
  • Why did you pick this cosplay?
  • Do you have a special connection to the character?
  • Tell us about the series/game/movie your character is from?
  • Would you recommend this series/game/movie to other people to enjoy?
  • Is there another character from this series/game/movie you would cosplay?
  • Can you Make the best impression of your character?
  • Will you show us a few moves/poses in character?

Convention: These will be either general questions to start or end the interview.

  • Where are you from?
  • How long did it take to get to this convention?
  • Are you enjoying this convention?
  • Is this your First time or have you been to this convention multiple times?
  • What panels or events do you plan going to?
  • Are you planning on buying anything anything at the exhibitors hall?
  • Are you having fun?

Now you should be ready to have an awesome, fun, and successful cosplay interview! Just follow the tips, use a few of the questions, and have fun! If you are having a good time the cosplayer will. That’s the Best thing about cosplay. We are all geeks together who want to have fun and be happy. Your Interview should reflect that happiness.

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Welcome Our New Blog Author-Irvy Cosplay

Irvy have been cosplaying for about ten years, most of those in her home state of Idaho, California, and the Pacific Northwest United States. In her spare time, Irvy like to write and play too many video games. For photos, updates, and other information, please check her Facebook page as Irvy Cosplay. She’s also part of a cosplay group in Boise, Idaho called Ellipsis Cosplay.

For the article from Irvy, please check the page here . And if you also want to write for our blog, please contact me at any time :)

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My Anime Convention Schedule -Yuzuki [2015-2016]

Hello again! Sorry it has been awhile. School is wrapping up, so I have been quite busy.

This is just a small post, just to give you a basis on what my year holds, and maybe you can check them out too!

A-Kon- June 5-7th, 2015; Dallas, Texas A-Kon this will be my first time, so I don’t have any details on it. I have information from other friends. I guess we will see!

SanJapan- July 31-August 2nd; San Antonio, Texas (San-Japan) San Antonio’s LARGEST anime convention. Amazing and Organized convention. It is a bit pricey, but it IS worth it. I do recommend the competition for cosplay, but it is very hard for first-timers.

Anime Overload- August 14-16th; Austin, Texas (Animeoverload) What can I say about this convention, it is my all time favorite! It is truly amazing for a first timer, and an all timer. They have special guests, such as cosplay personalities from the hit reality tv show on Sci-Fi- Heroes of Cosplay. I HIGHLY recommend going!

Ikkicon- January 1-3rd; Austin, Texas (IkkiconIkkicon is quite a large convention to ring in the new year. Lots of stuff to do and explore. This will also be my first time attending!


There you have it! That is pretty much the basis of my year schedule. Hopefully I will see some of you there!

Have a wonderful rest of your day, week, whatever, and long live cosplay.


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