Exercise and diet for cosplay

Months before the con, as you’re planning your cosplay, set goals. Be realistic with yourself about what you have time to do and what will happen if you don’t reach your goals. We’ve all set weight loss goals that we didn’t reach. Will you have to give up this cosplay if you’re shy of your goal?

I made sure to exercise, cut soda, and carb cycle before showing more skin as Subaru.

When you decide on your costume, give yourself plenty of time to lose weight in a healthful, safe way. Crash diets don’t work. Most healthy weight loss should be less than two pounds in a week. There are ways to lose weight faster than that, but it’s hard to keep going for a long time.

These are the best ways I’ve found for getting in better shape for cosplay!

Set an exercise schedule and stick to it.

I don’t like to work out in the morning because I work over 10 hours a day and I need to be alert at work. Some people don’t like to work out at night because they’ll make excuses not to exercise. Whatever works for you, schedule that time and don’t make exceptions.

Include weight training in your exercise routine.

This is especially important for us women. Women have been told that using weights will make them bulky, and that’s simply not true. Women won’t gain muscle the same way that men can. By including simple free weight training in your exercise plans, you’ll burn more fat. This page is a much more detailed account of strength training that beginners can do. I also love these workouts because they’re geek-themed and use body weight to build strength.

Reward yourself for working out.

I’m talking about giving yourself a reason to exercise. Maybe consider only allowing yourself to watch a favorite show or movie when you’re working out. For example, I don’t re-watch old favorite anime unless I’m at the gym or lifting weights at home. Or let yourself get coffee or tea with a friend once a week only if you stick to your exercise routine.

Work out with friends or join a class.

Having a workout buddy makes you stay accountable. You won’t want to disappoint your friend or waste their time! You might even be able to work your chosen sport or activity into your cosplay. There are lots of sports anime like Kuroko’s Basketball, and plenty of popular characters are cheerleaders or martial artists. Check out activities at a gym, or see if a local school or community center offers classes like spinning, dance, or karate.

Myself and one of my Ellipsis Cosplay workout buddies. We worked out with my friends for two months prior to cosplaying Haseo and Tokio.

Replace a heavy breakfast with smoothies.

They help keep you hydrated, and you can taste something sweet without eating a lot of sugar or carbohydrates. Fruit is great, but consider adding green vegetables too! Most people don’t get enough servings of veggies. This is also a time-saving breakfast, so you’ll have more time to work on cosplay. If you need inspiration, check here and here for ideas of different drinks you can make for breakfast (or snacks).

Avoid salty foods.

They make you retain water! You don’t want to look bloated in your costume. You also need to stay hydrated so you don’t look and feel tired. Remember that your skin will show when you don’t get enough water, and salty foods don’t help!

Drink water.

Not soda, not coffee (unless it’s black), not juice. Drink lots and lots of water. Tea is fine too, as long as it’s unsweetened, because it has antioxidants. But water is what you should drink all day, every day. I try to drink a minimum of 2L (about half a gallon) of water daily.

Try carb cycling.

One of my best short-term weight loss strategies for cosplay is carb cycling. This is where you change your diet on a three-day cycle. On day one, you eat a normal amount of carbohydrates – whole grain breads, brown rice, and fruits especially. On day two, you eat a low-carb diet. On the third day, you eat no carbs and load up on protein. Then the cycle restarts. I lost about 8 lbs (3.5 kg) in just two weeks doing this. It’s not a long-term solution, but it does help you drop weight if you only have a little time.

My final thoughts.

Ultimately, you should cosplay what you want and be happy with your body. Don’t starve yourself (you’ll only retain weight when you do eat) or hurt yourself by overdoing exercise. When you get injured, it’s easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym again.

Even if what works best for you is walking or bicycling more often, that’s still more activity than you were getting before. Keep at it! You’ll see results. If you’re not seeing results, change something else and try again.

Don’t be afraid to be a cosplay nerd who works out!

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Welcome Our New Blog Author-Viper


Hello, you can call me Viper!! I am a new blog writer for miccostumes.I love to cosplay and it has been my hobby for the past seven or eight years. I love animes such as Love Live, Princess Jellyfish, Dangan Ronpa and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I cosplay as Honoka Kousaka, Madoka Kaname, Ibuki Mioda, Monomi, Leon Kuwata, Sailor Moon, and Elizabeth Comstock.  I love to write so hopefully I can write some really interesting articles for you all! I look forward to being a blog writer!!

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My Ludicomix Anime Convention 2015 in Italy


Hi! I am Dani Foca, Italian cosplayer, here to report about last week-end’s Ludicomix convention held in Empoli, Tuscany.

Ludicomix is quite a small con, and this year they decided to have it in the city center instead of choosing a defined location. So, cosplayers would walk around in the streets and could take pictures in parks and near the beautiful fountain, while in the main square there were booths selling gadgets and games, and the cosplay competition was held in a theater. The convention ticket was just 4€ for cosplayers!


Specifically, the convention decided to organise a “photography tour” where a group of photographers and cosplayers would move together to specific locations.



My cosplay for the first day (saturday 28th) was Jolyne from JoJo’s bizzarre adventures, in a version from the fly-high with Gucci special. I am a great fan, and found many other cosplayers from the same series!




Also, the peculiarity of the first day was a Pokémon-themed cosplay contest. Many children took part in it, but grown-up people as well! Here is a beautiful Nine Tails gijinka:


Also, in every single shop window, there would be something manga or comics related!! It could be small volumes, but in clothing shops they had full and beautiful costumes.




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The great social network and apps for cosplayers and how to use them more effective

As a cosplayer, have you ever just wondered “Oh man, I wish I could meet more cosplayers and find out who likes what and who is going to the next convention”? Well I have too! But now there is no need to worry! Here are a few social media apps you can easily find cosplayers on! As a cosplayer, have you ever just wondered “Oh man, I wish I could meet more cosplayers and find out who likes what and who is going to the next convention”?




The popular Instagram, known for posting photos for all over the world! While it is not only for cosplayers, after just one search in the section using the hashtag ‘cosplay’ or ‘cosplayers’, you can find millions of cosplayers from all around the world! Leave a comment telling them how cute they look or how they look just like the character, and you’ll be friends in no time!! For more specific cosplays, just search for the name of the series you want to find a cosplay from followed by the world ‘cosplay’. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!You can download Instagram on Apple app store or other android app stores.


Cosplyr is a social media site made exclusively by cosplayers for cosplayers! It has thousands of cosplayers already just looking to make friends. There are filter options that you can use to find someone of the same or opposite gender to be friends with and links to cosplay blogs or photos of other cosplayers so you can get some inspiration too.

3.Anime Amino

Anime Amino is available for iPhone and it is made for anime and cosplay fans from around the world. It’s perfect for anyone looking to make friends with others who like the same animes and cosplay the same characters or from the same series. You can share photos of your cosplay costumes and tell people on the app all about your convention experiences. It is a easy and unique from most apps because it is made specifically for anime fans.



Tumblr is a popular blogging platform that comes with an app ready with all kinds of people and all different kinds of cosplayers. Tumblr is one of the biggest social media networks so there are millions of cosplayers on here. There are blogs full of helpful critique and sewing and prop-making techniques, as well as tons of friendly people who are only an ‘ask’ away. With it’s easy layout, making friends should happen in no time at all! Perfect for all those cosplayers who need some inspiration.


CosplayNet, also known as The Cosplay Network, is a fast growing community for cosplayers. It is similar to instagram but made specifically for cosplayers. It’s perfect if you want to show off your beautiful new cosplay or even if you need help deciding on which cosplay to choose. You can just browse photos from other cosplayers or choose to submit your own. It has image editing, bookmarking for your favorite cosplayers, and private messaging. It even has an ‘offensive content blocker’. This app sounds like just the one you want if you’re trying to make new friends quickly. Avaliable on the iphone.

6.Cosplay Showcase

Just like the name, this app is for if you want to show off your great cosplay to others. It’s perfect for younger cosplayers if they just want to look at cute cosplays and get inspired to try to do one for themselves. Avaliable on the Android.


This app is a life saver for cosplayers!! It helps you sort your cosplay plans into different sections from most important to future cosplans. You can type in the character and write down what you need to get and you can effectively cross off everything on your list until you’re all done. Everyone I know who cosplays has this app and it has done wonders for them! A must have for all cosplayers. Avaliable on the iphone and Android.


Where would we be without one of the most original social media sites ever made? Facebook is used to keep in touch with old friends but you can also use it to make new ones, especially with all the suggested groups to join based on your area and interest. Facebook can connect you to other cosplayers in your area going to the same conventions you are so you can make friends before you go and you can have someone to talk about cosplay and convention plans with. Not to mention that most cosplayers and cosplay sites would love it if you ‘liked’ their page! You can upload cosplay/convention photos, make status messages, send instant messages and even join cosplay groups for more fun on your convention day.

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