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New Cosplay Costumes Update-15th April

There are 40+ new costumes got cosplayer photos this week , it’s part 1 today:


 Highschool Of The Dead Fujimi Shobo High School Cosplay Costume

2011_new_196_x1DuRaRaRa Shizuo Heiwajima Cosplay Costume


Naruto Sasuke Uchiha in Part II Cosplay Costume


Haruhi Suzumiya Cosplay Short School Uniform


Vampire Knight Women Day Cross Yuki School Uniform


Naruto Hyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume

Other new costumes updated before:


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New Products Update 11th April

Hi, today we have add some new products in our category, most are cosplay shoes and costumes, For costumes, you can find Aika S. Granzchesta and Akari Mizunashi in our Aria category, Takenori Akagi and Hisashi Mitsui in our Slam Dunk category,Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami in our Kuroko no Basuke category.




For Cosplay shoes, we have upload new items to our Tales of Symphonia category,Touhou Project Marisa category,Vocaloid category,Amnesia category,K category and so on.


I can list all the new products in this single post, please search the anime names you are interested in our shop, you will find more surprise!

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Easy Cosplay Tutorial – Vocaloid: Poker face Horns



Here is another simple tutorial to help you create clip on horns for any cosplay, however this tutorial will focus on the Vocaloid Poker Face art.

Photography by LMKusanagi

Miku Cosplay by Springroll

Luka Cosplay by Mixiao

Haku Cosplau by DanniTee

Kaito Cosplay by Kei-U

 What you need:

  •  1x 25mm diameter foam ball
  • Air dry clay. Here I am using Fimo Air Light
  • Pen Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Nail polish. It can be any colour (we will use spray paint after) or the colour of your desired horns (if you want to skip spray paint)
  • Spray Paint of desired colour (Spray Paint will help with an even coating)
  • Hot glue
  • 2x Alligator clips
  • Small cup of water


  1. Cut the foam ball in half. Using the cross section of the ball will help you keep the horns the same size.
  2. Take a small pinch of clay and cover one half in a layer of the clay. It is best if you keep the remaining clay in a zip lock bag as you work so it does not dry out. IMG_4456
  3. Slowly add a bit of clay at a time and shape it until you reach a desired height. I recommend it be around 3cm in height.
  4. Use water to smooth out the clay to create an even surface.
  5. While it is still moist, bend the horn to create a slight hook.IMG_4459
  6. Repeat the same steps for the other half of the ball.
  7. Let the horns dry out over night.
  8. Once both horns are dry coat the horns in a layer of nail polish as a cheap varnish alternative and let it dry. It is up to you if you want to coat the horns in the colour desired as this will save you the next step of spray paint. However I still advise you use spray paint to get an even coat. You can skip 10 if you do not want to use spray paint.
  9. Now using hotglue, stick you horns onto the alligator clips. Make sure you have the clips reversed when gluing the horns on so that you have a left and right horn.
  10. Now coat the clips and horns in a layer of spray paint and a second layer if desired. Let it dry and we are done!




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New Cosplay Costumes Update-20th~27th March

Today, I will continue upload the rest of new cosplay in March wearing by our models, hope you will find the ones you like :) .

Bleach_Yoruichi_Shihouin_Womens_Cosplay_Costume_x1Bleach Yoruichi Shihouin Cosplay Costume

Soul_Eater_Soul_Evans_Cosplay_Costume_x1Soul Eater Soul Evans Cosplay Costume

Black_Soul_Eater_Blair_Cosplay_Costume_x1Black Soul Eater Blair Cosplay Costume

Soul_Eater_Black_Star_Cosplay_Costume_x1Soul Eater Black Star Cosplay Costume

Naruto_Uzumaki_Cosplay_Costume_x1Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay Costume


Inu x Boku SS Shirakiin Ririchiyo Cosplay kimono


One Piece Heart Pirates Trafalgar Law Cosplay Costume

Soul_Eater_Eruka_Frog_Cosplay_Costume_x1Soul Eater Eruka Frog Cosplay Costume


Naruto Akatsuki Orochimaru Cosplay Costume


Naruto Akatsuki Hidan Cosplay Costume

_x1Naruto Akatsuki Kakuzu Cosplay Costume


Naruto Akatsuki Pein Cosplay Costume

Other new costumes updated before:


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New Cosplay Costumes Update-12th~20th March

Ok, From this month,Miccostumes.com’s new cosplay costumes with model show will be continued. And we also hope customers could submit the cosplay photos wearing our costumes ,wigs or shoes.:)


Hell Girl Ai Enma Cosplay Costume


Vocaloid Kagamine Len Cosplay Costume


Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Cosplay Costume


Ouran High School Host Club Girl Uniform Cosplay Costume


Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume


Naruto Green Tsunade Cosplay CostumeBleach_Ichigo_Kurosaki_Bankai_Form_Cosplay_Costume_x1Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai Form Cosplay Costume


Hetalia Axis Powers Norway Cosplay Costume

Kingdom_Hearts_Organization_XIII_Roxas_Cosplay_Costume_x1Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Roxas Cosplay Costume


Other new costumes updated before:

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