Cosplay Tutorial Contest – CardCaptor Sakura “Star Wand Tutorial” by Anna

CardCaptor Sakura
“Star Wand Tutorial”

You will need

  1. Pink Paint
  2. Gold Paint
  3. Foam circle – kinda varies – (I chose I thick one for mine but you can choose a thinner one)
  4. Foam Star
  5. Tiny feather wings
  6. Air-dry Clay
  7. (optional, Red circle gemstone- if you want to be accurate)
  8. Balsa wood stick (1m)
  9. Glue Gun

All these can be purchased from your local arts and crafts store all you need to is ask for them.

Once you have gathered all your required items

Then follow the steps below:

  1. you just simply just pierce a tiny hole into your foam circle
  2. take the wood stick and slide it into the hole
  3. wrap the clay around the stick and cover any gaps made from when you pierced the foam circle
  4. Also you may not see it in the final product picture, but you also need to wrap a thin layer of clay on the bottom of the stick.
  5. To give the star a 3D effect like mine I used the foam star, to choose your star it has to depend on the size of your foam star.
  6. Once you have chosen your foam star simply use your hot glue gun and glue and each of the individual points of the star and place them onto your foam circle


After the glue & clay has dried paint your wand as follows:
The star: needs to be painted gold
The circle/stick: pink of course 😉

After everything is all dry, take the feather wing and chop them in half


And glue them at either sides of the circle


Optional (if you want to be accurate like the reference picture ;))
Take the red gemstone and glue it where I marked


Tada and you’re done 😉
Follow these easy steps and you’ll have your own star staff of your own



This is a guest post from Anna, entered in the Cosplay Tutorial Contest. Click here to check out all the participants and their scores, and more details about the contest, like the rules, how to join, the prize, etc.

Author Bio:

Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Personal Blogs & Social Networks: deviantart, facebook, blogger
Comments about the tutorial: I was looking around for a tutorial for this and the ones i found really annoyed me because of the the cost going into it so i decided to find a affordable alternative to making this star staff since i mostly had the stuff at home like the paints i just had to run up to my local craft shop and gather the supplies that were missing and the process was really fast while i was making this so i decided that i would be able to commission this as well as many of the other props/accessories that i have made in the past

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Daily Cosplay – Tekken: Blood Vengeance Alisa Bosconovitch Cosplay

Tekken Blood Vengeance Alisa Bosconovitch Cosplay

Boys and girls, since you are led here, you must be interested in cosplay or seeking for a costume for cosplay, Halloween etc. Here, you will always see interesting or popular cosplay news and also wonderful cosplay works from those geniuses, like this one – SasuSaku-4ever. She comes from Singapore and this is her Tekken: Blood Vengeance Alisa Bosconovitch cosplay. She seems rather appealing here, right? Femininity gets a great accentuation via the exquisite costume. Being a fan for sasusaku, sasusaku fanfiction and sasusaku fanart, she has done many stunning cosplays and show them in her gallery. Pay there a visit now?

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Our goal is to delight each cosplay devotee. So, except regular sizes ranging from S to XL, we can also customize the costume for you. Once it’s finished, it will be shipped out via fast shipping method worldwide. We reply to any of your questions ASAP. So, feel free to order on our cosplay store!

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Cosplay Tutorial Collection – Free Costume Given to Author Contributing the Most Practical Handwork Tips


Contests at proceed orderly. Theme for March is to gather some tutorials about cosplay. Once you are gifted in making a cosplay costume, prop, accessory, makeup etc, write down steps and share them with us. Your tutorial can be a Word document, picture, video and so on. Like before, there will be one contributor winning out finally, who will be sponsored with a costume in our store. Cosplay devotees, lift the spirit and strive for a gift for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day!


Yes, we accept tutorials in any form. Once you have an original tutorial about anything on cosplay, send it to with the title of “Cosplay Tutorial Contributing”. Aside from this, send us below information of yours:

Personal Blogs & Social Networks:
A Short Description about Your Tutorial:

If your tutorial refers to a Word document, just make sure the text has and will never be published anywhere else!

As some participants tended to contact us on Facebook before, we will gladly hear from you there. But just remember to tell us your email address too. In this case, we will more conveniently inform you about the latest situation of the contest anytime.

The contest will be launched at March 6, 2012 and end at March 26, 2012. We will announce the winner on April 10, 2012.

Any costume in our store can be picked out as a gift for you – the winner! We offer regular size and also custom-made service, making a costume that ideally fits your figure.

First, polls from Facebook and Google will be counted. Once receiving your contribution, we will publish it on our blog and send you the link to see it. There are two buttons above article for each participant, including one from Facebook and the other from Google Plus. People, who have a Facebook or Google account will be able to vote for you there, by liking the article on Facebook or sharing it on Google +. So, all audience will be the judge.

Second, the audience can also vote for you via commenting. Just remember, only the audience, rather than the author and any staff at, is allowed to make a comment. There will be 1 extra vote for each comment. For sure, nobody like to see something spammy. So, comments like “this is great”, “thanks”, “awesome” etc won’t be counted :(.

Last but not the least, the contest organizer acts as another judge. We will govern 100 votes and vote for each participant. Your work will be impartially estimated on five aspects: originality, creativity, feasibility, difficulty and writing style. Every 20 polls will be given to each aspect.

We will publish the work contributed by you within 1 working day. Once it’s posted, people can vote for you. However, to make the contest absolutely fair for each contestant, votes gotten within 2 weeks after the article is published will be only counted! As you know, not all participants join in the contest on the same day. Contestant taking part on the last minute won’t have sufficient time to be voted. To avoid this, we have set the deadline for the contest to be Mar. 26. But there will be still 2 weeks for you to ask votes for support even though you are informed of the contest on the ending date, since the winner will be announced on April 10. Good luck, everybody ;)!

  • Is There Any Way for Me to Get Extra Polls?

Rules have been renovated this time. But you are still suggested to post an article about the contest or directly the link for the article related to your tutorial work on any site you or your friends have, in order to let more people know this. Once they are attracted and click the Facebook or Google button on our blog to share your work, you are more likely to win out!

We gladly accept any advice from you. Also, contact us if any problem, via miccostume[@] :D.

Contest Scoreboard (Update Weekly)

Author Tutorial Social Scores
Scores from Host Total
Lisa girls’ cosplay make-up on eyes 586+15+0


Roxy Making Articuno Wings 423+12+14


Michelle Garcia How to Do Sasuke Make Up 142+29+1


Jing How to Make Rin Meltdown Guitar 46+11+12


Fuyumi Ranka Lee Tutorial 19+3+0


Axel Iroppoi Way to Dawn Tutorial 9+3+4


Anna CardCaptor Sakura “Star Wand Tutorial” 10+1+0


Chelsea Havoc Making of Raven (Teen Titans) Accessories 7+1+0

= 79

Jasmine Davis Wings for Flandre Scarlet 2+1+0


Ren How To Dye Feathers 2+1+0


Kitty Petro How to Make Gaara’s Gourd 2+1+0


Brigitt Sailor Scouts’ Glove Cuff Tutorial 1+1+0



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