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Free Cosplay Costume for 100th Our Facebook Fan

Since registering on Facebook, lots of anime, manga and cosplay lovers have joined us. Today, Erin Ng from Malaysia – our 100th fan on Facebook, was sent with a free Haruhi Suzumiya long sleeves cosplay costume. Thanks for keeping updated with us and more gifts will be sent out. Congratulations to Erin once again, XD.

Join and like our Facebook, you will get the chance to earn free cosplay items or other benefits from our shop ,so go go go !!

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Experiences with being a cosplayer in Germany – Guest post by MikuMikuLeek

In Germany, the number of cosplayers has increased in the last years.
There are many conventions and fan made events in all parts of the country!
For Germany is, compared to other countries, rather “small”, you can visit nearly every convention if you have enough money.
The biggest conventions are placed in Kassel (Connichi) and Bonn (Animagic).

I am yearly visiting the Connichi, for it is not too far away from my home town. This year, in September, it’s my 3rd time going to this convention!
Also, one of my other regular visited conventions is the Frankfurt book fair, which is not only an anime-related convention but also an ordinary book fair. Nevertheless, the number of cosplayers also has increased on this convention!

You can say that every weekend there are lots of fan made events, so you’ll never get bored here!
Naturally, I am not visiting one of those every weekend for I need time studying for school and sewing my cosplays!

I am also member of a showgroup which is planning to film Vocaloid PV’s. This group is rather new, but we have some ongoing projects like Len Kagamine’s “Spice!”.

My experiences with Cosplay are precious memories I never want to forget about!
Being a cosplayer, I belong to a huge community where I’ve made a lot of friends who I also meet in my free-time to do shootings or just hang out with!
I started to cosplay 3 years ago and it was rather per accident then consciously. In eBay, I was searching for Final Fantasy fan articles and found costumes of Yuna.
I got addicted by them and asked my parents to buy me one as my birthday present!
At this time, I didn’t knew much about wigs and stuff, but I still had lots of fun cosplaying as Lenne on my first convention!

Then, when Final Fantasy XIII was announced, I saw Oerba Dia Vanille and fell in love with this character!
I told myself I needed to cosplay her and begun to make the costume by myself! Because I had no experience in sewing, I bought a skirt and dyed it orange! Haha, the only things that I really made by myself were the bead chains, which was enough work for me already!

At the beginning , I was very shy and didn’t really know how to talk to people, but with the time I got more confident and had much more fun then I already had before!

I began to sew cosplays by myself and had my ups and downs with it!
The first cosplay I sewed all by myself was Rin Kagamine’s basic outfit! Through a Greek friend of mine, I got to know Vocaloid and couldn’t stop listening to the Kagamine twin’s music!
I was very proud when I finally finished this cosplay!

Rin Kagamine became a very important character to me and she is now the one that I mainly cosplay! I have to admit that because of her I dyed my hair blonde and cut it short.. Oh but now I’ve started to let my hair get long again.

My absolute dream cosplay… I don’t have a special one but I’d really love to do something elaborate! I’d love to work at a ball gown someday!

I’m really looking forward to my future cosplays and the time I will spend being with my friends talking about our beloved hobby! And remember! Cosplay is not a competition! It’s about having fun being someone else (:

Author Bio: MikuMikuLeek is a 17-year-old girl from Germany. She’s obsessed with Vocaloid and Cosplay. You can check her amazing cosplay works at her Deviantart account.

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Daily Cosplay – Code Geass C.C Cosplay

Susan, a girl coming from Taiwan but living and cosplaying in US, shows us a wonderful performance of Code Geass C.C cosplay. She is interested in photography, cosplay, photo shop and painting and has dreamed of cosplay as C.C for years. You can visit her here. Only getting 2 weeks to make the costume, she’s still happy with it, XD. Yes, the left one is Shiya’s cosplay as Lulu. Thanks, Susan, Shiya and also the photographer Joseph for sharing us with this visual feast.

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Slam Dunk originates in NBA?

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Guest post – How to Make Your Very Own Clopin Mask

This tutorial is made by canadian-rainwater from Deviantart.com. She is a cosplayer and also an amazing artist. You should check her out. With her approval, I’d like to share this tutorial with our friends here. The characters maybe a little tiny and blurry, you can check the original enlarged infographic here, or, here’s the text below.

How to Make Your Very Own Clopin Mask

A comprehensive guide to how I made my clopin mask. by the (only?) Clopin cosplayer in singapore.

This is by no means the only way to make his mask. This is just how I’ve done it.

Before we begin. here are some materials to get a hold of:

Pink Paint

PVA Glue (make sure it dries clear! I will not be held accountable for foggy masks !)



Glitter(oh heck yes)



Gold Lining

Basic plastic Half-Face mask (If your local art shop doesn’t have these. try a fabric/ arts-and-crafts store)

stiff paper(not cardboard)

1.The first thing I do is replace the elastic. Usually these mask bases come with a thin white band. but to make sure it doesn’t snap under the extra weight I remove it and add my own.

Because my hair is black I use black elastic. Staple it to the mask. we’ll cover it up later.

IMPORTANT:   make sure the mask doesn’t get in the way of your hat! My first mask was too tall and I couldn’t pull the hat down properly onte my head.
…In fact that’s the primary reason I’m making it again.

2. You’ll notice clopin’s mask covers his entire nose. most “real” masks leave the bottom of the nose free. but if you’re a perfectionist like me then you’ve got to make your life more difficult…

…So begin measuring your nostrils and start cutting up that stiff paper to make a nose worthy of the title of clopin! (Tip: I wer the bottom of my nose smooshed it against the paper.and then traced around the watermark)

Tape the extra parts to the mask base. Don’t worry if it looks messy. we’ll cover it all up later. (You may want the help of a mirror for this step.)
When you’re done the mask should look something like this.

3. Now the fun begins! (That was sarcasm…)

I’m too lazy to bother measuring and mixing proper papier-mache glue. Instead Iwater down some PVA/white glue.

Once you’re happy with the mask begin papier-mache-ing over it. Cover the staples and the loose ends of the elastic. It won’t snap so easily anymore!

Once you’re done your desk shoule be a royal mess … I mean. The mask will begin to look like this.

Completed papier-mache

Ler it dry!

To make sure the mask stays concave I like to take precautions. Weigh down the ends of the mask as it dries.

Shoop-da-woop! We’re getting there!

4. Painting time! Woo-hoo!!

Whip out that tube of ridiculously pink paint and get crackin!

As with the mache. I like to mix the paint with a bit of water and PVA glue. It makes the paint stick really well and adds a slight gloss. (Tip: If you ever find yourself needing to paint onto plastic.mix the paint with PVA glve. It won’t wash off.)

Add the first layer of paint and let it dry…

…Add then add a second layer.

Keep adding layers and let it dry in-between applications of paint. (Tip:If you want to paint the inside of the mask you don’t have to add as many layers .make sure to add a finishing coat of PVA, gloss, or any other sealant of some kind when you’re done. however. other wise the paont will wipe off onto your face if you sweat.)

Add as many layers of paint as you tiink you need. The more coats you apply. the smoother the surface of the mask becomes and the texture of the mache less prominent.

Make sure you have something to do while it dries..

5. It’s dry! Woohoo!!

For the last coat. mix some glitter with water and PVA. I use red glitter to make the effect more subtle.

DON’T ADD TOO MUCH GLITTER!! Clopin’s gaudy enough as it is. we don’t need to encourage him.

Clopon’s mask doesn’t have glitter in the film. This step is optional. Personally I prefer addingjust a hint of glitter to make his mask resemble Venetian camival masks. It alst makes it more interesting.

6. And now for the final step!

Time for the gold lining!

For the trim on his mask I prefer using gold (what is that…lace?) which you should be able to get from any basic fabric store.

You could probably opt to paint on the gold using glitter glue. but I think it would be messy. The lining stands out more .

Glue it onto the edge of the mask using super Glue but work A BIT AT A TIME. Leave the glue to set for a few seconds. clamped down using clothespins. and make sure it’s dry before moving on!!
(I do not recommend holding it to dry with your hands. The glue will stick to your fingers and it will be a nightmare to clean off. TRUST ME.)

Bonus Tutorial! Oh you lucky ducks!

While that’s setting I thought I’d show you all how I make his beard as well. since I’ve gotten lots of inquiries about it. It’s actually really easy…

1. Consult a mirror and skerch out the basic shape of his stylish goatee.

2. Cut out said sketch and use it as a template. Place it on the faux fur and cut out the shape. (make sure the direction of the fur is facing down. or else you’ll have abackwards beard!!)

3.You should now have yourself the makings of clopin’s fine facial hair!

It’s that easy.

Trim off any excess fur until you get it looking right by your eyes…

*Note: There are several ways to attach the beard. At first I ustd double-sided fabric tape but it doern’t stick well to the favx fur and begins to some apart as you sweat. I’d recommend eydlash glve or a similar costume glue but make sure you apply it SPARINGLY! It works. Very.Well.

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Top 10 Pretty Anime Girls

Among frequently launched votes, the most beautiful anime girls or the coolest anime boys seem like eternally hot topics. Below is exactly another poll themed on pretty girls in Japanese anime. Ten girls are believed to stand out. Now, let’s take a look.

Top 1: Teresa from Claymore

In an era when human beings became food for demons, some people transplanted demons’ flesh and blood into females’ bodies. Females become monsters that carry features of both humans and demons to fight against evil spirits. All of them carry big swords. Humans and demons, who feel afraid and disgusted about them, call them claymore.

Even though claymores have bodies that look like humans’ and also demons’, all of them have tall figures, blond hair and silver eye pupils, seeming rather pretty. And exactly due to beautiful appearance, they are also called as silver eye pupil succubaes. Teresa is the most powerful claymore. She will never release her demon force however strong monsters she meets. Never will there be ugly distortion on her comely face! Having a forever beautiful and dolce look, she will charm the crowd once smiling. But her heart is filled with loneness and sadness. Because of being powerful and graceful, Teresa also seems rather aloofly proud and cold. Until meeting Clare, she perceived her life meaning. Without any hesitation, she fights for Clare and also for herself. Teresa, who is strong and brave, smiles forever.

Top 2: Euphemia Li from Code Geass

Euphemia Li, the third princess in the superpower Britannia, is an innocent, happy, kind and dolce girl. She is almost an incarnation for perfectness, who spares no efforts to build a Special Administrative Zone of Japan in the region under Mount Fuji and make people there equally coexist with Britannia people. But since her plan totally violates her brother’s intention, she is killed finally. In spite of being a princess, Euphemia doesn’t have political right and feel helpless and hesitant.

Top 3: Kikyo from Inuyasha

Being powerful, Kikyo was the psychic before her death, who guarded the soul jade. Because of falling in love with semi-demon Inuyasha, she was used by Naraku, who stole the soul jade and scapegoated to Inuyasha. After sealing Inuyasha, she also died. 50 years later, seal on Inuyasha was removed by Higurashi Kagome. Kikyo also revived by witchcraft. Then, these three persons developed into an entangling relation. Different with Kagome’s innocence and kindness, Kikyo is more clever, lonely and more beautiful. A dead, yet still living person, who got rid of the constraint of soul jade, can hate and love freely. But owing to sadness in the heart, her love for Inuyasha tends to become more intense.

Top 4: Haibara Ai from Detective Conan

As cold as Kikyo, Haibara Ai feels more amiable because environment around her is closer to reality. Having tawny hair, white complexion and azure blue eyes, she is a Japanese and British mix-blooded with a breathtaking appearance. Besides, she is also a medical genius with super high intelligence, who makes people can’t help but falling in deep love with her.

Top 5: Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Any anime lover should know Ayanami Rei, who is considered to be the goddess in the anime world. A clone warrior with blue hair and red eyes seems cold yet actually warm-hearted. Even though seeming cool anytime, her stunning prettiness charms all people while smiling. She defeated the queen in the Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind and created an unprecedented miracle in the Japanese anime world.

Top 6: C.C from Code Geass

Here is another cool beauty — queen of C.C. She leaves a deep impression on lots of people by ageless appearance, eternal life, mysterious past, graceful queen-like accent and a loyal customer for Pizza Hut.

Top 7: Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed

Lacus Clyne is the favorite on animation festivals in recent years, who won the laurel of the most popular female character frequently. She has elegant long hair in pink, pride and charming smile. To be honest, she should appear on the “top 5” list. But in Japan where ten batches of pretty anime girls are born every day, Lacus Clyne has no longer been young.

Top 8: Sakura from Reservoir Chronicle

Princess Sakura seems more dolce and cute under dreamlike and romantic painting style adopted by Clamp.

Top 9: Sanzenin Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler

Being cute and arrogant, Sanzenin Nagi is irresistibly appealing. Double golden ponytails make her seem so kawaii, XDD.

Top 10: Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach

Kuchiki Rukia is different with any of above girls. And you may think she is not as beautiful as above girls. But if you are a devotee for Bleach and have known temperament of this girl, you will change your thought. Being calm, kind and brave, she is undoubtedly beautiful.

Everybody has his/her own “top beautiful anime girls” in mind. So, have you also found your favorite girls in those fictional stories? Why not share with us below?

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Cosplayer Interviews – Flytrap-Hell

This is Flytrap-Hell, a Finnish girl who is an anthro artist. In her words, she joined in Deviantart to participate in contests, show her artwork to the world and then become a better artist, sounding really ambitious, XD. Having a wide interest on horror, art, anime, cosplay (lots of stunning performances have been shown), etc, Flytrap-Hell especially loves Nightmare Before Christmas and Moulin Rouge.

Today, Flytrap-Hell joined in our cosplay interview to share us her cosplay experience. Thanks, Flytrap-Hell, XD. Now, let’s take a look at the detailed interview content.

1.Please Introduce yourself first?
Hi there everyone! I’m Lisa, but around the internet I’m called Amira. I’m 18-year-old girl from Finland and you might already guess that I’m all grazy over crafts, sewing and cartoons.

2.What does cosplay mean to you?
For me cosplay means to be someone else for a moment and show your skills in crafts. A new cosplay is always a new challenge!

3.What was your first cosplay?
I’m embarassed to admit that it was Haruno Sakura from Naruto, made and cosplayed on 2006. It wasn’t that great costume (okay, it was bad! XD) but I had really much fun at the con I was wearing it.

4.Does your family supports your cosplay?
At first my mother saw it as a really embarassing thing, but she has always been my sponsor and given me tips and opinions how I should do some things.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?
Hmm… This is a tricky one. What would be my most memorable cosplay experience…. I guess it’s from the last summer (2010), when we had our “human version” Team Chaotix group (from Sonic the Hedgehog). We were trying to stay in character around the con, but it was really hard for me since I was cosplaying Espio, a really serious ninja, while the others were making jokes and fooling around.

6. What are your 2011 cosplay plans?
Well on the 15th of June I’m going to travel to USA to my boyfriends place and we’re going to go to ConnectiCon together. And of course this kind of cosplay freak will cosplay! Me and my boyfriend chose pretty childish series and we will be characters from Pokemon and Digimon.

7.Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them ?
By myself of course! I think that’s half of the point of the cosplay and it’s also half of the fun! I usually find all kinds of useful items from flea markets, like shoes, which I can use in my costumes after a small modification.

8. Any other cosplayers you like?
A lot! From DA I could give some examples…
DaKyu. She’s a close friend of mine and I just adore the photoshoot pictures she gets from her cosplay. She also does really detailed cosplay!
Jamberrii. She and her boyfriend have marvellous Sonic the Hedgehog human cosplays.
Kaksoset89. These two girls do amazing bodypainting, but also great cosplays.

9. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?
Well of course during these years I have cosplayed I have learned a lot more about sewing and crafts. But after individual cosplays I usually get a terrible urge to start many new cosplay projects, since I have met new people and seen awsome costumes in a con where I was wearing my cosplay.

10. Any advices you wanna share with cosplay newbies?
My advice would be that don’t worry if your first costume doesn’t look that great! The most important thing is to have fun! Also, don’t try to do too complicated costume as your first cosplay. Human versions from different characters are a great way to start, since you can pretty much desing the costume by yourself, but still stay faitful to the original creature.

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Daily Cosplay – Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Cosplay

Knowing Puppetgirl94, an English girl who is fond of sketch and cosplay, would go to an anime convention yesterday, I’ve been waiting for her photos on the expo. But till just now, only this one taken before she went to the London MCM expo was found. Anyway, with legs crossed, she seems breathtakingly pretty with the white-and-blue Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome cosplay dress, X=D. Just visit her gallery to see her up-to-date cosplay works.

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Weekly Coffee links 5.23-5.28

This week, we start to invite some good cosplayers also our friends to provide guest articles related to cosplay,anime to post in our blogs. And many people asked me questions about our shop and clothes, i think i will make a new category in the next week in our blog, providing news about our shop ,especial our cosplay costumes!

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Daily Cosplay – Vocaloid Kagamine Rin Cosplay

This is YtkaMatilda, a Russian girl now living in Moscow and feeling interested in anime, sewing, painting, photoshop and photograph. You can visit her on her website. Guilty Gear, Kingudamu Hatsu, God of War, Maps for Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and 5 are her favorite games. But this picture shows you her cosplay of Vocaloid Kagamine Rin, which was taken by Ellie. This costume was made by Lenny Anzaru and performance with it really astonished so many people, certainly including me, XD.

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