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New Arrivals on June 7 – High-Quality Japanese School Uniforms

Japanese school uniforms that can be worn for cosplay or in daily life hit the shelves just now. Take a closer look below.

Japanese Kimono School Uniform

Featuring a shirt, jacket, skirt and necktie, it’s made from deluxe uniform cloth, comfort and durability guaranteed.

White Short Sleeves Japanese School Uniform

It includes a shirt, skirt, necktie and will be shipped out in 24 hours. High-quality uniform cloth with smooth texture brings you incomparable comfort.

Black And White Japanese School Uniform

Every girl can find an ideal size among S, M, L, XL and custom. Classic color combination between black and white seems chic and graceful.

Blue Short Sleeves Japanese School Uniform

It covers a shirt, skirt and bowtie. Due to classy fabric, it can be easily washed by hand and then lined dry, without deforming.

Blue And White Short Sleeves Sailor School Uniform

Featuring a shirt, skirt and bowtie and feeling comfortable, it can be worn for cosplay or in daily life.

Go to our site for more chic & durable Japanese school uniforms and other cosplay costumes.

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Magical Girl Mami Tomoe’s Hat Tutorial

After the tutorials of Magical Girl Mami Tomoe’s  Gun and her Ribbon, today we are going to show you a tutorial about Mami’s hat. This is another tutorial made by Sander Verdickt from Deviantart.com. It’s nice of him to do this for cosplayers. With Sander’s approval, I’d like to share it with our friends here.

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Daily Cosplay-Legend of the Dragon Kings Amaru Ryudo Cosplay

Today we are going to show you another cosplay picture from Yuegene! Not long ago, her DOD Ducan cosplay picture was founded by us. As a  cosplay fanatic, she made all the cosplay costumes on her own! This is her Legend of The Dragon Kings Amaru Ryudo cosplay. Stunning? For more pictures, you can visit her gallery!

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Guest post – Michelle’s Cosplay World

Hello, my name is Michelle! Born and raised in California, I started really getting into anime and manga when I was about 14 years old. I didn’t actually start cosplaying until last year. I love it so much, and I’m glad that I had the time to do it with my close friends.

I’ve only been to Anime Expo, not that I’m complaining. I love Anime Expo, I’ve gone for the past three years, and this year will be my fourth! Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend some other cons. I hate waiting for a whole year to cosplay at just one convention. Every time I go to Anime Expo, I have a blast. The people there are amazing and I have fun just walking around and taking pictures. I met some new people that I still keep in touch with! The expo is one of the things that I really look forward to, especially since my summer is usually packed with school work.

Last year was my first time staying at a hotel next to the con. I live really close, so I would just drive back and fourth each day. But being with my friends and people who were similar to me was just nice. It was almost like a new adventure, seeing that I was in high school last year. It was a completely new experience of the con. I got to fully experience the con, and I loved it. The events at night was fun, ans so was walking around the lobby in my pajamas and fuzzy slippers with my friends.

I’ve never done any professional photo shoots, but I really hope that I can one day! Me and some of my friends are trying to arrange it, but who knows how that’ll turn out. Posing in front of the camera is always so much fun. Well, until you start shaking in your spot from posing too long. I’m sure many cosplayers can relate to this. :]

My first cosplay was Alice from Pandora Hearts. I love Pandora Hearts, the anime is just amazing. When I found out an Anime came out for it I was so excited! I know Pandora isn’t the most popular thing out there, but I don’t mind at all. My friend and I worked on my cosplay together. Shes amazing at sewing. She made majority of my cosplay, I just helped cut and fix up a few things here and there. The picture below is from the Pandora Hearts meetup at Anime Expo. It was lots of fun!

I loved being Alice. Part of the reason was because everyone who walked up to me and my friends (our little pandora group! My best friend, Jan, is Abyss and my other friend, Kim, is cheshire) they were excited and loved our cosplay. It made me really happy that they thought we looked good. Hard work payed off! I remember one person ran up to me and asked for a hug. It was adorable! And I loved it, haha. It made pretty happy and giddy feeling. It’s always fun meeting people who love a manga or anime as much as you do.

That year, I also did a pikachu ginka. It was a kind of last minute thing, so it wasn’t all that impressive. I dressed up with my friend who was sandshrew. It was so funny walking around with her. Everywhere we went, I heard “Look a sandshrew!” and “I’ve never seen one before!” We were all cracking up. It was just hilarious to me. The funniest thing that happened to me when I was dressed as pikachu was that someone dressed as Brock proposed to me with flowers. It was way too funny.

This year me and my friend and doing a Vocaloid cosplay! Magnet! Miku and Luka. I’ll be going as Luka. I made the headphones myself (after a lot of painful cutting), and I’m working on fixing up out dresses too. I can’t wait for Anime Expo this year. We haven’t taken any good pictures about it yet, but heres a work in progress.

I’m also doing a squirtle squad ginka with my friends. I’m so excited for this year. I’ve been trying to stay indoors so I don’t get any darker since the university I go to is way too sunny everywhere. I’ve been working with my makeup though. When I use my foundation, I use just a shade lighter. It makes a pretty big difference. Other than that, I don’t really have any other makeup tips. I just…do it.

I’m really looking forward to doing more cosplays. I love doing it, but I don’t always have the time. It’s tons of fun, that’s for sure. Cosplay is all for fun for me. My friends enjoy it and we have a blast doing it together. I hope everyone who wishes to cosplay will have as much fun as I do! :]

Author Bio: Michelle is a 19 years old girl from United States. She is fresh in college and loves food, Kpop, Jpop, just about everything disney, cute animals, anime, manga, glee, and cosplay. Visit her at deviantart.com.

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Cosplayer Interview – Blackro

This is RoMy, also known as blackro in Deviantart. She is an amazing cosplayer from Argentina. You can find many wonderful cosplay artworks in her Deviantart or Blogger account. Let’s share his cosplay experience together!

1 What does cosplay mean to you?
Cosplay is the chance of being the character you love, it´s a hobby that involves making cloth and accessories that you always wanted to have. It´s something that makes me happy.

2. What’s your first cosplay?
My first cosplay was Sakura card Captor a cover form the manga

3. Your family support your cosplay?
At first they don´t, but later they get used to it..

4. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?
When I used my Suiseiseki cosplay, everybody loves the character, they all greet me and loved my cosplays.

5. What’s your 2011 cosplay plan?
I have plans to make Sylvanas windrunner from the online rpg Worlds of Warcraft, and a lot of Final fantasy

6. If possible, which anime you wanna cosplay most?
Mnmm Sakura and Tomoyo from Tsubasa.

7. Do you make cosplay your own costumes or buy?
I make all of my cosplays by myself, I make everything even all the props.

8. Any other cosplayers you like?
I love Yaya and Kamui, I think they are great.

9. Do some changes happen on you after joining in cosplay?
No, I think I’m the same as always.

10. Any advices you wanna share with cosplay newbies?
Yes, just have fun don´t look at others just try to make your best and have fun.

11. When will you stop cosplay ?
I think when i turn 32 years old. Thats the stop for me.

Other cosplay works by Blackro:

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Magical Girl Mami Tomoe’s Ribbon Tutorial

Do you remember our  tutorial about Magical Girl Tomoe Mami’s Long Gun?  Today we are going to show you another tutorial about Mami Tomoe cosplay. This tutorial is made by Sander Verdickt from Deviantart.com. It’s nice of him to do this for cosplayers. With Sander’s approval, I’d like to share it with our friends here.

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New Arrivals on June 3 – Deluxe Lucky Star Cosplay Costumes

We updated our Lucky Star cosplay costumes just now. Below are three new arrivals.

Luck Star Takara Miyuki (Izumi Konata/Hiiragi Kagami) Cosplay Costume

It features a shirt, skirt and necktie. Exquisitely made from classy uniform cloth, it makes you vividly cosplay as Takara Miyuki and can be also worn in daily life.

Lucky Star Ryoo Academy Female Winter Uniform Cosplay Costume

Including a shirt, skirt and necktie, this uniform is delicate crafted from quality material, helping you cosplay as a student from the Ryoo Academy.

Lucky Star Summer Uniform Cosplay Costume

Featuring a shirt, skirt and necktie, it’s available on size S, M, L, XL. But why not try a custom size?

Click here to see all Lucky Star costumes or visit our shop homepage here.

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Daily Cosplay-Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay

This is Amaterasu , an Asian boy, born in America. As a Sakuke fanatic, he prepares to cosplay more versions of him! Here is the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Cosplay. Is it stunning? Besides cosplay, he shows great interest in game like Kirby Air Ride and . Want more information about this excellent boy? Visit his gallery on Deviantart.

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Daily Cosplay – Black Bulter Alois Trancy Cosplay

A Polish girl named CuuX on Deviantart caught my attention on the first glimpse. Starting her role-playing life by cosplay as Alois Trancy from Black Bulter, she got praised by lots of people. And I do think her cosplay appearance seems cute, nifty and a little sexy, XD. We’ll be delighted to see more cosplay works from this beautiful girl.

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Cosplayer Interviews – Lionofdemise

This is Lionofdemise, an American boy, who is interested in art, music, drawing, games, etc. In his words, Super Mario, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Dragonball Z, Halo and many more are his favorite games. Today, Lionofdemise accepted our interview. Welcome Lionofdemise and many thanks, XD. Now, let’s focus on his interview content.

1. Please Introduce yourself first?

Moshi Moshi. Wait I’m not on the phone lol.

Hello there, I am Lionofdemise. Or you can call me Q, XD.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?

Cosplay means to me, roleplaying, dressing up, acting like, anyone in the world, Dead or Alive, To me, it doesn’t just mean costume playing. It’s a way of people interact with each other, or even love. Yeah I said it, love.

3. What was your first cosplay?

It was Mario back in high school. I didn’t know it was cosplay back then. It was Spirit Week and it was, dress up as someone, like a Hero or someone fake. I honestly can’t remember. I showed up in overalls, a red shirt, and a hat. Ever since then, I love my Mario cosplay.

4. Does your family support your cosplay?

They have no idea what cosplay is. They just see it as dressing up. But they have no problem with it. It always makes them laugh when I randomly show up in my Mario Gear. And saying the same damn thing, It’s creepy how much you do look like him.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

Halloween (2010), I went to school in my Mario Raccoon Costume. I had the red ears, the tail, and just going around. Everyone fucking loved it! To this day, people still call me Mario. It was such a great day. I promised my school to return (i graduated) as Mario for Halloween.

6. What are your 2011 cosplay plans?

I wanted to do a cosplay that I haven’t seen yet. Super Mario Sunshine. I haven’t seen or know of people as Mario, with the FLUDD. So I decided to be the different Mario.

7. I noticed you shot a lot of cosplay as well, could you share some tips about cosplay photography?

Photography, nothing is wrong if you could take more than 1. What people forget, you need to take pictures of their feet, their shoes. They spend as much time on cosplaying their outfits with their feet and legs. And half the time, the lower body isn’t shown. Then you have an inch of gap on top of the person’s head compare to the frame. But there’s nothing wrong taking a close up picture as well. It’s about how you going to present the picture is more important. That why for me, photography is more than, click got it!

8. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?

Nowhere in the world, would you be able to buy a FLUDD. If there was, I would’ve so brought one ages ago lol. So I end up making the costume with a friend of mine, legatoblue4. He had no idea who or what the FLUDD was. Then I shown him an image of the FLUDD and what I wanted it to do. He stares at the picture then started calling me crazy, a loony, and a twat for wanting something so difficult to make. Then he smiles saying he is down for making it with me. So me and my best friend, worked together making the FLUDD for months before Acen 2011. But after the convention, I sent him a message of how thankful I was for his help. And I can’t wait for my next Mario Costume Crazy Ideas. And we already know what to do lol.

9. Any other cosplayers you like?

I enjoy a lot of cosplayers. And due to my Mario costumes, I have actually gotten to meet them at Acen. I met jmo1link, whose a pretty good Luigi. But the person I’m actually happy to have met is a guy inkylink, who is the best Dark Link I have ever seen on the internet. There is plenty of cosplayers I like I have seen on the internet. And yes, I do have a Luigi. A friend of mine from school. He’s a pretty good Luigi. Actually we are making a side project together about Mario and Luigi. All I can say is…Sequel to Luigi’s Mansion.

10. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?

Changes maybe not as much. Like my FLUDD, me and my friend: legatoblue4: have decided to make the FLUDD out of Metal. Because during the convention, it got damaged. So it would be best to find a way to make it out of metal next time.

But changes to me? Not really. Just made me realize how much of an attention whore I’m really am. And I love it.

11. Any advices you wanna share with cosplay newbies?

You are going to fail once, twice, 3 times…50 times. But at the end of it all, it’s really worth it. Here’s an example:

I am happy the most when I see a small child, looks at me, looks at their parent and say, Mommy look. There’s a Mario! And if they asked for a Hug, it just melt my heart away to know. I’m bringing happiness to children. That make my trouble, my knowing how much money I had spent, all go away.

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