Top 5 for the Couple Cosplay Contest Till Feb. 24

The couple cosplay contest will end at next Tuesday and we will announce the winner result on next Monday. If you have some ways to earn extra votes, don’t be hesitant to realize them now. Below are 5 participants who take over the lead at present. Good luck, everybody ;)!


Top 1: Tamago & Ataito


Top 2: Fed & Fuecchan

1 1

Top 3: Roxy & Ari


Top 4: Mason Monds & Shaina Glinski


Top 5: Kathy Lor & Da’veena Davis

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A Travel to ComiDay9 in Chengdu

The 9th ComiDay in Chengdu was inaugurated on Feb. 18, at the New Conference and Exhibition Center. It’s the largest doujin party in the southwest area, organized by COMIDAY committee. Held biannually, in summer and winter, it’s definitely the best pageant for them to communicate with each other. Hundreds of clubs join in and you always see various entries there.


Arriving there when queuing has ended, I didn’t meet a lot of people at the gate. But the placard displayed there had already been fully covered by various drawings. Entering the hall quickly and heading for each crowd, I was attracted by those stunning cosplay works ;)! Below are some pictures taken by me. Take a look.


What a cool Reborn cosplay! You also think so? Then, the Ika Musume cosplay drew my attention.


Yeh, this is the elegant One Piece cosplay girl! Later, Konan cosplay was detected.


Do you also love his Nurarihyon cosplay? Two young cosplay girls had gathered lots of books and bags, harvesting a lot :D.


Both Luffy and Kagamine Rin became signboard there :).


Here are charming Tomoyo, Sakura and The Touhou Project.


I found Pirate Empress Boa Hancock at last.


Fate Stay Night is absolutely a hot theme in this ComiDay. Saber in different versions were discovered there, all seeming so charming :P.


Servent, Mater etc appeared later.


Here are pirate and Assassins Creed.


Here are Naruto Uzumaki and a little fat Renji :D.


This is Yakumo Yukari cosplay from Touhou Project. And about another one, I didn’t recognize till now. Do you know who she is?


Beatrice cosplay was found. About another one, is that an original character?


A little boy was photographed by the crowd. I’m not an exception either :D. He did a little emperor cosplay, seeming so cute!


Finally, take a look at some interesting items on the show. This is the live stage at the afternoon of Feb. 19.


A certain stand and the signboard for it are shown here. Then, it’s Edward’s Garage kit. I do want it!!!

Above are all drawing my notice on the ComiDay9. I will share you more later.

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New Arrival on Feb. 22 – Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume

The product line has been drastically broadened when Halloween costumes and branded Lolita clothes are uploaded. Once you have a costume idea, don’t be hesitant to let us know now :D.

Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume_1

Today, Ouran High School Host Club cosplay costume is reviewed here. Like these detailed product pictures show to you, this costume is designed and elaborately sewn to be faithful to the fictional style. It’s made from high-quality cotton, which features clear and smooth texture. The cloth can be easily cleaned and kept to be smooth. Here, a shirt, coat, trousers and necktie are provided. Since both regular sizes (S,M, L and XL) and custom-made service are available, everybody can do a vivid cosplay performance here, once you want!

Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume_2
Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume_3

Great accuracy on each small detail, deluxe quality and refined handwork are ensured on any costume in our store. At last, fast shipping yet reasonable price are promised. This Ouran High School costume is sold on $62.81. Easy exchanging and returning policy is embraced here. Any question from you will be replied ASAP. So, pay a visit to our store now?

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Daily Cosplay – Granado Espada Wizard Cosplay

Granado Espada Wizard Cosplay

Will you also applaud for her performance? This is Yayacosplay – a cosplay genius from United States. Above picture shows her Granado Espada Wizard cosplay. Except this one, I’m rather fascinated with her Ame-Comi Wonder Woman (the preview look). Pay her Deviantart page a visit to see those stunning works. This girl is interested in art, ancient culture, cosplay, costume design, sewing etc. If possible, we will help you know more about her :D.

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COSPLAY: The Series Ep.12 – What Heroes Are Made Of

The zombie attack, dubbed by the media as just another case of school “possession” hysteria (cultural note: many such cases happen in Indonesia), is over. Annisa and the twins visit Anya who was absent due to illness to check on her well-being. Anya’s Mom tells the story of Anya’s gloomy childhood days and how cosplay saved her daughter. Amidst this idyllic talk, however, the series of dangers are far from over…

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