Daily Cosplay – Pokemon Touko Cosplay

Pokemon Touko CosplayA vivid appearance is the first and most important aspect to help a cosplayer to be noticed and applauded. But except being faithful to what’s described in a certain anime, movie or game, you can draw emphasis on your own femininity or masculinity if choosing the ideal cartoon character. This is definitely why DivineEshaShadow is introduced here. Do you also love her look here? This is her Pokemon Touko cosplay. Like previous words imply, she succeeded to make her look the same with the fictional role. Also, she seems great with the Touko costume. This cosplay talent comes from United States. To see more cosplay works from her, just visit her gallery directly.

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Daily Cosplay – Mirmo Kaede Minami Cosplay

Mirmo Kaede Minami Cosplay

Coming from Argentina, this is Roxasyuu or Roxas Yuu. Above picture shows her Mirmo Kaede Minami cosplay, seeming rather cute, right? Loving cosplay and doing well in this popular performance art, she has a strong interest for the game of Kingdom Hearts Saga. In her gallery, lots of stunning cosplay works are displayed. If you also applaud for this one, you must be interested in paying a visit to there :D.

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Couple Cosplay Contest – Roxy and Ari

Couple Cosplay Contest

Couple Cosplay Contest in February

Roxy and Ari

Bio of the Cosplayers:

Name Roxy Ari
Gender Female Female
Nationality American American
Facebook Roxas Emerald
Deviantart DantesTobari ArixSterling
FurAffinity Naokichan ari_sterling
Self-introduction of the Cosplayers
We have been cosplaying as couples ever since the two of us started dating back in 2007. A majority of our cosplays are based off of couples either canon or not from video games and animes. Ari is my best friend and the love of my life. She is the other half to my soul and I find I can’t live a day without hearing her voice. We plan on doing more cosplays of couples in the future. We do our best to make our cosplays and we hope you all enjoy them ^-^

Cosplay Performance of Roxy and Ari’s:

Roxy and Ari

Comments from the Cosplayers: this picture is of roxy and ari as their favorite yaoi couple, Axel (ari) and Roxas (roxy) from Kingdom Hearts.

Roxy and Ari

Comments from the Cosplayers: this picture is of roxy and ari as Teiya (the mightyena played by ari) and Yue (the umbreon played by roxy), two pokemon ginjinkas that we had come up with together

Roxy and Ari

Comments from the Cosplayers: this is a picture of roxy and ari as America/Alfred F. Jones (played by Ari) and England/Arthur Kirkland from Hetalia. This is our second favorite pairing and had a vey fun time putting together this shot


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See all the participants here below:

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