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Top 10 Classic Anime – Go with 80s’ Grow-up

Lots of interesting, exciting, frustrating or horrific things happened during everybody’s growth path. But surely, not everything leaves a deep impression for us. In most cases, cartoon or animation will be deeply remembered. Then, when it comes to classic anime that goes with 80s’ grow-up, how many do you still remember now? Below, let’s take a look at 10 anime that are considered to be the most classic for 80s.

Top 1: Arale – Relaxing

Arale is another amusing masterpiece from Akira Toriyama, themed on an unbeatable machine baby. Lots of 80s dreamed of having an Arale at that time. The story is exaggerating and funny, winning favor from both boys and girls. It makes us feel relaxed. Villains’ ending is often miserable yet also comedic.

Top 2: Flash Kicker – Inspirational

Flash Kicker by Yoichi Takahashi is one of the most popular sports anime in 90s. It does not only arouse a wave in the anime industry, but also makes more Japanese youngsters fall in love with this athletics. Tsubasa Ozora, Taro Misaki and Genzo Wakabayashi represent numerous athletes who are fond of football and run on the football ground. Although plots are so conventional and the capability of Tsubasa Ozora and Japanese team is unlimitedly exaggerated, these flaws didn’t cover the shine on the anime at all during that time.

Top 3: Ranma 1/2 – Comedic

This is the most important anime produced by Takahashi Rumiko in the earlier stage. Like Arale, it’s relaxing and humorous. But funny style on Ranma affects lots of anime works in the later. Most of 80s are yearning for this anime. Even though Inuyasha draws most attention at present, it still can’t surpass the popularity of Ranma, which stole the show at that time.

Top 4: Detective Conan – Unveiling the Truth

It refers to an inferential anime created by Aoyama Gōshō, rather popular. 2,500,000 volumes of offprint are sold on average and it’s serialized till now. Comparing with above anime, this one is much younger. But tense plots and appropriate atmosphere make readers immerse in the anime. Although some cases feel too simple or naive while being compared with Kindaichi Hajime, Conan’s image charm is far stronger than Kindaichi Hajime’s. This anime makes us remember the sentence: there is only one truth.

Top 5: Touch – Sweet yet Bitter

Mitsuru Adachi is an author, who is good at seizing characters’ inner world. Touch is also a sports anime. But I prefer to consider it to be an emotion anime. Baseball is just a carrier. With its help, the author writes down love that is most sincere and true. He makes readers personally experience this love. While recalling, you will feel sweet and also a little bitter. Maybe, this is exactly that what Mitsuru Adachi wants to express. Fine description, anime roles’ eye contact and words they wish to speak but stop on a second thought all make us feel the emotion that only oozes out from love.

Top 6: Gundam – Epic

What does Gundam stand for? In Japan, it definitely symbolizes a monument or an epic. Actually speaking, I don’t like anime themed on outer space. But great influence made by Gundam can’t be neglected at all. So far, Gundam series is the most successful anime in inspiring people to produce peripherals. A set of genuine Gundam model is deeply loved by Gundam devotees. For sure, it’s sold on a little expensive price. Gains brought by this anime are absolutely incomparable with what other common anime created.

Top 7: Saint Seiya – Childhood

What does Saint Seiya mean? Yes, it stands for childhood – 80s’ childhood, who saw Japanese anime when they were children. Those mysterious Greece legends, dazzling stoles and rather beautiful move names do leave such a deep impression on lots of 80s. More than 20 years have gone. Other anime from Masami Kurumada has been forgotten. But Saint Seiya will be forever remembered. Names like Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun and Ikki can’t be effaced however many years later.

Top 8: Doraemon – Dream

It’s known as Amon, Tinker Bell, Machine Cat and uniformly called as Doraemon at last. Protagonist also has lots of names like Nobi, Nobita, etc. Both of these can illustrate how influential Doraemon was at that time. People who watched Doraemon loved to dream and dream to be Doraemon. I also want to have a machine cat or a magical bag. Fujiko F. Fujio leaves us with a dream or a wish. In 80s, Japan was in a phase of economic crisis. Anime industry was also impacted intensely. Fortunately, there was Doraemon, which gave the nation a dream. And it’s exactly people who dreamed that became mainstream and backbone of the Japanese society, who helped the economy in Japan rise again.

Top 9: Slam Dunk – Perfect

Roles in Slam Dunk are warm-blooded, funny, fighting and emotional. I really can’t come up with another anime that can perfectly fuse all of these elements in that era. Yes, only Slam Dunk did this! It’s loved by both boys and girls. In most cases, people will like one manga yet dislike another one. This even makes sense on Saint Seiya, Doraemon and Dragon Ball. But Slam Dunk is an exception, which draws favor from all people. Anybody will fall in love with it once watching. You can’t help but feeling fascinated with it, maybe because of Rukawa Kaede, Sakuragi Hanamichi, Hisashi Mitsui or Takenori Akagi. Anyway, there must be a role you like. Slam Dunk is a masterpiece from Inoue Takehiko. Probably, you also complain why such a wonderful anime is made to be only 101 episodes. Why does it end so fast? Maybe, it’s like Venus. Mutilation is also a kind of beauty, which is definitely Inoue Takehiko’s aesthetic viewpoint.

Top 10: Dragon Ball Z – A Monument Work

If you didn’t watch Dragon Ball in the early 90s, you may be not an oppidan. But if you didn’t hear of Dragon Ball, you should not a terran, XD. Akira Toriyama is worthy of a master. He used several roles from the Chinese classical literature “The Journey To The West” and quickly opened a path on the Japanese anime market. In the early stage of Dragon Ball before the evil of Piccoro appeared, he used a comedic pattern, which was the same with what’s used in Arale. Then, when it came to Piccoro, Saiyan and Namekian, Dragon Ball was changed. It became a tremendous work or an insuperable peak. We can’t know how many people were watching Dragon Ball at that time. But we can know how many people were not watching Dragon Ball. This is exactly the charm of Dragon Ball. Seven Dragon Balls changed the world and the universe. Are there really Dragon Balls in the world? I have been thinking about this till now.

Then, is there any other anime that leaves a unique or deep impression for you in the childhood? For me, I more like Kindaichi.

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Daily Cosplay-Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Cosplay

Here the picture shows us a Russian girl, called Kandadream on Deviantart. She is a model from Moscow. Besides architecture and photography, anime& cosplay are her favorite interest. This is her Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome cosplay. The water on the picture is real. That’s for making a difference from other Sheryl Nome cosplays. By the way, the costume, accessories and make-up are fully made by her hands. Stunning? More artworks are available in her gallery!

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New Arrival on June 15 – Shakugan No Shana Shana Cosplay Costume

Another new cosplay costume has been finished and uploaded to our Shakugan No Shana collection just now. To vividly cosplay as Shana, don’t miss this one.

Shakugan No Shana Shana Cosplay Costume

Featuring a jacket, skirt and bowtie, it’s made from high-quality uniform cloth, which can be easily washed by hand in cold water and lined dry. The costume will be shipped out in 24 hours. Just choose your size from S, M, L, XL or customize it. Delicately made, it will make you look and feel great!

To see more categories, just go to our cosplay costume collection.

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Kingdom Hearts Sora Shoes Tutorial

This tutorial is made by Ravenhedgehog from Deviantart.com.  She is an amazing cosplayer from U.S. You should check her out.

This is definitely the best cosplay shoes tutorial I’ve ever seen. With Ravenhedgehog’s approval, I’d like to share this tutorial with our friends here.

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Daily Cosplay-Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine Cosplay

Today we are going to show you an American girl, named Thegirlfrombyakkoya. She is 16 years old and living in Ohio. In her eyes, Ohio is a sad and grey place because of her heart-struck experiences. Gladly, make-up, cosplay and music bring her happiness. This is one piece of her artworks: Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine cosplay. Stunning? You can find her on her deviantart website where more information is given out!

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New Arrivals on June 14 – Sailor Moon Neptune, Mercury and Mars Cosplay Costumes

After Neptune, Mercury and Mars costumes were finished in the factory just now, we can offer you all Sailor Moon Cosplay Costumes now. Here, take a closer look at these new arrivals.

Sailor Moon Sailor Neptune Cosplay Costume

Including a jacket, skirt and bowknot, this costume is available on regular sizes from S to XL. But for a perfect fitting, why not customize it?

Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume

Featuring a one-piece dress, elbow guard, bow tie and bowknot, it’s delicately made from deluxe uniform cloth, which can be easily washed by hand in cold water and then lined dry without going out of shape.

Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Cosplay Costume

It’s composed of a one-piece dress, elbow guard, bow tie and bowknot. Shipped out in 24 hours, it brings you 100% guarantee on comfort and durability. Find your size from S, M, L, XL and custom.

To cosplay as characters from any other popular anime, manga or movie, just go to our cosplay costume collection.

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Cosplayer Interviews – Living Ichigo

Widely known as Living Ichigo, this 23-years-old cosplayer has a muscular figure. He lives in Northern California and holds a strong interest for cosplay, games and anime. Final Fantasy VIII is his favorite game and Ichigo Kurosaki is his favorite cartoon character (actually, it’s really not difficult to recognize this from his cosplay gallery, XD). You can keep updated with his newest information on his website. Today, Living Ichigo accepted our cosplayer interview. Now, focus on his viewpoint for cosplay below.

1. Please introduce yourself first?

I am known as Living Ichigo to my fans. I am a professional cosplayer, model and bodybuilder. I’m from Sacramento, and I attend most conventions in California alongside Hikaru Kazushime from RUN AROUND: NETWORK. I cosplay Ichigo and his various forms, as well as Grimmjow from Bleach.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?

To me, cosplay is very serious. I work very hard to look as close to what the character would look like in real life. I work out about 3 hours a day, 5 days a week so I can perfect my cosplay. I am very dedicated. In the end cosplay means having fun, while being serious enough to make the character into a “living”, breathing real life version.

3. What was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai Vizard form. When I first began, I was very out of shape. I noticed that Ichigo was muscular and lean. That’s when I decided to dedicate myself to training. I wanted to become as close to him as I could.

4. Does your family support your cosplay?

My family doesn’t know about my cosplay.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

My most memorable experience was a recent one. FanimeCon 2011, I cosplayed Grimmjow on Friday, Bankai Vizard Ichigo on Saturday and Vasto Lorde Ichigo on Sunday. Throughout the convention, what seemed like hundreds of people asked me for photos, and it was amazing embracing all of my fans from the internet. Not only those things, but I partnered with Crunchyroll, Maridah Cosplay, Hikaru Kazushime and VampyBitMe to make a live show that was streamed to over 8 million viewers. It was a lot of fun.

6. I see you made many bleach Ichigo cosplay,any other cosplay plan in 2011?

Vasto Lorde Ichigo and Grimmjow are the two newest cosplays that I’ve done this year. But soon, I will be doing Super Saiyan 2 Goku from Dragon Ball Z as well as Kamina from Gurren Lagann.

7. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?

Some are bought, but when I buy them I tend to alter them a bit. Certain masks I’ve used have been commissioned and then altered by me. I’ve commissioned a few as well. Anything cloth I’ve sewn and I’ve handmade my weapons.

8. Any other cosplayers you like?

Other cosplayers that I admire are PikminLink, Syren, and Kaname. They are all very admirable cosplayers to me.

9. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?

After cosplaying and doing photoshoots with Hikaru Kazushime, my pictures tend to explode on the internet. Every convention I’ve cosplayed at since I started has been a checkpoint in my career. I started getting a ton of popularity and so I made a Facebook Page a couple months ago- so far its hit 3200 “likes”!

Unlike some professionals, I am not untouchable. I am the people’s cosplayer. It’s really them that keep me going, and I am very social with them. I love and appreciate all of my fans, and I hope to keep cosplaying for them. I’ll always do my best. I am actually now looking into doing modelling, and my new website is almost done.

10. Any advices you wanna share with cosplay newbies?

For cosplaying newbies, I’d suggest looking for a character that is closest to you, or your body type. If you can, you’re already one step of the way to pulling of a good cosplay. You also want to make sure you have a good wig (if you need one) and basically, do your best. You want to represent the character as close as you can to the original. If you’re having trouble finding good quality costumes and don’t want to make one, there are many commissioners out there that you can hire.

Soon, I’ll be posting cosplay and workout tips on my new website at livingichigo.com.

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Daily Cosplay-Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay

A Brazilian girl was found us! Her name is Laahmichelle, who starts her membership on Deviantart today. There is no much information was given by her. However, from her gallery, we can say she is interested in cosplaying and drawing. The picture above is her Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia cosplay. Pretty? For more cospaly pictures and artworks, you can visit her website.

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New Arrivals on June 13 – Sailor Moon Serena Tsukino, Jupiter and Venus Cosplay Costumes

New sailor moon cosplay costumes were finished and uploaded to our site just now. Costumes for Serena Tsukino, Jupiter and Venus cosplay are included. If you are hunting for deluxe yet cheap costumes, don’t miss them.

Sailor Moon Serena Tsukino Cosplay Costume

Including a one-piece dress, elbow guard, bow tie and bowknot, it makes you look the same with Serena Tsukino. Find your size from S, M, L, XL and Custom made.

Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Cosplay Costume

It’s composed of a one-piece dress, elbow guard, bow tie and bowknot. Made from classy uniform cloth, it can be washed by hand in cold water and lined dry, without deforming.

Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Cosplay Costume

It features a one-piece dress, elbow, bow tie and bowknot and will be shipped out in 24 hours. Regular sizes from S to XL are available. But why not customize it?

Other sailor moon costumes will be finished and shared with you tomorrow. Or go to our homepage for more costumes, wigs, Lolita clothes, zentai suits, etc.

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Daily Cosplay-Touhou Project Suika Ibuki Cosplay

Today we will show you an American girl, named Venssi. She is an art student born on February 26. On her deviantart website, she claims herself as a huge Vocaloid and Touhou Project fan girl. In her gallery you can find many wonderful cosplay pictures, such as Miku cosplay, Frandoll cosplay . The picture above is her Touhou Project Suika Ibuki cosplay. Is her cute? You can visit her Facebook for more information.

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