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Cosplay Tutorial – Shoes Painting

This tutorial is made by Hannah and Laura from Deviantart.com. With their approval, I’d like to share it with our friends here.

Click the picture to enlarge to full-size.

shoes painting tutorial

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Daily Cosplay-Vocaloid Kagamine Len Cosplay

The girl we will show you today is Yinneian, who left DA and come back again. During the  3 years’ membership of DA, numerous artworks have been made by her hands. This is one piece of  her excellent artworks: Vocaloid Kagamine Len cosplay.  Stunning? In her gallery, more fantastic cosplay pictures can be found.

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How to Make a Katana?

Katana has become a symbol for Japan. Also known as Samurai sword, it roots in a really long time ago and leaves a deep impression on lots of people. Nowadays, since cosplay becomes a popular entertainment activity, most people do love to put those shape swords into good use. But believe it or not, it won’t be easy to make a katana for cosplay, especially after you follow us to pay a visit to the Japan Katana Forging Research Institution below.

In Japan, it’s called as かたな or つるぎ, which is one of the three most popular swords across the world. According to shape and size, it can be divided into Tachi, Uchikatana, Wakizashi, Tantou, etc.

Katana is not only a kind of weapon, but also a beautiful artwork or artistic product. How can such an item that is subsided by history be made? Now, let’s explore the secret of the Japan Katana Forging Research Institution.

The signboard is a little small and the facade of Japan Katana Forging Research Institution is a little tattered. This is really disharmonious with the worldwide influence of katana, XD.

Sword is originally a kind of weapon to kill people. It’s a lethal weapon for human beings. But katana is beyond of lethal weapon. It’s an artwork with sense of beauty. Common katana has a proportion of 1: 4 on hilt and blade. It’s held on hilt by both hands and powerful while hacking. Its bend degree is controlled at the place of 16.7mm below the blade top. The biggest power lies in there, rather fitting the mechanics.

In Japan, katana makers are called as bladesmith, Seiken no Burakkusumisu or sword worker. While making a katana, a rather high-end technique is gathered. As a whole, after making the blade, quenching and polishing, bladesmith needs to make white wooden handle to keep the blade for sale. But the hilt, scabbard and Tan belong to another manufacturing line. They will be decorated by professional metal workers. In the Japanese history, sword workers have different factions. Some of them are even exclusive workers from shogunate.

Go to factories of making swords, you will find all katana are fully handmade. They are processed by experienced old workers personally. Lots of time is spent on making a katana. Workers have never stopped thinking about improving the making methods. Raw materials are high-class Tamahagane in Japan, which will only produce deluxe artworks.

Tamahagane is forged by a traditional indigenous method in Japan. It refers to a kind of steelmaking way under low temperature. The furnace temperature is never beyond 100℃. This method seems primitive. But compared with modern high temperature steelmaking ways, it more easily produces pure and high-quality steel.

But steel forged by high temperature is rather soft and easier to be forged to the desirable shape. Steel forged by low temperature is a little hard and difficult to be forged. So to speak, making katana is a manpower intensive work. Blood and sweat get quality in return.

Pill forging is a crucial process during forging a katana. It means that bladesmith heats the steel to be transparently red and forges it by beating. When the heat is open while being thumped, fold it and beat it over and over. After times’ thumping, the steel can be extended to the fullest.

In most cases, the steel needs to be folded 7 or 8 times. Sometimes it will be folded by 20 to 30 times. In each time’s thumping, more than 100 times are needed. By this step, impurity in steel like sulphur and carbon can be cleared away to enhance the elasticity and tenacity of steel.

Quenching is definitely so-called thermal treatment. In Japan, it’s called as Mizuheshi. From the view of modern material theory, this step enables bladesmith to control the carbon content in steel.

A circular model is used on both the sword point and the whole blade of katana. The phenomenon of blade being arc is due to the collocation of steel and quenching.

The packaging method of katana is rather tasteful. Different decorations are used onto diverse categories in different eras. Katana, widely known all over the world, is not a kind of weapon, but an artwork. It has a rather high artistic value for collectors.

To make a katana is different with to make a costume or a pair of shoes for cosplay. It’s much more difficult and technological. Thus, those bladesmithes deserve saluting.

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Cosplayer Interviews – Hyetaya

Hyetaya, a pretty girl believes in the personal quote of “look forward, don’t look bad unless regrets”, accepted our cosplayer interview today. She is interested in cosplay, anime and KH I & II, FinalFantasy, CallofDuty, etc are her favorite games. Having made much wonderful cosplay performance, she absolutely deserves applauding. Now, take a look at her interview content.

1. Please Introduce yourself first.

I’ve known to everyone who knows me as Hyetaya. I live California, participates almost every cosplay events if I could. I cosplayed since 4 years now, and I am the member of cosplay team called, “ToxicCandy”. I just graduated my high school. I am partially Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean. I can speak four different languages: Korean, English, Chinese and some of Spanish.

2. What does cosplay mean to you?

Cosplay is the way I could express myself. I enjoyed a lot when I cosplay, I can feel myself is living my life. Cosplay is the way I could exit from my reality, being other characters that I wished to become as.

3. What was your first cosplay?

Agito from Air gear at AnimeExpo 2008-9. I cannot remember the exact date for it, but I can remember myself back then…how horrible I was and how much I improved now compare to my first cosplay.

4. Does your family support your cosplay?

Yes. My mother actually likes me more when I cosplay and took really good pictures. She shares with father too. It just, my baby brother is accepting the fact I cosplay, but not like it much.

5. What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

Anime Expo 2010. I was cosplayed as Kagamine Len, Imitation black version. That was the first time I joined the Vocaloid gathering. It was pretty fun.

6. Any other cosplay plan in 2011?

I have lots of plan is coming up. I upload any upcoming plans on following sites, any changes made for it too:




Please do check those links for my upcoming plans and changes according to it.

7. Do you make your costumes yourself or buy them?

I’m just starting to make my costumes. (but I think it’s not working well) I usually buy the costumes or make it together with my team members.

8.Any other cosplayers you like?

…There are lots of my idols. First of all, Dearest Saya who passed away..she was my biggest mentor of cosplaying. Sakuya, Hibiki Touya, Singi, Kotaro, HEKI, Chiza, SSIN, Arisa, Kipi, Kuryu, KANAME, Yugene FAY, Yolkler, IRVY, Shin, Nokutesu, TASHA, Tomiah, haji.

9. Do some changes happen to you after cosplay?

I learned how to wear make ups, improved in fashion, hair styling, making clothes…stuffs. Cosplay actually do changed my life a lot in variety ways.

10. Any advice you wanna share with cosplay newbies?

Please, if you cosplaying have at least some respects for your characters which you cosplaying for. I see lots of people who just wear wigs without wig nets, which it makes you’re wig and you’re real hair get mixed. It makes you’re cosplaying is very crappy. If you want to cosplay as something, please at least put efforts to it. Lots of efforts, the results are very beautiful. Remind it yourself before you cosplay.

Other cosplay works by Hyetaya:

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New Arrival on June 17 – Azumanga Daioh Sakaki Cosplay Costume

Azumanga Daioh Sakaki cosplay costume was uploaded to our new arrivals collection just now. Meticulously made from classy material yet available on a rather cheap price, it’ll be a great deal. To do well in cosplay as Sakaki, don’t miss this one.

Azumanga Daioh Sakaki Cosplay Costume

It includes a shirt and skirt. Made from deluxe uniform cloth, it will be comfortable and durable. Sizes S, M, L and XL are all available. But since custom-made service is free, why not let your suit to be customized? Sakaki costume will be shipped out in 24 hours. For a more joyful cosplay experience, check it out now.

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Daily Cosplay-Vocaloid Luka Megurine Cosplay

The girl above is from The United States. You can call her Decemberwynn, who was born on December 1. Inspired by A-kon 22, she created a DA account this week. The cosplay and cupcakes delight her mostly. This is her Vocaloid Luka Megurine cosplay picture. Pretty enough? Give heart to this cosplay newbies and spare some minutes to visit her Deviantart website!

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Kingdom Hearts Sora Shirt Tutorial

Couple days ago we shared a Sora Shoes Tutorial. Today we are going to share another one about Sora’s shirt. This tutorial is also made by Ravenhedgehog from Deviantart.com.

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New Arrival on June 16 – Kingdom Hearts II Kairi Cosplay Costume

Kingdom Hearts II Kairi Cosplay Costume hit the shelves just now. A high-end replica costume realizes your dream of feel the same with Kairi. Below, just take a closer look at it.

Kingdom Hearts II Kairi Cosplay Costume

Including a shirt, skirt and necktie, it’s exquisitely made from uniform cloth with smooth texture. Feeling incredibly comfortable, it can be washed by hand in cold water. Line it dry; it will never go out of shape. Available on sizes S, M, L and XL, it can be also customized, freely. This Kairi costume will be shipped out in 24 hours. Don’t miss it.

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Top 10 Classic Anime – Go with 80s’ Grow-up

Lots of interesting, exciting, frustrating or horrific things happened during everybody’s growth path. But surely, not everything leaves a deep impression for us. In most cases, cartoon or animation will be deeply remembered. Then, when it comes to classic anime that goes with 80s’ grow-up, how many do you still remember now? Below, let’s take a look at 10 anime that are considered to be the most classic for 80s.

Top 1: Arale – Relaxing

Arale is another amusing masterpiece from Akira Toriyama, themed on an unbeatable machine baby. Lots of 80s dreamed of having an Arale at that time. The story is exaggerating and funny, winning favor from both boys and girls. It makes us feel relaxed. Villains’ ending is often miserable yet also comedic.

Top 2: Flash Kicker – Inspirational

Flash Kicker by Yoichi Takahashi is one of the most popular sports anime in 90s. It does not only arouse a wave in the anime industry, but also makes more Japanese youngsters fall in love with this athletics. Tsubasa Ozora, Taro Misaki and Genzo Wakabayashi represent numerous athletes who are fond of football and run on the football ground. Although plots are so conventional and the capability of Tsubasa Ozora and Japanese team is unlimitedly exaggerated, these flaws didn’t cover the shine on the anime at all during that time.

Top 3: Ranma 1/2 – Comedic

This is the most important anime produced by Takahashi Rumiko in the earlier stage. Like Arale, it’s relaxing and humorous. But funny style on Ranma affects lots of anime works in the later. Most of 80s are yearning for this anime. Even though Inuyasha draws most attention at present, it still can’t surpass the popularity of Ranma, which stole the show at that time.

Top 4: Detective Conan – Unveiling the Truth

It refers to an inferential anime created by Aoyama Gōshō, rather popular. 2,500,000 volumes of offprint are sold on average and it’s serialized till now. Comparing with above anime, this one is much younger. But tense plots and appropriate atmosphere make readers immerse in the anime. Although some cases feel too simple or naive while being compared with Kindaichi Hajime, Conan’s image charm is far stronger than Kindaichi Hajime’s. This anime makes us remember the sentence: there is only one truth.

Top 5: Touch – Sweet yet Bitter

Mitsuru Adachi is an author, who is good at seizing characters’ inner world. Touch is also a sports anime. But I prefer to consider it to be an emotion anime. Baseball is just a carrier. With its help, the author writes down love that is most sincere and true. He makes readers personally experience this love. While recalling, you will feel sweet and also a little bitter. Maybe, this is exactly that what Mitsuru Adachi wants to express. Fine description, anime roles’ eye contact and words they wish to speak but stop on a second thought all make us feel the emotion that only oozes out from love.

Top 6: Gundam – Epic

What does Gundam stand for? In Japan, it definitely symbolizes a monument or an epic. Actually speaking, I don’t like anime themed on outer space. But great influence made by Gundam can’t be neglected at all. So far, Gundam series is the most successful anime in inspiring people to produce peripherals. A set of genuine Gundam model is deeply loved by Gundam devotees. For sure, it’s sold on a little expensive price. Gains brought by this anime are absolutely incomparable with what other common anime created.

Top 7: Saint Seiya – Childhood

What does Saint Seiya mean? Yes, it stands for childhood – 80s’ childhood, who saw Japanese anime when they were children. Those mysterious Greece legends, dazzling stoles and rather beautiful move names do leave such a deep impression on lots of 80s. More than 20 years have gone. Other anime from Masami Kurumada has been forgotten. But Saint Seiya will be forever remembered. Names like Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun and Ikki can’t be effaced however many years later.

Top 8: Doraemon – Dream

It’s known as Amon, Tinker Bell, Machine Cat and uniformly called as Doraemon at last. Protagonist also has lots of names like Nobi, Nobita, etc. Both of these can illustrate how influential Doraemon was at that time. People who watched Doraemon loved to dream and dream to be Doraemon. I also want to have a machine cat or a magical bag. Fujiko F. Fujio leaves us with a dream or a wish. In 80s, Japan was in a phase of economic crisis. Anime industry was also impacted intensely. Fortunately, there was Doraemon, which gave the nation a dream. And it’s exactly people who dreamed that became mainstream and backbone of the Japanese society, who helped the economy in Japan rise again.

Top 9: Slam Dunk – Perfect

Roles in Slam Dunk are warm-blooded, funny, fighting and emotional. I really can’t come up with another anime that can perfectly fuse all of these elements in that era. Yes, only Slam Dunk did this! It’s loved by both boys and girls. In most cases, people will like one manga yet dislike another one. This even makes sense on Saint Seiya, Doraemon and Dragon Ball. But Slam Dunk is an exception, which draws favor from all people. Anybody will fall in love with it once watching. You can’t help but feeling fascinated with it, maybe because of Rukawa Kaede, Sakuragi Hanamichi, Hisashi Mitsui or Takenori Akagi. Anyway, there must be a role you like. Slam Dunk is a masterpiece from Inoue Takehiko. Probably, you also complain why such a wonderful anime is made to be only 101 episodes. Why does it end so fast? Maybe, it’s like Venus. Mutilation is also a kind of beauty, which is definitely Inoue Takehiko’s aesthetic viewpoint.

Top 10: Dragon Ball Z – A Monument Work

If you didn’t watch Dragon Ball in the early 90s, you may be not an oppidan. But if you didn’t hear of Dragon Ball, you should not a terran, XD. Akira Toriyama is worthy of a master. He used several roles from the Chinese classical literature “The Journey To The West” and quickly opened a path on the Japanese anime market. In the early stage of Dragon Ball before the evil of Piccoro appeared, he used a comedic pattern, which was the same with what’s used in Arale. Then, when it came to Piccoro, Saiyan and Namekian, Dragon Ball was changed. It became a tremendous work or an insuperable peak. We can’t know how many people were watching Dragon Ball at that time. But we can know how many people were not watching Dragon Ball. This is exactly the charm of Dragon Ball. Seven Dragon Balls changed the world and the universe. Are there really Dragon Balls in the world? I have been thinking about this till now.

Then, is there any other anime that leaves a unique or deep impression for you in the childhood? For me, I more like Kindaichi.

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