New Arrival on Nov. 2 – Vampire Knight Yuki Cross Evening Dress Cosplay Costume

We will always offer cosplay fans deluxe costumes, shoes, wigs etc. Today, the Vampire Knight Yuki Cross Evening Dress Cosplay Costume is recommended to you – cosplay talents who are interested in a vivid Yuki Cross cosplay. It’s sold on $61.23, with shipping in 48hrs.

Vampire Knight Yuki Cross Evening Dress Cosplay Costume

The Yuki Cross costume is a top seller from all Vampire Knight costumes. It’s made from luxurious satin, which looks smooth and feels comfortable. The cloth is ventilated, guaranteeing 100% comfort. Besides, it’s easy to be cleaned. This costume features a dress, necktie, wrist guard, leg protectors and socks. Check it carefully, you will find each small part of the costume is strictly made according to the original manga style. The high-end replica costume enriches your experience of Yuki Cross cosplay undoubtedly!

Vampire Knight Yuki Cross Evening Dress Cosplay Costume1

Order here, you can choose from regular size S, M, L and XL. To cater to more cosplay fans’ needs, we also customize the costume for you. Both adult and child sizes can be made by us. And we promise each costume shows you refined handwork. Never have we allowed loose or rough needlework. Don’t worry about the quality anytime :P . Now, check it out to enhance your Yuki Cross cosplay time here?

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