Live Convention – Azurimi at Chibi G-Anime

Cosplayer Bio:

Name/Nationality: Azurimi/ Canadian

Social Networks: DevaintArt as Azurimi

Comments from the cosplayer: The Convention I went was Chibi G-Anime.It was a very small convention in Gatineau Canada. I cosplayedVocaloid’s Len Kagamine in his Setsugetsuka oufit. I took a fewpictures with the placard; in the hallways, and the garden. Somepeople were a bit curious about what I was doing, so they came up tosnap a few pictures too haha!

Oh, and here’s my Convention Recap on my DeviantArt Journal :D It has
more pictures! Go check it out!


The photos are submitted by Natasha Sazenski, entered in the “Live Convention” hosted by Miccostumes. Share your convention photo(s) and win our $100 cash coupon. Join now!

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