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Introduce our Referer Bouns Points Program

Hello Everyone, today Miccostumes.com release Referer Bouns Points Program online- You’ll receive Costume Bonus Reward Points (Be equal to 7% of the sale not including shipping fees) which can be transfer to cash to spent at Miccostumes.com to order anything you like !

If you like our costume and want to share with your friends or other people online, please join in this Referer Bouns Points Program . It’s easy to join in , just login your account at our shop and click the “Referer Bouns” button link at left, then accept our guideline, that’s it!

After you join in this program, you will get your personal referer code, for example your referer code is eDmbss4U , then Just add the referral code at the end of any page of miccostumes, for example you like the costume Dragon ball Goku Costume , the webpage address url is http://www.miccostumes.com/Dragon_Ball_Goku_Cosplay_Costume_1740p.html , then add your referral code at the end of this webpage  :

http://www.miccostumes.com/Dragon_Ball_Goku_Cosplay_Costume_1740p.html?user=edmbss4u (do not forget the “?user= )

Then, simply share your personal referral link via email, Twitter, Facebook, personal blog or any other way you choose with your friends.

If someone who clicks your personal referral link makes a purchase online at Miccostumes.com, your *Bonus Reward Points * account will be credited for that referral within 20 days.Bonus Reward Points can be transfer to cash ,then can be spent online at Miccostumes.com.

Refer as many people as you’d like, and get earn online, you can save much at our shop !

That’s it!

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