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Cosplayer Interviews-Cat-Chan Cosplay

Today Cat-chan join in our cosplayer interviews, another amazing cosplayer from US, get featured in many anime medias, thanks Catchan to share her cosplay story with us   Photo by :Squidflakes ( 1. Hi Cat-Chan,thanks to join in our interviews,so please introduce you first. Hello, I’m Cat-chan! I’ve been cosplaying since 2004 and I live [...]
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Cosplayer Intervews-Benihime Cosplay

Today Mary-Benihime Cosplay join in our cosplay interviews, share her cosplay story , thanks Mary~~ 1.Introduce you first. Hey guys! My name is Mary, but I go by Benihime in the cosplay world. I’m from Oklahoma, but I also frequent Texas cons. I love comic books, manga, anime and playing video games. I’m also a HUGE [...]
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Cosplayer Interviews-Kie from Angel Hearts Cosplay

Today Kie,founder of Angel Hearts Cosplay( If you are frequently join CA. based anime&game  conventions,maybe you have seen AHC’s J-pop dance already), Join in our cosplay interviews to share her cosplay story. Kie’s Awords: * Honorable Mention: Journeyman Craftsmanship – Ani-Magic 2000 * Yaya Han’s Judge Award – Ani-Magic 2001 * Honorable Mention Craftsmanship – FanimeCon 2002 [...]
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Cosplayer Interviews-Kapalaka

Today,Kapalaka join in our cosplayer interviews,glad to meet her, a really talent cosplayer! Introduce yourself first. Hi there! My name is Cristine, but I am also known as “Kapalaka” in the cosplay community. I am a veteran cosplayer from Florida who has earned 4 “Best in Show” trophies and several smaller awards. I enjoy spreading [...]
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Cosplay Interviews-FiriKururugi

Today,FiriKururugi join in our cosplay intervews share her real cosplay story, thank Rita 1.Introduce you first . Hello, my name is Rita but maybe you know me more as Firi or FiriKururugi.I started cosplaying over 7 years ago and I really love this hobby. 2.  How did you get started in with cosplay, what was your [...]
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