How To Make RWBY Yang Xiao Long Ember Celica For Cosplay

Unlike the other RWBY team weapons which all include some sort of blade, Yang’s weapon is a pair of gauntlets known as Ember Celica.   To cospay such a firecracker-like character, you will need to learn how to make this Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets.

As always, the first step involves pattern drawing. Draw patterns on papers and trace

them on EVA sheets of 10 mm thickness.
rwby aFor each gauntlet, we need 6 pieces of EVA patterns to assemble into a whole. In  the picture above, pattern 1 is for the base,  patern 2 is cartridge belt, pattern  3 is the cover, pattern 4 is muzzle cover sheet, pattern 5 and 6 are elbow pieces.

Pattern 2 should be 5cm longer and wider than pattern 1. rwby bAlso pattern 5 should be 3.5cm wider than pattern 6.rwby cOnce finished the eva pattern cutting, roll up the pattern 1 and glue.

The 10mm EVA is kind of tough, rub or warm it first before gluing.rwby dThen glue the pattern 2 onto it, the seam of these two piece should be close enough, so that they can

be fully  shielded by pattern 3. (See photos below)rwby eNext, glue the pattern4, 5 and 6 together as pictured, you can see the  seams obviously. Donot worry, overlay the pattern 3 on and they will be covered.

Done with that,polish the edges and use heat gun to blow, the surface will become tight and smooth.rwby f Next step is to brush with latex, which will make the EVA as hard as wood. For your reference, I brushed them  four times.rwby gWhen the latex get dried, it looks glossy. Time to polish again. Use polisher to take care of the rough surface and blow with a heat gun once more.

Pleasantly, we are almost done with the mainbody.

For bullets, cut the PVC tube into suitable length, and glue 3mm EVA sheet to the each end of the bullet. Then  paint them red.rwby hrwby iSimilar way to make the muzzle. Color the PVC tube into silver and cut it in length. find the whereabout the muzzle should be and glue.rwby jIn case of falling off when wearing and posing, apply hot melt glue to fastern the elastic band at the inner side,

and then glue an EVA piece to  reinforce.rwby kIt’s getting like powerful Ember Celica!

Donot forget to draw the margin with black. Be carefull, you are not doing it on a flat. rwby lCrazy adventures are awaiting ahead, are you going to find your own RWBY team members or fight alone?

If need, get quality Yang Xiao Long costume here. And for your convenience, you can find other RWBY cosplay costumes and wigs at as well.

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How To Make A Bat-like Cape With A Hood

Welcome Eireenene,  a cosplayer and also our new blog writer now. She will contribute many valuable how-tos and cosplay content to our blog.
Cann’t wait to see her articles?  let’s take a look at what she is sharing below.

capeWhat you will need for creating a hooded cape:

-Some fabric you like, from black to violet, but always dark!
-A chalk pencil.
-Some kind of hood to take the shape from.
-A pencil.
-Some scrap of paper.
-A ruler (not pitcured, ops!) cape bStart of with your fabric folded.
We’re doing a half a circle, so we need only 1 fold to do it.
If you fold it 2 times, you will have a whole circle!cape dTake your chalk pencil and mark 15-20 cm starting from the corner of the folded fabric with small dots,  forming  a quarter of a circle.
Pay attention not to move around the ruler, or you will lose the center!

cape e


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Seraph Of The End Mikaela Hyakuya Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Seraph of the endMakeup is  the art on your face, and for cosplay, it is more about changing your face for a specific character from 2 dimensional world. Mostly eye makeup is the key to the whole look, so we will mainly talk about the Mikaela eye part in this tutorial.

3.Eyebrow pencil
5.Cotton swab

To aviod messing or bluring the makeup, it’s better to wear the contacts ahead of time. Here is how the eyes look like without any makeup.seraph aTo begin with, use concealer to cover all over the eyebrow, apply evenly and tap the edges to make it natural to  see. After that, draw on brows according to the character feature. The eyebrow shape has been marked with red lines as the picture below.

Also pay attention to the eyebrow tail trend.seraph bDo not make the brow heavily penciled, when done with the shaping, it looks like thisseraph cNext, lining eyelids. This is the eyeliner used. seraph dDraw from the inside to the outer corner of the eye without any hands tremble, For the unmarked corner, you can either disregard it or draw according to your own face shape.
Besides, close you eye to check, and take care of the details.Seraph eSeraph fDone with that, appy some shadow to the outer corner of the eye.Seraph gCommonly, anime characters have abnormal big eyes and double eyelids. Here we will use brown eyeliner to  draw a fold on the eyelid. Again, control your hand from trembling. seraph hThen, take out the lipstick, and draw a arc at the lying silkworm area. Spread it evenly with cotton swabs. Seraph iSeraph JIt turns out surprisingly great, right? Apply some mascara, and your eyes will look brighter.   Seraph kNow we’ve almost finished the eye makeup. what’s left are shaping your nose and put on some lip gloss.Seraph lTry on the wig and get excited! Do you feel the thirst for blood?

Quality Mikaela Hyakuya costume and wig  can be found at And more Seraph of the End cosplay and wigs are also available including Yuichiro Hyakuya, Krul Tepes , Ferid Bathory, Shinoa Hiragi, Mitsuba Sangu, Guren Ichinose and Yoichi Saotome.

Seraph costume



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How To Style Spiky Wigs For Cosplay? Taking Kingdom Hearts Roxas As An Example

When you plan to cosplay a character and buy the wig, do not be surprised that the wig is not that identical as the character and you can not just put it on. How to style the wig becomes a  common question for cosplay fans.  Therefore, today we will focus on  styling wigs especially for characters with spiky hair such as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts or Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy.  We will take Roxas wig as an example in this tutorial. (more…)

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How To Make League Of Legends Caitlyn Hat For Cosplay

Piltover, once an ideal mark for plunder, now is known as the City of Progress! Whom should the credit be gave to? Certainly, it should be Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover.
For all Caitlyn lovers and cosplay fans, we are sharing a tutorial to make the hat for cosplay. and you can also find the costume here.
First step, We will  start from the hat body making. Cut EVA sheet of 5mm thickness into 4 pieces, which are in pairs and of two sizes as the following pictures.LOL bThen glue them together and what we get is a cylinder as the main body for the hat.  Next, cut proportionally 4 pieces of EVA sheet as the golden strips to decorate. Glue the 4 strips separately onto the seams of the hat body as pictured below.LOL uAs to the hat roof, cut 10mm EVA sheet  into shape and glue it. Remember to polish the edges, and you can also fill in the seam with glue or a eNext step is to finish the hat brim. Draw up a draft first, and cut EVA sheet accordingly.The middle part needs to be hollowed out and then add it to the main body.The four sides are curved by hand, if the material is too hard to bend, warm the edge with a lighter first.LOL fCut a long square, and glue it to the upper area of the brim.done with that, it looks like thisLOL RThen we will move to the roof details. It simple and easy to learn. Make a pattern first, draw the figure, cut it and glue.LOL jThe last big step: the aiming mirrors and connecting rod hanging aside.
Transparent plastic you will find anywhere can be used to make mirror. Draw the pattern as the photo below, and use art knife to cut in accuracy. We need 3 pieces of different size in total.LOL mAnd then two frames made from EVA are used to clamp each mirror.LOL hFor the connecting rod, EVA is too fragile, so PVC of 8mm thickness is adopted here. Cut two extra EVA cycles and glue them to the rod. It turns out like this:LOL tSimilarly,  make a smaller rod and glue it to the biggest frame like the followingLOL kFind a PVC tube to string them together. And then add an EVA cycle to each end to fix.LOL qSame way to connect the big rod to the smaller one attached with all mirrors.LOL nPrepare another tube to connect the big rod to the hat roof. Cut a round piece of PVC material to decorate, the figure can be engraved by a ball-point pen. LOL oDraw  up the area needed to be cut, an art knife is adopted to cut the hole at the edge.LOL pThen take out the EVA sheet of 10mm thickness again, and cut four circular rings and use hot melt glue to fix them to the hat inner side. the tube can be used to thread through the hole to help locating the EVA rings. Donot forget to color the gear at the top of the hat into silver. To avoid smearing the adjoining area, use Crepe Paper to cover  the edge first and paint.LOL wFind an EVA sheet of 2mm thickness, stand the tube and draw along to get a circle and hollow it up. Paint the EVA into golden and glue it to the hole. Remove the needless, it looks like thisLOL sOne more thing about the coloring, as the golden strips is of thickness, it is better to color the purple area and then use Crepe Paper to overlay the adjoining before paint the other strips into golden.

The final step: assemble, and it looks quite identical to the character’s , right?LOL yApart from the Caitlyn costume, more League of Legends costumes are available at

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