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Cosplay as the Most Popular Blue-haired Anime Heroines

If you search online for blue-haired characters, you will get the results that they are usually characterized as “cool,” “intellectual,” “unrewarded,” and “low on luck.” And it seems that they’re mostly tragic roles in anime. But many of them are popular among fans. A recent poll conducted in Akihabara Japan from 100 people presents us [...]
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Cosplay Tutorial-How to make Psycho-Pass Dominator Prop

Guess you’re all familiar with the Dominator if you watch Psycho-Pass so I’ll save the introduction for it. Today we’re going to make one in mode of Non-Lethal Paralyser. Let’s have a look at the original design first.   Isn’t it cool and stunning?  o(≧v≦)o~~  Bet you’ll love it at first sight!   Materials 1. [...]
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DIY Hoozuki Sama cellphone pendant step by step

Most cosplayers or anime fans like to purchase some anime cellphone pendants,so today miccostumes want to share a tutorial to teach you how to make your own Hoozuki Sama cellphone pendant.(Click here if you want o get Hoozuki cosplay costume)   Material 1. Non-woven fabric (white, black, red, orange, green and skin color) 2. Thread (same as [...]
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Sword Art Online – Silica’s Chest Plate Tutorial

This is a step by step explanation of how I made my chest plate for the character Silica from the anime Sword Art Online. I used this method was an experimentation I did with Fimo air clay, it has worked really well and I’m here to share my process. There are many other ways to [...]
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Cosplay Tips – Expanding Foam

Photography by George Wong Vanille Cosplay by DanniTee This is basic a tutorial on how to use expanding foam on props for those new to prop making or those who want to try out a new medium. Expanding foam is basically foam in a can. It is sprayed out and expands like its name suggests. A can [...]
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