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Shippuden Haruno Sakura Tutorial

Over the last number of years, I’ve been asked about how I made my best friend’s Sakura costume. We made the costume for her back in 2006 when Shippuden was first starting in the manga and had to figure out a number of things. The main thing was the zipper and skirt. And I’ve created [...]
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How to Make Avatar the Last Airbender Mai’s Cosplay Weapons?

To make a weapon, wig, costume or any other item for cosplay will greatly enhance your total experience. We keep sharing making tips here, wishing to bring you some helpful inspirations. Today’s theme is the tutorial, about how to make Avatar the Last Airbender Mai’s cosplay weapons. It’s created by the American girl, who is [...]
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How to make Emily the doll – Pandora Hearts Tutorial

No Break Xerxes cosplay is complete without his doll Emily! This tutorial will show you how to make a quick and cheap Emily doll which you can clip onto your clothes to complete the Break look. Check out my other cosplay accessories at What you need: Foam Ball (my ball was 5-6cm diameter) – [...]
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Cosplayer Interview – MichikoKojima

American girl, MichikoKojima, whose Adventure Time Fionna cosplay hat making tutorials was found by us yesterday, accepts our interview today. Actually, I do love many cosplay works created by her. All of them can be seen in her Deviantart gallery. Except stunning cosplay pictures, her cosplay tutorials do help most cosplay fans. Now, focus on [...]
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How to Make Adventure Time Fionna Cosplay Hat?

This cosplay tutorial is created by MichikoKojima – the American cosplay talent. She is a member from the cosplay group TFBB, who is interested in anime, manga, comedy, mystery, action, adventure, romance, fantasy novels, movie and TV shows. To see her favorite cosplay works such as Vocaloid Rin Kagamine cosplay, Princess Sakura cosplay and Glaceon [...]
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How to Make Naruto Cosplay Shoes?

We are absolutely lucky today, since several helpful cosplay tutorials from YaminiZouren-Photos are found by us. We select this one – how to make Naruto cosplay shoes to be shared here. As Naruto cosplay is always a hot theme, you must also be glad to see these helpful making tips. More tutorials about making leg [...]
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How to Make Up for Freddy Krueger Cosplay?

Just as the title implies, if you are exactly thinking about Freddy Krueger cosplay, you will find this cosplay tutorial is helpful for you. It’s created by Stenartad, who comes from Sweden and feels interested in cosplay making. Thanks, Stenartad, for sharing us with these making tips. Since you are interested in games like Dragon [...]
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How to Make Troll Horns for Feferi Cosplay?

Colacat24, coming from United Kingdom, shares us this cosplay tutorial. She made troll horns for Feferi cosplay. But actually speaking, these tips also make sense on other prop making. This girl, whose real name is Holly Chaney, is interested in video games such as Fragile Dreams and Farewell Ruins of the Moon. To know how [...]
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How to Make Cosplay Armors?

In most cases, cartoon characters carry cool or exquisite weapons. If you are interested in making these small items personally, just keep updated with our cosplay tutorial category please. Today, Debi-Chiru, a gifted Canadian girl shares us tips on making cosplay armors. She created this tutorial while making a doll-sized armor. Paper and cardboard will [...]
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How to Make the Feather Hairpiece for Princess Tutu Cosplay?

This is a cosplay tutorial, created by American girl Lola-Obscene. I do think people who share us their tutorials here are so gifted. This also makes sense on Lola-Obscene. Having a deep interest in the game of World of Warcraft and especially like cartoon character Hobbes, she brings us tips on making the Feather Hairpiece [...]
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