How To Create Fate Stay Night Saber Braid Bun Hairstyle For Cosplay

Every cosplayer knows the importance of the hair style to complete a cosplay, we will focus on Saber’s braid bun. Here we used a long blond wig, if you have such real hair, then use your own and save the money to buy a wig.

Firstly part the hair in 3 portions and use a hair band to get a tail as pictured.saber-a (more…)

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How to Make League of Legends Tryndamere Big Sword For Cosplay

There are several skins for Barbarian King; we will cover the weapon in his classic skin. For your reference, the sword we made is around 1.2 meters long; you can proportion it according to your own height.tryndamerelolking

To begin with, draw the blade shape on a piece of paper, and then cut it down. The paper pattern can be either same size to the sword or be enlarged on EVA sheets. (more…)

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How to Make RWBY Adam Taurus Mask For Cosplay

Adam Taurus, being a highly ranking member of White Fang, is not a negligible character in RWBY. While have you wondered the face under his mask? We are not going to talk further about his face underneath, we will show you how to make the mask if you want to cosplay him.maxresdefault

This is easy and will not cost you much.

First of all, you need a PVC sheet; actually PVC foam sheet is better. (more…)

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