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6 Ways to Make Fake Big Boobs For Cosplay

Actually most female anime characters have full breasts but most cosplayers don’t, so how to make fake big boobs when you cosplay? This maybe a big question for many cosplay girls who are looking for breast fuller and cleavage tips. 1.Make Fake ones: This is the magic in my eyes, you can make fake bigger breast using Craft foam, cotton [...]
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Tips for Finding Cosplay Photo Locations

I’ve been cosplaying for about ten years, so I’ve taken a lot of photos and had my photo taken a lot too. I’ve taken professional photos in my hometown and at conventions. I’ve taken random photos in con hallways, or photos that my friends came up with on the spur of the moment. Outside the [...]
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5 Ways to make a prosthetic hand for your cosplay

Early this week, I post a photo about prosthetic hand for Pandora Hearts Cheshire Cat Cosplay in our Facebook Page, more than 400 cosplayers click “Like” button to share it,really impressive! Sometimes we need to make prosthetic hand for cosplay if there are monster hands,so today I tried to do some home work to collect 5 ways [...]
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Eye Make up for Ryota Kise Cosplay From Kuroko no Basuke

1. Eye without makeup, already put on yellow contacts to fit Ryota Kise’s eye color.   2. Draw the eyebrow with brown eyebrow pencil, and brush the whole eye part with nude color eyeshadow.   3. Draw the eyeliner and extend at the outer corner of the eye. Author About Crystal LiMore Posts (32)
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Cosplay Wigs- How to Properly Buy

Okay, we all know a wig is a HUGE part of becoming the character. It can completely change how the over all feel of your cosplay. I have made many mistakes on buying wigs, so here are my tips to you! First off, you want to find a TRUSTED wig dealer. Websites that have wigs [...]
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